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  1. That's funny you say that, because that's been my reaction to Cava Grill the couple times I've tried it (whereas I never had that problem with Roti). But I think with both it depends mightily on what you choose during your assembly line process!
  2. As I was reading the descriptions above and thinking back to my experience the other night, I was thinking something similar! But put me in the camp of those that loved the dish (I also love General Tso's so take that for what it's worth!) I went with two friends to celebrate the holiday, and overall we really enjoyed the evening. My friend that made the reservation received a confirmation call from Justin, and they discovered they were from the same town in Kansas (he recognized her area code), so he came over to chat when we arrived. We aren't typically cocktail gals (we go right to the wi
  3. Anyone have any more specific recommendations or things to avoid at Chaplin? Heading there tomorrow night with some friends for drinks and dinner. Debating between ramen options...
  4. I haven't been to the one in Alexandria, so if this needs to be moved elsewhere, so be it - this comment is about the newer shop in Richmond on Huguenot Road (but I'm pretty sure the donuts are similar at all locations, so may still be relevant). Over Fourth of July weekend, we stopped by this RVA location twice and got 1/2 dozen both times to split and share with family. So we got to try a lot of options. All were good, with some standing out above the rest. This is my attempt at ranking them based on my opinion and some input from others: -Salted Caramel - we got this on both trips becau
  5. I still have liked ShopHouse the times I've gone (maybe once every other month or so) *shrug* Generally go with rice noodles, pork and chicken meatballs, half green beans/half eggplant, green curry, papaya slaw, pickled vegetables, herb salad, and crispy garlic. It hasn't let me down so far! I didn't even know they had peanut sauce, and honestly, that sounds more likely to clash with the other toppings than either of the curries. I haven't tried it though. I do agree that they should have some suggested combinations on the menu though (I know Roti has something similar where they have at
  6. I didn't fully post it above, but I'll re-post what I sent into Sietsema's chat yesterday that also references your frustrations (with which I agree): Respectfully disagree on Mango Tree I have to respectfully disagree with your glowing praise for Mango Tree. The actual restaurant space is lovely, but that didn't really make up for our extremely overpriced food and memorable (in the wrong way) service. Our server was a bit over-enthusiastic and overly friendly from the start, and when he asked if he could go over the menu, he literally went through every single menu item and said something
  7. I'll save everyone the trouble and the trip. Don't bother. Went last night with 4 other girlfriends and came away offended and annoyed by the waiter and feeling like we could've gotten an equal meal for less than half the price at any number of area Thai restaurants. Oh, and despite what the online menu says, the lobster pad thai is listed in the restaurant at "market price" and last night it was $49
  8. Has anyone tried Mango Tree yet? The WaPo review was pretty good, but Yelp seems to be mixed. I'm trying it tonight with some girlfriends and was looking for ordering guidance. Looks to be quite expensive for Thai, but supposed to be great decor.
  9. I still enjoy Chipotle, but I have to admit I haven't had an actual burrito from there in years. I don't claim to be a health nut or really watch my calories too often, but when I realized I could save like 250-300 calories just by getting a bowl instead of the monstrous tortilla, I switched to only getting salads or bowls. This also allows me to mix up the ingredients to get some of each in every bite (or much closer to a good ratio than within the burrito when stuff is segregated). I also rarely get sour cream, or only get a small amount. Perhaps this prevents some of the issues Don mentione
  10. Me again! So, recently BP has instituted some daily specials/deals. I'm not sure if this was always in the cards or is a sign they weren't doing enough business and are trying to drum something up. Late night HH, kids eat free, 1/2 price wine, neighborhood night, etc. As a mom to a toddler, I love an option to get the $8 kids meal for free on Tuesdays! And some of the other deals are appealing as well. In terms of food, we're still fans. I won't detail everything we had on this trip, but I ordered the Pozole this time as I suggested I might above, and I REALLY liked it. I don't know that
  11. Had a great long (and cold) weekend in Asheville. Certainly recommend a visit (or two) to the Biltmore (the Downton Abbey costume exhibit they have now is pretty cool), but lots of good eating to be had. If anyone is looking for something different than a downtown hotel, I highly recommend our B&B - Applewood Manor in Historic Montford. If it had been nicer out we certainly could've walked downtown easily (about a mile/20 min). With the cold we ended up either driving (pretty cheap parking in the garages) or taking an Uber (for $6-7), so it worked fine for us. Nice room, excellent 3 cour
  12. Thanks, all. Curate was totally booked (from a month+ out), and although we may be able to do a bar seat there, we decided to do reservations at Limones. Also found out you can make reservations at Tupelo Honey's South Asheville location, so I think we may go in that direction and avoid having to wait for brunch.
  13. I think I went to the original Busboys once or twice long long ago, but hadn't been back to any of the newer outposts in years. Now that there is a new location in Brookland, we went to check it out a couple weeks ago with some friends. First impressions are that I like the space (which is not dissimilar from other locations I think). It's big and open and has a good amount of space. One pretty big disappointment was that they ran out of highchairs (we arrived at 5pm) and couldn't provide one for us the whole time we were there. There weren't that many little kids when I looked around the di
  14. So despite this being the closest new restaurant to my house, and also being HIGHLY anticipated by us and others, I'm just not super in love with it yet. I like the space. I love that they're kid friendly. I love that I can walk 2.5 blocks there. And the service has been pretty good on my visits. I will caveat my post also by saying some of our neighbors think it's the best of the new places to open and probably go once a week. Crispy Brussels ($4 Sprouts Chips, Sea Salt, Lemon, Dill Cream Sauce) - I liked these more on the first visit. The sauce is still excellent, but the "chips" seemed gr
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