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  1. The North End of Alexandria has Rustico, and, slightly further away, Bastille. Myself, and a couple of people I know, refer to Rustico as the "cell phone waiting lot" for DCA. (my son flies into DCA on a semi-regular basis in the evening hours) It is a stone's throw away from the GW Parkway on Slaters Lane, and, at that time of day, you are less than 10 minutes away from the airport exit off of the GWP.
  2. Last-minute Hail Mary here, but does anyone have any recs for West Palm Beach, near Ball Park of the Palm Beaches? Casual preferred.
  3. Not sure they are at Nats Park any longer, or maybe they moved from their original location, or I am going senile. I think they were a one-and-done (season) at the park. I once got something like a banh mi dog, and although the bun and toppings were excellent, the dog itself was rubbery. Possibly due to constraints of cooking at a concession stand.
  4. I remember seeing something about this in a Reston afternoon update email: "Wooboi Chicken To Bring 'Nashville Hot Chicken' to Herndon" by Catherine Douglas Moran on restonnow.com I think this may be the same industrial park (or very close by) where Enyate Ethiopian Restaurant, and Aslin Beer, are located.
  5. A couple of "beer" places in Brussels that I did not see mentioned above: Le Poechenellekelder (The Puppet Cellar) - a quick whiz away from Mannequin Pis - really chill beer bar, pretty decent selection of various Belgian styles. They have a food menu, but we only drank here one midafternoon. Nuetnigenough (Never, ever, enough?) - a favorite of none other than Greg Engert, local beer guy extraordinaire. Hearty Belgian fare, great beer selection! Mix of locals and tourists. A little small and cramped, and they do not take reservations. We waited 30 minutes for a table (party of 5), but had a beer at the back bar while waiting (with the guy who pours at Cantillon Brewery and his pals), and then a great time once seated.
  6. If the Sterling location can do a beer list like the Arlington one usually has, I can see myself going there nearly every weekend for "dinner".
  7. https://www.restonnow.com/2019/01/18/plans-for-jinya-looking-more-uncertain-for-reston-town-center/?mc_cid=21bb8399b9&mc_eid=e45eb70003
  8. Has anyone checked out the Ninja Foodi yet? It is supposed to be like the Instant Pot, but also having air frying/crisping capabilities. Looking for holiday gifts for the young adults.
  9. AhSo by Jason Maddens in Brambleton might also be a good option. I think they are closed on Mondays, and don't serve lunch on Saturdays, but worth a look.
  10. The list includes "Italian Roast Beef". Is that the same thing as "Hot Italian Beef"? If so, I had always thought that that was a Chicago specialty. If not, can you describe the difference, if you have had both?
  11. But for The Counter, you need to contend with actual RTC garages, etc., whereas RTC West is not really part of RTC, although parking over there isn't great either.
  12. Not to totally derail this discussion, but both Chapter 7 and Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings are (or at least used to be) available to both individuals and business entities. Chapter 11 is not well-suited for an individual for at least a couple of reasons, but it is an option. I think Ericandblueboy above has raised an appropriate issue--the possibility that the authors are not writing the headlines. Thus, we may not be able to pin it directly on the authors.
  13. Really a word, but spelled "trep-i-datious". Hopefully I am not restating the obvious from somewhere, but up at 23rd and Eads in Crystal City is the world-famous Kabob Palace. I used to go there all the time, but my local travels don't put me there very often anymore. I did recently make it by, and it seemed to be as good as ever. Go for "no salad" (which is basically worthless) with your kabob, and you will end up with enough chickpeas and rice (and they are good) to last you a couple of days. Based on how crowded it was in the counter ordering area (they have added a wall inside the entrance to cram in a couple of extra tables), I recommend calling in your takeout order ahead of time, and it seemed that most people had done that. I used to go very late at night, when it was crowded, but less so. I could not tell if you would have included Northside Ten on E. Glebe Road as being on your Del Ray radar. I have only been once, but thought it was pretty good. I think it is the sister to Southside 815 down at the south end of OTA.
  14. So, I checked out the website, and, if I am not mistaken, Nunu (a picture of him behind the bar is one of the photos) used to be at Thai Tada, further down Elden Street (closer to Worldgate and the Dulles Toll Road). I thought he was the owner there. A couple of exchanges on Yelp, of all places, seemed to indicate that Nunu is no longer at Thai Tada, but also that he was not the owner/manager at Thai Tada. In any event, I will be checking out his new place soon, and thanks for the heads-up!
  15. SFD is owned by the same folks (mainly Mango Mike, I guess) who own Pork Barrel BBQ in Del Ray. I understood that, initially, it would be the same BBQ in both places, but I am not sure that this was or continues to be the case. I have had their sausage and chicken gumbo (listed as a special on a sign at the cash register, but seemingly always available) several times, and it hasn't disappointed yet.
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