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  1. A friend of mine from California is working a gig up in Philadelphia this month & is craving an evening at a wine bar. Any recs? They're staying downtown in the heart of it all. Thanks.
  2. Summer is for patio dining, people watching and pink wine! PATIO PINK WINE FLIGHTS @ DINO Starts June 8th & runs thru the summer This summer, Dino is offering a special flight of palatable pinks for your sipping pleasure. For $15 a flight, you’ll enjoy pours of Latorrai Vin Gris, Lambrusco Pederzana and our exclusive Peter Solva Lagrein Rose. This summer flight is perfect when paired with our small plates, and available even if you’re not sitting outside. (Specific wines might change due to availability)
  3. [bump] Hope to see some of you tomorrow night at the Hilton Washington. Personally, I'm looking forward to yummy bites from The Inn at Little Washington, Granville Moore's, Eventide as well as quenching concoctions from Dino & PS7. If you're coming, say hi!
  4. Who's coming? Tickets are still available!
  5. I've worked in and with restaurants, and am friends with quite a few servers/managers/bartenders, so take the following for what you will...my observation is that the automatic tip for large parties is there to protect the server. The large majority of us on this board tip and tip well, but the vast population of diners out there don't. When there's a large party seated - especially in a special section of a restaurant that usually doesn't get seated like Planet Wine or a private dining room - that server is typically on duty that night to just take care of that table (which also takes consi
  6. [bump] Have you bought your tickets yet? Clickity
  7. Some of the area's best chefs will be serving up signature tastes on June 1st at the Hilton Washington (yep, that Hilton) to benefit Food & Friends. More information, including a list of participating chefs & tickets, available on Food & Friends Website.
  8. bagged lettuce with store-bought goddess dressing ravioli a la Chef Boyardee (stirfry on the menu for tomorrow)
  9. I forgot to mention that I popped my Pinkberry cherry on St. Marks Place Saturday night (was enormously saddened to see the gentrification on that street). We got a "small" serving of pomegranate/original swirl topped with milk chocolate shavings. It was tart, tingly and overall amazing. I loved every spoonful of it, but was glad to be sharing the ginormous serving with two others. Found it quite interesting that Red Mango was literally across the street. Next trip I might have to do a Pat's/Geno's type taste off between the two.
  10. I prefer udon to soba when it's in a broth. I grew up with yakisoba made at home by my mom, so I have a hard time wrapping my head around thin noodles in a broth (perhaps why I don't love pho). I haven't tried Ippudo but sounds like something that should be put on my list for the next visit.
  11. I just got off the bus from a jammed packed weekend in NYC. Not only did I get to show my 15-year-old cousin one of my favorite places on earth, but I got to introduce her to new foods as well (it was SO much fun)! We had dinner at craftbar on Friday night. Rhone, that might be a good option as well. The cousin had her first oysters on the half shell and chose the mushroom ragout with polenta for her main. I had the braised short ribs which were really tasty. My one complaint was the sauteed peppers on the dish - didn't add a thing and seemed a bit out of place. If they needed to includ
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