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  1. Thanks for the kind endorsement S, it was great talking to you and I am glad you enjoyed the meal. (BTW my wife is not happy with the "auntie" bit ) After last night, are you sure you want to open a restaurant ? Bhasin
  2. Thanks Don. Plan was to open quietly and let the staff in training work out the kinks for a couple of months and the kitchen settle down. That was not meant to be, got slammed. Service will take some time and some things like the chicken wings and the lentils need some work because we no longer have charcoal and have to work with a natural gas Tandoor. However, time will tell but we are glad to be back amongst our neighbors and friends Cheers Balraj Bhasin
  3. The Bon Chon wings, this Sunday, were OK but certainly not 'blew me away'. Got half soy garlic n half spicy. They were crisp and stayed crisp even after refrigerating leftovers and reheating. My takeout order was ready in 10 minutes so I suspect they keep them half done. If I were nitpicking, I would say they were overly greasy, perhaps low frying temp. Now I have to head to SpiceXing, to try Sudhir's.
  4. have had so many setbacks with the re opening Don that I am tired of saying 'another few weeks' so I will stick to soon
  5. Bombay Curry Company - wings were were charcoal broiled on a skewer in a clay pit oven called the 'Tandoor'. It was a simple marination of ginger, garlic, Garam Masala ( an Indian spice mix blend, which was ground in house) etc. Hope to serve you some soon. incidentally, yesterday a friend mentioned the wings at Bon Chon with so much passion that I plan to head that way today. Hard Times, Alexandria had some great wings.It used to take like forever (as unlike some other places they did not have them pre baked sitting in the cooler to be flash fried) but once you got them you were in wing
  6. It's a small world Don and I shall also start, like you, with..... Several years ago..........I enter my home to find my wife with some friends, some little group meet. I knew them all, except one and the intro started with " her family owns a restaurant in DC". Because of her obvious Indian features I presumed an Indian restaurant and asked which one, " Ben's Chilli Bowl, do you know it ?". Do I know it, holy shit, it's an institution, a DC landmark and I have the owner's wife in my home! what an honour, THAT sir, was my introduction to Jyotika. (Nizam if you are curious, the common friend i
  7. numerous issues with the utilities which are fianally sorted out, contracor says four to six weeks but if you factor in licencing, staffing etc it might be a wee bit longer.
  8. Bombay Curry Company – Children’s Day Nov. 14th- Last Fundraiser at current location 100% of the proceeds to ‘The Fund for Alexandria’s Child’. The future of any country lies ‘in the hands of its children’. I learnt this from Jawaharlal Nehru, India’s first prime minister. He loved children and children loved him back, to them he was Chacha (Uncle) Nehru, a man who did wonderful things for them. This vision of his, I believe, has contributed tremendously to India’s current success. November 14th was his birthday and till date it is celebrated in India as ‘Children’s Day’. To honor Chacha
  9. Finally! All set to open at dinnertime today. and on a lighter note, one of the comments in response to the story on ARLnow.com ArlForester: June 30th, 2011 12:58 pm I prefer my vindaloo and chili extra hot so this is great news.
  10. Been a while Did not care for their manchurian roll and the pineapple pastry did not do much either BUT the samosa was fabulous, specially the spicy stuffing.
  11. passed it often and finally swung by thanks to your post. A little small but was busier than I expected with a steady stream of people trickling in. The meat guy was missing, I was told he had run out and had gone to kill some cows! I went there looking for the beer and wine powders which the Tea & Spice vendor touted on their website but the lady had not brought them this time. Understand that they might move into the Duron space come winter. There is music, plus hot beverages from St. Elmos besides the produce and baked goods. Overall a very nice neigborhood feel.
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