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  1. This year I'm going to try Square Foot Gardening - does anyone have any experience with this method? Any tips, tricks or things to avoid?
  2. Don't know if anyone on the board follows Maria Trabocchi on Twitter (mtrabocchi) but it sounds like there is some change happening with regard to Chef Trabocchi and the Four Seasons. Why is it that sometimes it is just not appealing to go? about 22 hours ago from UberTwitter Good news is that he is home! about 23 hours ago from UberTwitter @docsconz talk to Fabio Four Seasons no more.... Sad news!
  3. I saw her at her last appearance at the Arlington Farmer's Market last year. Said she was going to work at SYSCO as a graphic designer :-(
  4. Just wanted to pass this special along. A pretty good deal for Hank's in Old Town $20 Lobster Roll Dinner at Hank's Old Town Lobster Roll <http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001oAqlVF4teDNK7qRWAEwtBpMYJiHEQP3_bTa9D6TZLdHYfjGUd892ey3jPxeYMHaL9zRIDDZU8fF GqL99ssR3e3_8mgkU29DTJJHoDRm9sXA=> 20% more free for gift certificates over $50 December 22 and 23 Your choice of soup or salad Hank's Famous Lobster Roll Dessert FOR ONLY $20 ALSO: Buy a $100 certificate... Receive a $20 certificate FREE! The perfect last minute Holiday Gift! Hank's Old Town location ONLY Hank's Oyster Bar 1026 King St. Alexandria, VA 22314 703-739-HANK (4265)
  5. My wife and I went to 2941 Saturday night for an anniversary dinner and had a great experience. Full disclosure my wife has done some work with the graphic artist for 2941 and so I believe our experience was slightly elevated but only in the number of courses and the tour of the kitchen. From what I could tell all around us received the same gracious service. I (don't want to speak for the wife ) don't consider myself on par with many of the posters here in terms of pallette but to me 2941 was one of the best meals we've had in awhile and I would put it close to (but not quite on par with) the Tasting Room at Eve. Granted they are very different experiences but I think the quality of the food and the service was that good. We were served by a team but I only got the name of our waiter, Farhat. He was very professional and friendly, had great recommendations and helped make the night very special. Thank you Farhat. We both had the 3 course Prix Fixe menu that with the extras sent out by the kitchen ended up being six courses. We each ordered a glass of champagne - she had the Philippe Gonet Brut Rose and I had the Deutz Brut. I enjoy champagnes and sparkling wines but know very little about champagne so the Deutz was at the recommendation of our waiter and it was phenomenal. Before our apps arrived we had an amuse bouche that was three small bites. My memory of their exact compositions is a little hazy-sorry. They were a yellow beet salad (nicely dressed but still allowed the earthiness of the beet to take center stage), a tartare (can't remember the fish but the taste was very good - meaty), and a fried risotto ball that was as delicious as it was simple - I wish my risotto came out that well. I started with the duck terrine and my wife had the butternut squash soup. I enjoy duck a lot but have never had a duck terrine before - I plan to make it as regular a part of my life as I can. I had just finished reading "The Soul of a Chef" by Michael Ruhlman and the first section of the book talks about terrine's enough that I was craving one. The duck terrine had a fantastic duck flavor with a hint of smoke and the consistency/mouthfeel was perfect. The muscat gelee and the huckleberries were a great accompianment. I had a spoonful of the soup and it was the very essence of the squash - just wonderful. After this came out another complimentary course of ghocchi in a cream sauce. This was some of the lightest ghocchi I've had - practically melted away to nothing in your mouth and the cream sauce managed to be rich without being heavy at all. I would've ordered this as a main if available. For my main course I had the beef short rib with mole. Not too many places I know of in the area do moles and the only other decent one I've had was at Guajillo a few years ago. This mole was wonderful - rich, full of depth, right amount of cumin and you could just taste the unsweetened chocolate at the very end. The short rib itself was cooked perfectly - could pull it apart with a fork, the fat and connective tissues that perfect degree of melted. It was a very generous portion and I could only finish about half. My wife had the ribeye which, while cooked perfectly, was a little plain compared to my short rib and the rest of the courses. But still very good. Dessert for me was the Guayaquil Chocolate Moelleux and my wife got the Frozen Tanzanie Chocolate Truffle. Both of these desserts were outstanding. At this point (after two healthy glasses of wine and halfway through the Grenache Noir - Mas de Amiel, Maury, France 2006 I ordered with dessert my taste memory is fuzzy at best. I do remember enjoying it tremendously - especially the port wine-pear sorbet. It made a nice counter to the rich chocolate. And finally John Leinhardt, the very gracious Director of Operations, gave us a tour of the kitchen, which we really enjoyed. We were especially appreciative that Chef Chemel took time to come off the line and greet us. Thanks to all at 2941 for a wonderful anniversary experience. We will be back.
  6. It is not personally my favorite but Extra Virgin does have a brunch and does take reservations. You may also want to check Bistro Bistro
  7. I'm a 15 minute walk away and would jump at the chance to not only have a farmer's market in the area but to support it by volunteering.
  8. I've had the Champagne Chocolate and the Armor and Samurai and they are sooooo good! I'm a fan of chocolate and chile (love the sweet/smoky/hot combo) and the champagne chocolate is pure decadence. I haven't been to the market in a few weeks but I've got to get there early or there isn't much left. Glad to see that the bakery is doing well. I'm long overdue to pick up some treats.
  9. Oh my GOD! I can't wait to try this place! As a Scotsman, I can't wait to have a proper fish and chips place. We'll be trying Eamonn's this weekend.
  10. My wife and I have a reservation at Willow and are really looking forward to it.
  11. Definitely! Was there last week for a glass of wine and a snack after work and he was great. Willing to really talk about the wines and had good suggestions. Another reason (like there aren't already more than I can count) to spend time at Dino.
  12. We just made a reservation here for New Year's Eve. I know, I know - amateur's night. We figured we could get a decent dinner here (love the mussels and beer selection) and, as a bonus, we can walk to our friends' place for the real celebration.
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