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  1. According to the Washington Business Journal (and verified on G-B's website), Penn Quarter, Navy Yard, and Rockville locations have been closed locally. Many others closed nationally, too. Only location in the immediate area is in Tyson’s Corner Center, and it is the best brewpub in that mall (at least, it’s the only brewpub I remember in the mall).
  2. I just left Felix a little while ago. I came to town for work, and had time to kill before flying back home on Delta in the morning (LAX to DCA non-stop! I suspect that’s the longest flight from DCA and would love to be proven wrong). Anyway, this place is really great. Thank you for the suggestion. I had a classic Negroni, an order of the pizza bianca, the rigatoni all’amatriciana, and a glass of white wine. I sat at the bar, since it was just me and I didn’t have reservations. I had a great meal. The Negroni was made with the Cocchi’s sweet vermouth (vermouth di Torino). It wa
  3. I was in Chicago this weekend and want to thank the commenters on this thread. My wife and I had the chance to meet up with some out of town friends for a weekend in the Second City. I hadn't been there in several years and have forgotten how nice the city and its inhabitants are. We arrived Thursday morning and went for a snack at Bonci in the West Loop area west of, well, the Loop. If you're not familiar, it's a pizzeria that got its start in Rome and now has two locations in Chicago with plans to expand elsewhere in the U.S. The pizza there are sold al taglio (by the piece). Bonci
  4. I’m very sad to see Ray’s close, as I’ve long considered Ray’s my favorite restaurant in Arlington. It’s rare that any restaurant can be so consistently good for 17 years. I don’t ever remember having a bad or unsatisfying meal there. I know of few restaurants (at any price) I could say that about. What makes this closure personally more poignant, however, is the lack of “substitutes” - especially in Arlington. I wish the restaurant’s team best wishes and good luck moving forward. .
  5. I am quite disappointed by this closure. I can’t say I thought all of my meals from Taylor were enjoyable, but I can say that I enjoyed knowing that Taylor (and not jimmy johns or subway or Jersey Mike’s) was a “local” shop. I am sorry to their employees.
  6. We went up to Lancaster a couple weeks ago for the obligatory trip to Dutch Wonderland. The park is great fun for little kids (after age 6 or so, it may not be as exciting as other parks, however). A decent sized park with a variety of rides to entertain and thrill the kids. Food was nothing special there. Since we got into Lancaster the evening before, we did dine on the patio at Luca. We very much enjoyed our meal there. One kid had pizza, which was good and large enough to fill up a three year old's stomach. The other had pasta and enjoyed that. My wife and I split an order of the
  7. We went to Florence for a day trip in May 2018. Unfortunately did not have a dinner there, but did stop for very, very good sandwiches at SandwiChic near the Accademia Gallery. Although the place had a little bit of a hipster vibe, the service was friendly and the food excellent. Fairly large sandwiches (panini) on a terrific bread contained locally sourced meats (salami and prosciutto were both excellent), good cheeses, and what appeared to be housemade spreads. The small shop is located at Via San Gallo 3 in Florence. The shop is small, so eating in can be crowded. We also fou
  8. It will be interesting to see whether another restaurant opens in that space. With Ballston Quarter opening up soon, there will be even more competition for diners in Ballston.
  9. Have to go to RTC for work meetings, dinner, etc. It's the app that made the parking such a pain. Maybe in time once people have the app and have used the stupid app, people will become more comfortable with paying to park? That said, it still seems expensive and the restaurant's validation policy (at least at M&S) is underwhelming.
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