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  1. I made the Israeli Couscous Caprese Salad...if that's the one you're talking about, I'll try to remember what I threw in there as I made it up this morning.
  2. MelGold

    So You Think You Can Grill?

    Deadline was extended to midnight tonight. There's still time...http://pabeef.org/soyouthinkyoucangrillnew.aspx
  3. MelGold

    Grilling 101

    Want the chance to win a new Weber kettle for summer? Today's your last chance to enter. Check out the full So You Think You Can Grill? contest thread under Events & Gatherings.
  4. MelGold

    So You Think You Can Grill?

    Tomorrow (Friday) is the final day. You know you have a winning recipe in your repertoire. Prizes include a brand-spankin' new weber grill (good for future picnics) and some other swag. http://pabeef.org/soyouthinkyoucangrillnew.aspx
  5. MelGold


    If you're eating in the burbs, I've always found Yama in Vienna or Blue Ocean in Fairfax delicious...and both offer much more by way of an authentic experience than just sushi.
  6. I'm sad...really wanted to go this month, but that's the night of Zoofari. People who have never gone to DC Central Kitchen to help out, go! It's a great opportunity to meet some new people or catch up with old friends while helping a wonderful organization feed thousands.
  7. MelGold

    So You Think You Can Grill?

    Testing recipes? http://pabeef.org/soyouthinkyoucangrillnew.aspx
  8. The Beef Checkoff, through the Northeast Beef Promotion Initiative, will sponsor an exciting new recipe contest this spring in conjunction with The Food & Wine Festival at National Harbor. If you have a sizzling beef or veal recipe that thrills your guests and leaves friend and family salivating, we invite you to submit your original recipe. Only amateur chefs and grill masters with an original, unpublished recipe that's prepared on the grill or in an outdoor kitchen are eligible. The top four semi-finalists will face-off in the Beef. It's What's For Dinner.® tent at The Food & Wine Festival, June 12 - 13, 2010. Find out more here. * Funded by The Beef Checkoff.
  9. MelGold

    Steakhouses in NYC for a Private Party

    I had thought of Lugars but the other coordinators want to stay in borough so we don't have to figure out how to get 20 people from place to place. It's on my list of must-try-in-my-lifetime restaurants though.
  10. I'm planning a bachelor party for my best guy friend in NYC at the end of February, and we're looking for a good steak dinner at a respectable locale on Saturday night before the debauchery begins. I have a few places in mind - Bobby Vans, Craftsteak, etc. - but was hoping there was a "Rays the Steaks" type place in the City. You know, great steak, better prices, no need to dress to the nines... Lots of the attendees are traveling from far away (Germany, Texas, etc) so we're trying to keep the entire weekend relatively moderate in the price column. Thanks in advance for any leads. Mel
  11. MelGold

    Dining in Philadelphia

    A friend of mine from California is working a gig up in Philadelphia this month & is craving an evening at a wine bar. Any recs? They're staying downtown in the heart of it all. Thanks.