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    Trader Joe's, 16 Area Locations

    TJ's has noodle soup in a cup (miso ramen, chicken ramen). It's great, I love noodles in cups generally so that endorsement isn't really impressive. What bothers me is that it is a ...construction project with the flavor packet and something else in little bags that one has to open, pour into cup, and not spill all over. Terrible.
  2. I have not been to a Vietnamese chain before, but now I have. I really enjoyed the bun bo hue, but thought husband's pho was too sweet. Rich broth combined with perfectly slurpy noodles made this particularly satisfying (or maybe it's because I have a hell of a cold right now). I am very curious how we got this franchise about a mile from Eden Center.
  3. Been meaning to put a link to this book, Gaijin, in this thread. It's not bad IMO but I"m no historian. https://www.amazon.com/Gaijin-American-Prisoner-Matt-Faulkner/dp/1423137353
  4. I find ARLNow's comment section really really funny. Sometimes it turns up interesting information. Since I am a regular at OKI Ramen downtown, I just might have to check out our local option. Has anyone been? "Family-Friendly Ramen Shop Opens in Cherrydale" by Heather Mongilio on arlnow.com
  5. The hours are still weird, but less weird. Thursday-Sunday 11:30-8. Loved the cucumber salad and tonkotsu was absolutely amazing. Husband's hatcho miso was very good but delicate in a way that just couldn't compare with the macho tonkotsu. He finished his, I still had some noodles left, but no broth. Lunch for 2 with tea about $46.
  6. and to clarify my critique of Asiatique, I meant to say "cajun smelling sushi anyone?" I am thus, again reminded, that my remarkable wit does not translate well when I am forced to type.
  7. A restaurant that has not yet opened, yet has a single 5-star rating is opening next to the controversial Asiatique. (cajun smelling seafood sushi anyone?) Le Kon website I am oddly transfixed at this particular location for some reason. Maybe its the really bad driving that happens near the store fronts. Shall we place bets on length of tenure, or does somebody have to dine there first?
  8. NolaCaine

    What Are Your Kids Eating Tonight?

    Last night kids chowed down on my grandmother's beef barley soup recipe (which is conveniently located on the back of the Quaker barley box). What made this pot outstanding was that i used home-made broth. That home-made broth was from all the various meat things in the freezer that were just taking up space and were never going to be otherwise used...the broth itself was amazing. At the end, 8 yr old said to me "that was really good mom". He's not the eater so it meant a lot to me. Then he asked for a cooked potato for dessert, which I gave to him (why not?).
  9. NolaCaine

    Portland, ME

    I was going to weigh in but thought it off topic! Re claws. I love claws, except for the "finger" part which I give to my husband or 5 yr old (who will pretty much eat anything). I also like an "underdressed" lobster roll. By that I mean letting the lobster shine through on the white bread...nothing too fancy. Fun personal fact; I ate my first lobster at 23 and found it really bland after a lifetime of crawfish. My second was years later and I realized that fresh off the boat Maine lobster should not be compared to what's found in Connecticut.
  10. If you give typically solitary octopuses the drug MDMA, they, like people who've taken the party drug, act more social, Gizmodo reports. A pair of researchers noticed through a phylogenetic analysis that despite a separation of more than 500 million years of evolution and differences in brain organization, humans and octopuses have similar SLC6A4 genes. In addition, as the duo from the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole and Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine report in Current Biology this week, they found that the MDMA binding site in the serotonin transporter (SERT, encoded by SLC6A4) was conserved. They dosed a handful of octopuses with low levels of MDMA and watched to see whether they then chose to spend more time with a novel object, another octopus, or alone. They report that when octopuses were given MDMA, they were more likely to spend time with another octopus than when they were untreated. Additionally, paper co-author Gül Dölen from Hopkins tells Gizmodo that one animal, on a low dose, "looked like it was doing water ballet," and was interested in sounds and smells. "It's not just quantitatively more time, but qualitative," Dölen says at Quartz of the time the dosed octopus wanted to spend with the other. "They tended to hug the cage and put their mouth parts on the cage. This is very similar to how humans react to MDMA; they touch each other frequently."
  11. NolaCaine

    Give Octopuses Psychotropic Drugs and They Hug More

    tried to have a perfectly respectable science thread and it devolves into James Bond sex talk. Of course. 😉
  12. I have been watching this place get whipped into shape and cannot wait for it to open. I love Spanish food and wine. I see promise for Ballston's food scene since the chef was the first chef at Taberna del Alabardero, which is a fantastic Spanish stable in the DC area. "SER Restaurant To Serve Up Spanish-Inspired Comfort Food In Arlington" by Mary Ann Barton on patch.com Team: Chef/Proprietor Josu Zubikarai Sous Chef David Sierra Business Operations/Proprietor Javier Candon Guest Relations/Proprietor Christiana Campos-Candon General Manager Merv Laihow
  13. NolaCaine

