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  1. Coming out of my long hibernation to chime in here: if you are a fan of the Memphis original, the chicken absolutely translates here. And if you're not familiar, you should go. Gus's fried chicken is one of the last things I want to eat before I die.
  2. I have also seen ramen ordered, but I am unsure whether this is public knowledge, or an industry thing. Also, one key correction - Kingfisher has NO drafts, it's just cans. But Simul is right, it's a pretty great list. It is my coworkers' and my go-to after-work spot. If there's a better way to unwind than beer-and-shot combos, 80s action movies on the TV, and free popcorn, I don't know what it is.
  3. Family is in town from Arkansas. Looking for something for Friday night. Her parents are not the most adventurous diners in the world, but there's no reason to resign ourselves to the nearest TGI Chilibee's. Thanks in advance! --- [NB - I changed the title and tagged the thread. Rocks]
  4. I hope it's for a whole chicken, because $25 for a half chicken with waffles is ridiculous and unjustifiable. I also hope it's for a half chicken, because while $25 for a whole chicken is at least understandable, serving a whole chicken as what can be gleaned as a personal entree from the menu is just as ridiculous and unjustifiable.
  5. It's worth noting that the Loudoun and Capitol Hill Matchboxes have two different lamb sandwiches, and if you thought the one you had at Loudoun was overpriced, I hope (or not? not really sure) that's accounting for the fact that the one in Loudoun is $4 cheaper ($12 vs. $16 on Capitol Hill)
  6. Well, off to Wegmans, then! Thanks for the help, all!
  7. Anybody else familiar with these? I fell in love a couple years ago, and I recently developed a serious craving. Zweigle's sells them direct online, but the shipping is prohibitively expensive ($60 to ship three pounds of sausages?!?! Nooooooo thank you!). Does anybody know of a shop in the area that carries Zweigle's white hots?
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