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  1. Fuddruckers in Annandale. Always went there before my weekly bowling league. We went down the road to taco bell/KFC if we saw the busses. It's apparently relocating though somewhere else now.
  2. Thanks everyone. I will open up at some point. My wife doesn't eat foie gras and would be happy if they disappeared from the pantry. I will take you guidance and check them out. There are no dents or anything of note.
  3. All I need some help with an item I received over four years ago. I received these three cans of foie gras from France. Couple of questions, I have a bit of a working knowledge but not sure what is in each. Couple of other questions: 1. Given that these cans are over four years old, are they still any good (there appears to be a stamp of November 2009 on the top)? 2. If #1 is OK, what all should I expect when I open them up and what all do I serve them with? Thanks Nashman
  4. And miraculously, I still can log into eLance and see all of the proposals that were out there. I received around 5-6 presentations and such for ideas. I'm not sure how to download/upload so that folks could see, but if I can paste PPT and PDF's here, I could probably download and upload. Here was one pic from one proposal. Here was another proposal: I have good experience with Google Maps API and I already have done many projects in Google Map API. I am very confident that i can do this job with ease. here are my recent work samples on Google maps. http://www.fnfg.com/locations/index.asp?county=Erie http://www.dartinc.net/googlemap2/ http://www.dartinc.net/googlemap/ http://www.alicehohl.com/kidsandnature/user/ http://www.subwaynw.com/map.asp http://www.azurelive.org/map/googlemap.php http://www.myrtlebeachrentalsource.com/gmap/ http://chinesefoodmap.com/ http://www.brandonvw.com/contact-us.php These all above projects have fully dynamic functionality. Because every thing on the Google Map is controlled through the administration panel. Like adding new locations and their information. Updating location information. changing marker and its shadow image and some other things. I have good knowledge of how to calculate the distance from radius points (latitude,longitude) and getting the latitude and longitude from an address. In addition you can also test my skills by giving me a short task i will not charge for it. I have good profile of Google Map projects on the other outsourcing platform. Please also review my portfolio of Google map API projects.
  5. Here's the original data entry I did. Hopefully the link works...Let me know if not <http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?hl=en&vpsrc=1&ctz=240&ie=UTF8&msa=0&msid=209379935573577158836.00043d91d931008be9cd2&t=m&z=9>
  6. Here's what I did back in Spring of 2009. I started fooling around on Google Maps because I had similar ideas to folks up above. I wanted a way to be able to search via map and other indicators (cuisine, washingtonian rating, etc). I realized very quickly that I didn't have the chops or patience to load it all into Google Maps. So I went to eLance and wrote a statement of work (I will paste below). I put it out to bid and because of how eLance works, the bid ranges were $50 to $500 so all of the bids were at the $500 range, which I thought was a bit much. I was hoping it could be done on the cheap in Bulgaria or something. I got about 10 proposals and some of them pretty cool. It was based off a simple Excel DB. Here's the SOW. My old computer died so I'm not sure I have the Excel DB anymore. This has some feedback as well from one of the proposers 1. Map information uploaded from CSV file in the format of 2009_Washingtonian_list.xlsx. Subsequent uploads overwrite previous uploads. Upload page will be password protected using an .htaccess file and will be a simple submit form with a file field. 2. Map should have the following as a filter along the left-hand side of the page: a. State: will be a pulldown with the choices of VA, MD, DC. Default All b. Neighborhood: will be dynamically altered by the Javascript depending on which State the user chooses. Pulldown. Choices for each state will be dynamically determined by database. ex. Georgetown, Dupont Circle, etc. c. Price range as dictated by database: Choices will be a pulldown dynamically by the db. ex: Very Expensive, Expensive, etc. Default All d. Cuisine: Pulldown determined by db. May be multiple cuisines per restaurant. Will be filtered by substring search. ex. American, French, Modern, etc. Default All e. Washington's Top 100: Checkbox Default: Unchecked (ie. show all) 3. Filtered results will show on the map to the right using the standard Google map marker in a blue color with shadows. 4. Map pop-ups (Infowindows) will contain the following information. All information comes from the DB an is on one-line per item unless otherwise noted: a. Restaurants name in bold b. Streetview picture: I don't see this in the CSV upload. I need to know what you want here. c. Restaurant address: (street on one row, city, state, zip on another) d. Restaurant phone number e. Website link of restaurant f. Donrockwell.com link I need to make sure I know how to generate this. g. Washingtonian.com link h. Washingtonian Top 100 rank (where applicablea??if none, use a??N/Aa??) i. Link to OpenTable. I need to know how to generate this. 5. The pop-up (Info-Window) will pop up on mouseover not on click. 6. You will own all rights to the map. 7. Map will work on IE8 and FF3.
  7. Went to Adour on Friday night to celebrate my nuptials with my new bride on an amazing recommendation from Don. I was looking for a semi-private place and Adour fit the bill with it's banquettes (we had five of us). With five of us, we were able to address a diverse range of tastes (my dad is not a huge French food fan) and all did the five course tasting menu. Of course, I always forget that five courses is never five courses (it was really eight). The following bullets highlight the menu: 1. Heirloom tomato Gazpacho (not on tasting menu--an amuse) 2. Peekytoe Crab salad 3. Scallop with roasted corn (not on tasting menu) 4. Arugula pesto risotto with chantrelle mushrooms 5. Salmon with braised fennel 6. Short-ribs with chickpea fries 7. Vacherin with raspberry sorbet 8. Artisinal chocolates and macaroons And we had some mac and cheese as well with course number 6. Don recommended along with Brent, the sommelier, a Laurent champagne, a Falesco Ferentano (a white), and a Malbec which was great (but can't remember the name). The Ferentano was amazing, it started out smoky but as it opened up, totally transformed to a mild wine. Also, my wife and dad are not huge champagne people, but they loved the Laurent. It was an incredible meal for a very special occasion. Don and the Adour crew were able to recommend a place to cover diverse tastes, we got a ton of food for a very reasonable price, and made a great memory. Thanks Joe
  8. Good link on Opentable. I just referred a colleague to it as well as he asked the same question. "Theater Menus - Washington DC Participating Restaurants" on opentable.com
  9. My roommate is a celiac. We have gone to Rustico in Old Town/Slaters Lane that has chickpea pizza crust and gluten free beer. Pretty good stuff according to him.
  10. All I am helping pull together some menu ideas for 10 people that are going to Cozumel and staying in a condo. We have 3 nights of dinners and I am trying to come up with some ideas. The only restrictions are no beef (expensive), so anything fish/chicken/shellfish is good. Not sure of veggie/fruits down there but want to have some. I'm used to cooking for groups up here with my own toys and recipes, but I need some help as I am traveling and I won't have a ton of spices. Basically, I need help on simple menus that feed a lot but is reasonably good and takes advantage of local ingredients. Thoughts? As an FYI...I've been thinking black beans/rice, homemade guac/salsa, pasta with shrimp, chix tortilla soup, soft tacos, roasted veggies. Anything to add would be great. Thanks Nashman
  11. Not sure if this is too early, but put me down for Sweet potato salad and fudgeful peanut butter bars.
  12. I want to extend a sincere thanks to Ken and Chef Will and his staff for a wonderful evening. The meal was fabulous and the company outstanding. Thanks Joe (Nashman)
  13. Thanks all. Ended up at Hello Cupcake. They have one selection a day.
  14. All Looking for cakes or cupcakes that are made in the area that are gluten-free. Any ideas? NOVA or DC is preferable. Thanks Nashman
  15. I'm confused, one message says the 6th, and the other says the 7th. I'm good for either so please re-sign me up. Thanks Nashman
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