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  1. Fantastic meal here tonight. From the astoundingly good bread -- perhaps better than any bread service I've had in DC -- to the desserts, it was just about all awesome. Well worth a trip to Baltimore, if only for the bread and their over the top disco fries.
  2. Hitting up the bar at Palena in about a half hour. Say hi if you're around.
  3. One meal in NYC, and I can start to comprehend how people find it possible to uphold the distinction between the DC and NY food scenes. There simply is no equivalent to momofuku ssäm bar in DC. Possible restaurants with stylistic similarities that come to mind are Masa 14 and Ba Bay, but based on personal dining experiences and what I've read, they don't seem to be operating on the same level. Nothing at ssäm bar fell flat, almost every dish was a revelation - from expert pickling to some of the best treatment of proteins I've seen in a while (and here, too, from both ends of the spectrum: pre
  4. As we all know full well, snow inspires drinking, and eating can't be far behind. So, in case anybody's experiencing the same compulsions, I'll be heading over to the bar at 2 Amy's around 7 for a few drinks and a bite.
  5. Cauliflower Pasta: spaghetti, roasted cauliflower, cauliflower puree, extra virgin, anchovies, garlic, toasted pine nuts, bread crumbs, crushed red pepper, parm, lemon juice.
  6. Pan roasted pork loin with bacon-sage pan sauce. Butternut squash risotto with mascarpone, fried sage, bacon, and toasted pumpkin seeds.
  7. I don't remember how long exactly they had to prep once in the Palm's kitchen, but I tend to agree with what Kenny said: Alex wouldn't have had time to make his own english pea puree. Plus, if he had made it himself, everybody else would have seen and heard it: blending the peas, running it through a chinoise, etc. It's neither a quick nor a discreet process. And yeah, this season sucks compared to the last one. Still watching though, and hoping for a brawl between Kenny and Angelo in the finals. PS: Kenny in that robe is absolutely hilarious. I just wish they'd play some Barry White in the
  8. Panzanella Salad: Toasted baguette, tomato, cucumber, and a vinaigrette of red chili oil, sherry vinegar, and some extra virgin olive oil drained off of the lemon confit (Ad Hoc at Home recipe) I'm working on. Totally forgot red onion.
  9. Tallula's appetizers were across the board awesome: a beautifully battered and fried softshell crab; nicely seared, buttery scallops over a fresh corn polenta (mentioned in Tallula's thread, and truly delicious); and a fava bean bruschetta topped with lardo and a fried egg, punched up by an acidic tomatillo sauce. EatBar's offerings were also definitely worth ordering: a solid burger made with beef that was spot on in terms of both flavor and texture (I don't know how anybody could perceive it as low quality...), addicting fries, and pretty good fritters. The weakest dish of the night was a ca
  10. All right, looks like I'll be the first one to offer a comment on how the pizza Spike is putting out actually tastes. Before that, a brief take on the rest of the place: Aesthetically, I actually like it a lot. While the pictures of Spike and Co. all over the walls aren't particularly attractive, overall I think it has a nice look, and their method of displaying the pizzas is smart and effective: they've got 15 or so round pedestals that each have a different pizza on them, forcing you to look them over whilst standing in line, making it considerably more difficult to decide since most all o
  11. The bar at Radius. Feel free to join, and shoot a pm if you're comin'.
  12. Brisket Burgers w/ Edam, Arugula, Caramelized Onions, Smoked Bacon, and Horseradish Mayo Caprese Pasta Salad Assorted Skewered Meats (Kielbasa, Sirloin, Chicken) and Vegetables Cheddar Brats Ribs (Dry-rubbed and slow-cooked on the grill) Lots of beer BBQs with a bunch of cooks trying to one up each other are fun.
  13. Why is this thread only 2 pages long? The Oval Room is in the same price range as numerous restaurants that receive tons of dr.com attention, and yet it gets so rarely mentioned here. Perhaps it is this lack buzz that made me wait so long to drop by and give Chef Conte’s cooking a try, but after the dinner I had tonight, I wish I’d done it sooner. One of the 7 courses on the tasting menu was an gnocchi with (for me) an irresistible flavor combination: mushrooms, pancetta, and ramps. I asked if an appetizer portion could be ordered a la carte, and that wasn’t a problem. The Potato Gnocchi hons
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