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  1. Daikaya's izakaya? (not so much of a guess, I remember looking for and ordering those concert posters off of ebay)
  2. This kind of development is viable in most of the world - but in the US, the combination of construction costs/building codes/health codes means the startup and ongoing costs to a tenant are much higher.
  3. The problem with the Reading Terminal Market concept (developing prime real estate in the center of a high density American city with vendors paying low rents) is that the key part of the concept is opening in 1893 - the math just doesn't work out in new projects.
  4. They're not enforcing a dress code, it's just something they can point to in order to have a plausible cover for discrimination at the door for their late night events. It's a depressingly common tactic across the country. "Dress Codes Are Often Terrible and Racist, as This One from a North River Bar Shows" by Stephen Gossett on chicagoist.com "Civil Rights Group Blasts Alleged Racist Tactics by Cordish at Fourth Street Live" by Joe Sonka on insiderlouisville.com "Yet Again, Allegations Arise That in Some Uptown Bars, 'Dress Code' Means No Minorities" by Robert Willonsky on dall
  5. Absolutely no reason to view this as anything other than damage control after the same restaurant group did the same thing on the same block at Masa 14 two years ago, saying at the time "we are committed to our values of inclusiveness"
  6. The patio's off the ground floor, but through a short corridor so not much light gets through.
  7. It won't make much of a difference, the ground floor is always pretty dark. The upstairs is brighter and has more windows.
  8. Based on what the landlord was asking, Mirabelle is paying lower rent than some restaurants on H St NE and Rockville Town Center.
  9. Hiring a critic who published a screed against tasting menus review a chef/owner's first tasting menu restaurant within weeks of opening is a pretty brutal move.
  10. I got lucky as a solo walk in diner at Husk at lunch right at opening time, at least worth a shot at dinner. Husk's bar is located in a separate building next door - they serve some food there but I don't believe it's the full menu. For your 3-5pm meal I'd highly recommend Leon's - it's a bit up King St but they serve all day and everything I had there, particularly the fried chicken, was excellent.
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