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  1. Years (ok, decades) ago recipes I followed for alcohol-containing ice creams used a cooked candy syrup added to firm up the texture. IIRC the syrup was boiled to the soft-ball stage. Try investigating this and see if it helps.
  2. More random thoughts. Montréal is full of festivals in the summer - music, theater, film, etc. I have no idea if any are happening in May but google around and if you find something, try it. I haven't been to the art museums in years so I can't point to anything in particular, but if you like art museums, they're worth your time. So is the Biodome. Save these for a rainy day. The so-called "underground city" is just a network of passageways connecting some of the large shopping/business complexes in the downtown core. Really nice option when the weather sucks, however I always l
  3. A few really random thoughts: Looks like you're close to two orange line stops, so that will make it easy to get around. Last July I walked an average of over 8 miles each day. Partly because dog, but also because the Metro doesn't go everywhere, and some of the bus lines run very infrequently. I'm much more familiar with le Plateau than with the area you're staying in. Looks like you are close to Griffintown, which is supposed to be happening but I haven't explored there yet. Atwater market is really nice. Jean Talon is much the same but with many more produce vendors, who all seem
  4. I have a ton of information to share but not hours in which to do it. Tell me what neoghborhood you're staying in and what types of things you like to do, and I can get more specific. Also, do you have a dog? Montréal is not dog-friendly; good luck finding a place with a terrasse where you can dine with your dog. For restaurants, take my suggestions with a grain of salt. I don't drink except a beer or glass of wine once or twice a month, and I don't care for formal dining. I do like original, innovative, creative food in almost any setting. In DC I prefer Tail Up Goat to Metier, to give y
  5. I've been spending a lot of time in Montreal recently (including right now). About two months total since last July. Ate at more than 30 different restaurants. Also know where to find the best coffee, patisserie, etc. in le Plateau. And markets, if you're going to be cooking. I could send you a link to the google map I've made of, well, everything. Getting ready to head to the airport soon. Will try to write more once I've settled in there and have time to kill. If I forget, don't hesitate to ping me.
  6. porcupine

    Visiting Los Angeles

    Happened upon a low airfare so took advantage. Will be spending four days in LA in February. I don't know the first thing about the place so I'm not sure where even to book a hotel. Is Santa Monica a good area to stay in? How about West Hollywood? To make it even more confusing, we don't even know what we're going to be doing with our time, with one exception: we're going to head to Joshua Tree National Park for one day. Thanks for any tips.
  7. Sad news: Filter Coffeehouse & Espresso (Dupont location) is closing. Last day is May 19.
  8. Bethesda Co-Op is on Seven Locks Road almost at the intersection with MacArthur Blvd. in Cabin John.
  9. Bethesda Co-Op has unsweetened dried sour cherries (as of yesterday).
  10. This has driven me nuts for years; they're stupidly hard to find. Recently the Bethesda Co-Op had them but I can't say if they still do. Do mail order from Chukar Cherries. They're excellent.
  11. We've had a great relationship with Tomato Electric for many years now. They've done a lot of work for us, small jobs, large jobs, and rather odd jobs.
  12. I don't care for Compass coffee at all. The roast is just not good. I'd downgrade. ps I visited Timgad, which is on the watchlist. They use Compass Coffee. I'll be taking it off the watchlist. If I worked in that area I'd be glad to have Timgad to go to, but a real coffee hound need not bother.
  13. No offense, but... bullshit. Challenging the Tongue Taste Map The Taste Map of the Tongue You Learned in School Is All Wrong
  14. answer also this [excerpt: "The geographical title “Dover” was tacked on to the true sole because the English town of Dover could supply more fish for London’s Billingsgate market than any other fishing village. But, despite its name, Dover sole is caught in other places. This flatfish ranges from the Mediterranean to the North Sea and is usually found in shallow waters."]
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