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  1. While I can't say that I'm volunteering to try the Cold Stone PB&C, I do plan to return to one of my favorites, their "worst beer" - Sierra Nevada Bigfoot. Mmmmmm. . . . .
  2. I agree on all counts - I'll be out of town this weekend, so unable to attend the picnic, but would love to participate and think Don leading the first one (at least) is a great idea.
  3. The Washington Post has ideas on what to do with the extra yolks!
  4. You could also do a fancy riff on mashed potatoes - like Pommes Anna or Potatoes Dauphin.
  5. That's quite likely - I picked a spot in full sun smack down in the middle of the yeard and the tomatoes there like to be watered once a day during the peak of summer heat.
  6. Chocolate chip cookies using a recipe from America's Test Kitchen. One might criticize their academic approach to recipe creation, but it's hard to be critical of the results - browned butter, a higher ratio of brown to white sugar, and letting the sugar and liquid rest to aid its dissolution (and subsequent browning during baking) makes for a pretty amazing cookie.
  7. Possibly swimming upstream against the tide of public opinion, I had a good meal here on Saturday. The free salsa/chips were darn good - the salsa had a nice smokiness and a bit of heat and the chips were thin, warm and crispy. I had the chicken mole enchiladas. The mole was very good - deep, rich and complex, without the sweetness some folks who don't know how to make a mole throw in to hide the fact that they don't know how to make a mole. The repasado margarita, only $1 more than the traditional, was very good, mixed with a home sour mix made from fresh lemon and lime juice. I won't again order the banana empanada for dessert - it was too small, throwing of the banana/pastry ratio, and it could have used a drizzle of chocolate. But it was only a $3 failure. I also agree that the guacamole is no great shakes - it needed a bit more zing - lime juice, garlic, onion, jalapeno, cilantro, or something. . . All in all, however, I'll be back.
  8. It definitely was For those that missed it, I'd written "Sneaking into Kids' Food not an original, copywriteable idea."
  9. Hot off the presses. I'm glad the courts have finally paved the way for Landrum's "Guess where I've hidden your vegetables" tome. Edited to add: That should be "Sneaking veggies into Kids' Food not an original, copywriteable idea."
  10. Presuming it's got some fat in it (whole milk is best), make farmer's cheese - heat the milk, add acid (vinegar or lemon juice) and let it curdle. Drain it through a cheese cloth or fine strainer, and set aside to firm up, then refrigerate.
  11. I've ordered several times from Cinderella - it works as advertised. One big plus is that usually, with a "large enough" purchase, shipping (usually two-day overnight) is free. "Large enough" is rarely more than three bottles (and that was for some $13.99 wine), and can be as low as one bottle for more expensive stuff.
  12. Ramps, from the forests of West Virginia, sauteed and used like garlic
  13. 8 of 10; As I haven't had 6 of them, I must read/watch too much food advertising. . .
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