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  1. We walked by on New Years Eve and they had a sign on the door saying they were closed but the lights were still on (no people).
  2. My MSP trip report copied from another site with most of the hotel review removed: We had a good visit at the Kimpton Grand Hotel Minneapolis over memorial day. We love the Kimpton wine hours so we planned our day around that (also it was 95* out so that limited our time exploring). Each night they pour one white and one red wine from 5-6 PM and might have a small snack item as well. Two nights had a desert and the other night had fried pickles and I think the other was fries. Wine flows freely and we usually have about 3-4 glasses, the snack is limited. Given the 95* heat our exploration part of the day was short, but we used the hotel bikes twice. The first day when we arrived they were already out so we used the area bike share for $6/day per person (you have to dock the bike every 30 minutes). Our first trip on the hotel bikes were to a Indeed Brewing for sour beers (good), and Sociable Cider Werks for cider (also good), had it been cooler we would have stayed out most of the day to visit other brewers, but given the heat that was enough. The second trip on Monday Memorial day we put the bikes on the train/metro and went over to St Paul to visit Summit Ave to see the old grand houses and then down to some large Green Chair in a park. Food wise the highlight was a 10 course chefs tasting menu at Icehouse MPLS and Eastern European foods at Kramarczuk's a deli like restaurant. The IceHouse MPLS tasting menu is only $50 with $5 small drinks (cocktails/wine/beer your choice) to accompany the food whenever you wish. The food was good and it was fairly well timed. You sit at a bar facing the cooks. IceHouse MPLS is also a music venue and the night we were there they had the music area sort of blocked off so they could record a Spotify concert. At Kramarczuk's we bought a combination plate with smoked Ukrainian sausage, pierogi and a cabbage roll, and a bowl of goulascz. That ended up being a lot of food and we nibbled on Kramarczuk's food until our last day. One mistake we made was not exploring the Sky Walk system between all the downtown buildings until the last day. Maybe everything was closed over the weekend but it would have been handy to get around downtown in the AC’d Sky Walk system between buildings
  3. In STL a few weeks ago I was looking up the Lewis and Clark boathouse on google maps and saw and ad for Group On tickets for $6 instead of $10. Went ahead and bought those and they marked them used via my phone.. First time using groupon in a while.
  4. Auckland has "food courts" in high rise developments that were built in modern history. With small ethnic type food cooked in small spaces. But yes making something like Reading Terminal Market work would require either a developer/owner with a desire to make it happen. Or a local government who allowed it as a replacement for some sort of mandatory art space, setback or whatever.
  5. I think the concept could work but it needs to be affordable to the vendors and guests. Lots of the food halls mentioned in the linked story seem like they are started by big names with high costs and rules. I guess what I'm saying is we need to try the Reading Terminal Market concept more. With an affordable rent and vendors who are actually cooking food in small spaces and its not all high end dinning. Reading Terminal Market is more similar to what you see in Singapore versus the Time Out food hall. Time out does work but its much more complex and costly all around.
  6. I use the Amazon music streaming thats included in Prime a lot. Generally I listen to playlists or stations for pop, electronic and dance. I find the playlists/stations repetitive, for example if you listen to top pop and top dance a lot of the music is shared. I don't know if thats reflective of what people dance to these days or if it just reflects a limited "free" catalog. But I continue to listen to it since it doesn't have ads and I'm already paying for it. I do explore pandora and google pay stations at times but end up on Amazon most of the time. Movie wise we don't get to much to watch because my wife checks out every new movie found at the Arlington Library via the library hold system so its hard to find new movies. I've only watched about two series of the Amazon produced shows but they were good.
  7. Yes, see their website home page for lots of graphics showing how they backup on the trail http://www.caboosebrewing.com
  8. These days my wife prefers non diary milk, and I only really consume milk on the weekends so it doesn’t make sense to by half gallons of milk as it goes bad. Really I only desire a cup or so per week. Usually buying smaller milk quantities of say pint are very costly. Therefore I’m looking for a source of small single serve milk packages like you would find in Europe for say 25 euro cents per box in some sort of bulk pack priced at a few euros. The official name of this packing is UHT (Ultra High-Temperature Pasteurization). Some says it kills the good bacteria but I’m less worried about that as I consume it in small quantities. What I see online and in local stores are usually Horizon Organic type single server boxes that cost roughly $1 for 8 oz. (one cup) in multipacks. I’m not yet ready to jump on that because it seems fairly pricy. I do have some powdered milk (which I drank growing up) but I use it in such a small quantity that it gets old and becomes not so tasty… So does anyone know where I could find something like this (1 cup UHT milk single serve packs) locally at a fairly low cost, say 50 cents per container? https://www.stockupexpress.com/parmalat-lil-milk-whole-milk.html
  9. I don't know, it seems like multiple restaurants with their own ordering systems and seating? Patrons can hop from one place to another with a drink in hand. True food courts should allow you to grab something from each of multiple restaurants. Or for example six people get their preferred food and sit down at the same table. I guess I expect something more like Time Out Market Lisboa where you could sit at a bar at one of the stands to eat and drink something from just that vendor, or you could order what you want and take it to tables in the middle to combine it with something else such as a charcutaria plate, then add a suckling-pig sandwich, and then finish with coffee, all from different vendors.
  10. This should have been corrected before I could no longer edit the post as no set menu had three courses, each had way more: It was as set meal, each version with numerous courses. You pick on of three set menus, we both went with the most expensive option that included wagyu beef.
  11. I enjoyed Booeymonger in Bethesda when I worked in Bethesda prior to 2010. I liked the bagels and my favorite lunch was the: The Manhattan 7.50 Grilled roast beef, fresh spinach, bacon and melted cheddar cheese on a French baguette with a touch of house dressing I don't recall the catering. But I do find most catering meals not that exciting.
  12. I've been told of a CEO who likes this place so much that he has brought his family to this place just to eat.
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