    Dinner - The Polyphonic Food Blog

    I just ate the remainder of my authentic red beans sans rice, some leftover non-authentic Indian beans, and some non-authentic shrimp stir fry...cleaning out the fridge for the weekend. Strangely satisfying that meal.
  14. Fast forward 2.5 years and I still like SER. Special Market Salad $14 The Best The Market Had to Offer: Amazing. I was supposed to share it with my husband, but think I ate more than half. Mushroom Appetizer: This was from the happy hour menu, $7, a more simple version of their main menu selection and I loved the texture and the flavor. Pasta con Txangurro $28 • Egg Pasta, Lump Crab, Sea Urchin, Shrimp Butter: I'll admit it, I took a bite. It was amazing. I have not eaten butter in a very, very long time and it was my last bite of the evening and I double drugged when I got home. (i have a rare type of food allergy; the sparse clinical research supports this tactic) Gambas al Ajillo (GF) $12 Shrimp, EVOO, Garlic, Cayenne Pepper: The only disappointment of the evening. I've eaten this particular dish at SER multiple times and this was the only time the shrimp were dried out. The rest was great and our bread was warm and toasty. By the glass, I had one red and one white and they were just right.
  15. NolaCaine

    Halal Restaurants

    Decided to take advice from Pool Boy and challenge my palet while enjoying the food undistracted. The downside to House of Mandi is, of course, alcohol-free since it is halal. This is the second time I've been. While I very much enjoyed the first time, I thought last night's dinner was bland (needed salt), under-spiced (and I don't even like things too hot) and our lamb portion more gristle and bone than meat. Though under-salted, I very much enjoyed the salta, probably, of course, because of the massive amount of okra (though too many potatoes). The menu on the link below is not the one we were handed last night and I can't recall what the lamb dish was... It was basically roasted lamb and rice. I should mention that the rice was fabulous and I have a very refined rice palet. http://www.houseofmandi.us/
  16. NolaCaine

    Conch Fritters

    Garfish balls, at a restaurant in Louisiana, somewhere on the edge of a swamp (Honey Island or Bayou Savage...can't really remember) was one of the best deep fried things I have ever eaten, to this day. They were perfect. Just enough fish. Perfect little scallions. Fresh corn (but not too much). I still remember that meal and it was a very long time ago. (and alligator tastes like catfish, not chicken. 😉
  17. NolaCaine

    The Michelin Guide

    hum....I can't wait to learn more.
  18. NolaCaine

    The Michelin Guide

    I went through a coq au vin phase once. I tried about 6 different preparations and now I know how I like it. I went through a ratatouille phase another time. Same thing happened. Most recently, I mastered a duck! Not only was the roast duck great, the duck stock was amazing. But restaurants are more challenging for two big reasons. I dine out with distracting people. Either business associates or my kids. Also, I have food allergies which takes a lot of fun out of it. Now wine is another matter. I'd love to afford to be able to learn more.
  19. NolaCaine

    Podcasts - What Are Your Favorites?

    Obviously, I understand the obvious (make a fetus male, regulates puberty, manages T through the life) but it does more than that and that research only started in the 1980s. Crazy right?
  20. NolaCaine

    Podcasts - What Are Your Favorites?

    Haven't yet but I"m about to listen to this: https://www.wnycstudios.org/story/gonads-xy A McArthur Genius award winner explains why the Y chromosome matters. Currently, I don't know that information (and that is not a political statement).
  21. NolaCaine

    Dinner - The Polyphonic Food Blog

    The red beans and rice was fantastic. I started with small red beans, did the fast-soak method and sauteed the other stuff while the beans softened. Sausage, ham steak, bacon along with celery, pepper, and lots of onion. I started at 2 and it was done at 6. Served over white rice; with a side of carrot sticks. The broth remains to be utilized and optimized.
  22. NolaCaine

    Dinner - The Polyphonic Food Blog

    I made meat broth from all of the frozen stuff that was in my freezer. Chicken, grilled pork chops, two different types of brisket and yes, steak slices. This broth is so damn good that I can't decide what to make with it. I was going to make red beans and rice but now I think I have to make soup with it and just buy some more pork products for the beans.