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  1. I'm excited to try Nasime. Alexandria Japanese options are a bit depressing. I make the trek into DC for the better stuff.
  2. Steve at Let's Meat on the Avenue in Del Ray can get you one and will even clean out the ears (we know because we've bought one there).
  3. I was there recently and tried to find hatcho miso, no dice. Lots of good frozen fish (sanma for grilling, aji boshi). I'm going back with a Zip car and a cooler to stock up. I wanted hon mirin, but the owner explained that they can't sell hon mirin without a liquor license. (American liquor laws are so annoying.) He understood when I said I didn't want the treacly sweet stuff and recommended a "mirin taipu" by Morita that he said tried to be as close to the real thing as possible (made with rice koji). Actually not bad stuff. Strange lack of Japanese rice (lots of good quality Californian rice). Perhaps heavy on the snack food. Nice vegetable fridge (again, back with the Zip Car). A tiny, but nice place. Easier for me than getting up to Maryland.
  4. Just went a few nights ago. Amazing. And a deal, really, for the kaiseki course with a supplement of 3 madai (snapper) special courses. The highlight was a huge madai head and collar. We picked that thing clean. For what you get, 10 courses, the quality of the fish, $90 was a steal. It's the sake prices that hurt, but nevertheless we had ourselves a lovely bottle of Kubota. AND they are taking orders for osechi (New Year's food served in stacked boxes). I saw it only in Japanese on the Web site, I think they are trying to ward off people who don't realy know and love osechi. We have our order in. Will report back. I'll write more about the dinner at my blog in a day or two: youmadam.com
  5. Let's Meat on the Avenue, the butcher in Del Ray. Worst butcher shop name ever, great owner (Steve) sells mostly local meat, some organic, some simply traditionally raised. Yup, costs a lot, but he wants you to special order, ask questions, have him find things for you. I like knowing where my meat came from, the exact farm. There's a place in Upperville that raises amazing chicken that we buy at Steve's. I could blather on about local food, humane food, and local non-chain businesses, local skilled butchers...you know all that. It's a cost-value trade-off that we decided was worth it. Or maybe I'm a sucker for being greeted by name.
  6. Moving my comments to the Let's Meat thread...
  7. Happy 2009! I'm Jocelyn. I just moved to Alexandria in October 2008 (although I lived here briefly before in 1996-97). My husband's career has allowed us to live in Naples (Italy, not Florida), London, and Yokosuka (Japan), as well as San Diego and Montgomery, Alabama. I've sampled the markets/cuisines of many countries including, but not limited to Vietnam, Malaysia, and Bolivia. Due to family connections and/or intensive "study" (eating) in situ, I would say I'm fairly well versed in Bolivian, Neapolitan, and Japanese food (particularly sake). I attended John Gauntner's Professional Sake Course in Tokyo and Kyoto, which means I know enough to get me in trouble. Despite my food/drink experience, I remain a dilettante. But like all dilettantes I, too, have a blog: youmadam.com I cook at home a lot, so I will be looking for the best markets. Somewhat disappointed with the Japanese scene here, but I'm just starting out searching the grocery stores and checking out the restaurants. Currently a fan of Restaurant Eve in Alexandria: on my birthday I ate some sweetbreads there that made me get a bit weepy with happiness. Looking forward to discussing the good stuff in the D.C. area. Itadakimasu!
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