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  1. Aw, rats. Agree w/bioesq. Hopefully somebody with a kind soul will end up with the jukebox and all of those possibly priceless opera 45's.
  2. My thoughts exactly. Like Recessions for instance.
  3. So, how do you classify the Post Pub around 14/L?
  4. I was there a few weeks ago on a biz trip. Also wanted to pour beer on the floor. Was also talked out of it, and of random ketchup splattering, during a nice chat with Tony. A computer POS system? Hmmm. Still, it's better than many...
  5. Stopped by the Quarry House in Silver Spring for the first time. Surly and fun barstaff. French onion soup was actually pretty darn good, wish I had the appetite for a burger, they looked righteous. Only bad thing, rumor was that it had been sold to the folks from Jackie's. While I'm sure they have good intentions, it would be sad to see any of the dive-ness disappear...
  6. Was there Wednesday, seemed wide open, but didn't ask about future plans.
  7. Let me qualify this review in three ways: I'm not a local, but visit DC at least annually; my family and I enjoy A.V's almost as much as a family tradition than a culinary experience; and I don't know a lot about high-end Italian dining, which A.V.'s is certainly not, and doesn't really try to be. Ok, caveats aside... Had dinner there last night. They just reopened after their annual August vacation. The biggest change I noticed since my last visit in December is that they reprinted and relaminated the menus. The typewritten, I don't think it was even printed off a computer, specials list was on the top of the right side, with the same specials as last visit, and as last year, and as long as I can remember. Ah, the ambiance. Not enough light, tables too close together, semi-friendly waiters. And the music. 45rpm's of classic opera, Maria Calas, etc. Played on a ancient jukebox giving 2 plays for a quarter, complete with an uneven speed controller that gave the singers a vibrato they never had, or wanted. Being summer, the imported fireplace was not lit nor seeping smoke into the dining room. Ah, the wine. While many of the 5 or 6 selections on the wine list are under $19, we chose a liter of the house red for $14. Two short straight glasses came along. No fine crystal here. Ordered with, as tradition requires, a white pizza with fontina cheese, which came with uneven cheese, but a perfectly crispy thin crust and scent of a bunch of garlic. Thankfully we didn't quite finish it. Because it was a great dipping tool for the pork spezzatino. Large chunks of very tender and flavorful pork in a light tomato broth with peppers, onions and mushrooms. Perhaps a pork shoulder, it reminded me of the mexican carnitas, in an italian treatment. With a nice helping of spaghetti and meat sauce on the side. Under $10. Was stuffed, so only a cappacino for dessert. This place is unique, but certainly has probably had mixed reviews over the years. Hopefully the rumors of the sale of the building are false. Not that I'd neccessarily miss the food, although I've never had a bad meal there, but it would be a bummer to have to find a suitable replacement, with all of it's qualities, to continue the family tradition that's at least ten years old...
  8. Hard Rock- Never eaten at Simon's place there, but Lucky's Diner has a reputation of being one of the best classis diner's in that part of vegas. Two items in particular draw praise, the milkshakes and the chicken noodle soup. Oh, and the waitresses.
  9. mmmm Vegas.... Living near there, I've had a chance to try lots of places, unfortunately my budget is usually closer to the In 'n Out than the Bellagio. However I have to admit only one visit to the burger chain, preferring typically to grab a couple papusas at a little spot over on Valley View and Desert Inn. But having listened to other hardened foodies chat, I will offer a couple second hand recommendations, independents not on the Strip, so a car is needed. Andre Rouchet [sp] is one of the top local chefs. Although he has opened two branches in Strip hotels, many feel his original restaurant downtown has the most consistency in cooking and comfortable ambience. Another place that attracts local chefs on their days off is the Tillerman. Old school steak lovers trek out to North Las Vegas for a steak at Bob Taylor's Ranch House. Italian afficianados tend toward the Bootlegger Bistro at LV Blvd/Highway 160, or Chicago Joe's downtown.
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