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  1. Awesome write-up. Especially the constructive criticism about the plates sliding- broken plates and glassware are huge expenses. Frank is a great guy, it's wonderful to see him doing well.
  2. Sep 30, 2019 - "The Chef of Nina May Wants You To Scrap the Menu and Let Him Cook for You" by Laura Hayes on washingtoncitypaper.com Looks like Colin's moving on to his own thing! He's a talented chef and a legit good dude to boot.
  3. Kenyan Cafe, in Morgantown, is on par with any central African restaurant that I've been to. The goat stew is ridiculously good.
  4. Yeah, the smoking ban made everything (especially on campus) immediately better. Also, on a related note, I've been craving Buckeye Donuts since last night.
  5. I'm surprised, after re-reading this thread, that there's no mention of Buckeye Donuts. That's another Columbus institution, and one that's a really solid option- get a plain glazed, or, like, 90 of 'em. Especially after a late-night/super early morning meal at the gloriously sketchy Hounddog's. Also, after spending quite a bit of time at Kafe Kerouac, I love that place. There's not much better than a super chill coffeehouse/bookstore that has great coffee-based cocktails that are incredibly well-priced, even by Midwest standards. It's also a fantastic stop before or after Hounddog's and Buc
  6. Coffee nature is a lot of fun. Good food and drinks, and some of the best service I've had anywhere. One time they messed up a drink that a friend of mine ordered and paid for in cash, and as they came out with the replacement, they insisted on giving her the cash back as well. Very cool.
  7. Absolutely. Those kinds of counter-intuitive truths have always fascinated me. I agree with your second point as well. Starbucks' marketing convinced people that the coffee that they were selling was desirable, and they could charge more for it because of that. Then as people began to see what else they could get for the same amount of money, it paved the way for other companies to give really beautiful coffees to the people that want it, for essentially the same price point. Your third point is spot-on as well. It was hard for me to find coffee/espresso that appealed to me in DC (in large
  8. One would think so, but... http://www.slate.com/articles/news_and_politics/hey_wait_a_minute/2007/12/dont_fear_starbucks.html http://seattletimes.com/html/businesstechnology/2008125785_indiecoffee20.html
  9. DC Sharp is great, they'll offer a lot of extras (hard blade cover, stropping right after purchasing), and they'll let you try out any knife they've got. That's where I've gotten a few of my knives and I'd definitely get more from there in the future. If you're looking for a huge selection, good reviews, and great pricing, http://www.chefknivestogo.com/ is a great place. Those two are my go-to knife places.
  10. A spot in the new retail stuff going up all around Brookland/Catholic University would be killer, what with people living directly above it and being able to smell fresh bread all the time.
  11. So many threads, so little time... :-) Thanks for the info. That'll definitely be a stop in the future. The jury is definitely still out on Vigilante, but everything I've had of theirs has been solid to awesome. I'm excited to see what they'll bring to their upcoming H st space. Also, all of the people that I've met that work there are great.
  12. Had a great mocha here the other day. One of the best in the city, easily. Also, as far as the bean discussion goes, I'm not sure why nobody has mentioned Blue Bottle. Easily the best coffees that I've ever tried, including all of the above, and easy online ordering. Vigilante also deserves very high praise, they're local, put out great products, and treat their people well.
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