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  1. Oh no…all that super good stuff and fun people I’ll be missing? I wish I could join you all, but I’m attending another event. Oh well…maybe next time. The weather is supposed to be great this weekend! Have fun and eat and drink for us who can’t be there!!!
  2. Whenever I have a taste for pied de cochon du Bistrot Lepic, this cozy place comes to mind. A bowl of cassoulet sounded especially good on a cold, chilly night. The last time I was there, I remember it being very quiet in the bar area. I went on a Wednesday night to catch up with a dear friend, so I headed upstairs to the wine bar. The server, who I thought was the host, asked if we had reservations. We asked back, Well no, do we need one? He graciously accommodated us to a cocktail table until the 7:30pm reservation showed up. Two steps away, we got lucky later on and got a spot in the bar. I was pleasantly surprised and enjoyed a couple of $5 happy hour starters in the amuse gueule menu, homemade country pâté and rillette with crusty French bread. Wines by the glass are half price during HH. I thought that the Morgon and Burgundy Pinot Noir would do it but were too light-bodied for my taste. The bartender gave us each a tasting of 2008 Corbières, Hautevarie de Haut that was not in the list. It paired so well that I ended up drinking it the rest of the evening with my crusty boneless pigs feet and le cassoulet. Theyve changed the presentation with more breading, but still really good to me with its gelatinous tidbits and mustard sauce. The cassoulet was ok and tasted a bit too cheesy for me. There were the bartender, server and a busser who worked the whole upstairs with ease and were completely capable. Eventually the room filled up, jazz trio played, lovely vocalist sang a Latin, gypsie-jazzy tune in the background so compelling that people got up to dance to the music. By 8pm, the bar and all tables were taken. I'm happy for them that they are doing fine. After all, they have been in their cozy corner for years on Wisconsin Avenue in Georgetown. Next time I feel like it, I just might take advantage of their complimentary wine tasting every Tuesday or live jazz every Wednesday. Next time, Ill also make sure to call in advance.
  3. Big Papa has spoken. Yes, I will buy goldenticket and Pat a round of drinks next time I see them—real soon, I hope! When is the next DR.com event? Thank you Pat and goldenticket for your patience and hard work. Hang in there! Not sure when this will slow down. Congratulations Don! Three articles within one week! http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2010/11/09/AR2010110902986.html http://www.northernvirginiamag.com/gut-check/2010/11/03/don-rockwell-pro-reservations http://www.washingtoncitypaper.com/blogs/youngandhungry/2010/11/03/independents-day-foodie-website-founder-don-rockwell-starts-a-new-restaurant-association/ All the best!
  4. It’s actually a bit of a late response but can’t forget a nice, pleasant experience. With the whole A-Team behind Estadio, no doubt they’ll do very well. I was super happy to see the gang again (though sorry to have missed Mark and Haidar). Justin, Sebastian and Adam were definitely patrolling the room to ensure smooth flow all around, which I love seeing managers do! For just two people, we wanted to enjoy a bottle of wine that would stand up to different things. We couldn’t decide so we appreciated Justin letting us taste Viura, Lopez de Heredia, Rioja, go-to vino blanco for all around small plates. But we were in the mood for red, so loved, loved Justin’s perfect suggestion of a bottle Jose Palacios Petalos Bierzo. Gotta have the mixto, roasted beets, boqueron and grilled octopus that were also suggested by our server, Michael, who was so wonderful and patient with us. He gave us spot on service. Yep, order, taste, order, enjoy! We just left everything in their hands and we were happy and content. Also loved the goat cheese ice cream. It was served as a dessert side, but I could have a bowl of just that! Went on a week night and pace was perfect with a nice full crowd. And I do like decor that is warm and not overly done. I will definitely be back because there’s so much more to try and much more Spanish wines to drink! Definitely a nice addition to the ever-growing 14th Street neighborhood!
  5. I know I’m ready for a drink or two! Anyone is welcome to join us if you’re in the mood to relax and unwind for a Halloween Happy Hour! Friday, October 29th 6ish PM ‘till whenever. Make sure to say hello. LIMA Lounge 1401 K Street NW Come and go as you please and feel free to dress to the occasion! PM me if interested Be safe and Happy Halloween to all!!! Boo!
  6. mmmmmmm...not just any bottle but a mega bottle of yellowtail shiraz 2008
  7. What can I say? We just know how to put up “The Picnic”. Real lucky with the perfect picnic day, too! I was praying Antonio Burrell would make his famous fried chicken that I missed before. And he did! I was happy. AGM and DanielK, our experts with the grill, baby back ribs and bacon bomb, though people kept calling it bacon explosion…it’s all good, then there’s also the pulled pork—thank goodness we have something like this every time, or it doesn’t feel complete. Bless you mdt for whipping up such tedious and delicious pâté en croûte and terrines to a picnic. Like I said, we really know how to whip up “The Picnic”. You the man! Barbara’s apple crumble…Zora’s pear tarte tatin with crema, plus more yum! Too much good stuff to list! And goodeats, making that turducken-like-pie-in-a-cake was incredible. How did you stuff that pie in the cake? Thank you all for the great food, fun and love—the best part was seeing new and old faces again! The original DR.com babies are all grown up and now there’s a new generation. Thank you goldenticket for bringing deviled eggs in memory of StephenB (we miss him) and to leleboo for organizing, a big task to fill. We all left so stuffed and happy. Until the next one…
  8. I had the best duck confit in a long, long time! The way I really, really like it: fat well rendered, not greasy, fork tender but not dried out, and best of all…carefully cooked super, super crispy skin (similar to the texture of real crispy pork belly skin) sitting on a bed of cannellini beans, rose gold potatoes and plum compote. I had it for lunch, then dinner in the same day, no kidding! Also, it is hearty, feed-the-soul soup season time. Autumn squash with goat cheese was the soup du jour for lunch and celery root with Parmesan was offered for dinner. Long, long ago during my Corduroy days, a regular guest would come to the restaurant and every time he visited he would repeatedly say to Chef Tom Power, “You should write a book on just soups and title it ‘Power Soups’!” Power’s soups are my benchmark for thick, pureed soups: luscious, smooth, creamy, balanced flavors with just the perfect body (not too thick, not too thin), texture and seasoning. Well, I think I found your soup match Tom Power!
  9. Wow! Has it really been? I remember how it all began during those DR.com happy hours with cocktails and wines in their hands, then those twinkled eyes just got a bit too gooey and locked into each other’s eyes…… Well, you know how it goes! Congratulations to two beautiful people!
  10. In +2, I can’t wait to see you all again! I’m bringing a loaded carrot cake. Thanks leleboo and all for organizing the picnic!
  11. Thanks goodeats for also posting this in Upcoming Calendar Events! In case anyone is interested in finding something fun to do, here’s information on Les Dames d’Escoffier Washington, DC Chapter’s biennial symposium, Celebrating Food! Cooking*Careers*Communications. It’s an all-day educational event on Feb. 27th at The Universities at Shady Grove, Rockville, Maryland with lots of fun and informative sessions to choose from! Click on pdf file for schedule plus more information. Please share an invitation and the registration brochure to your family, friends, co-workers or anyone who might be interested. Hope that you will sign up to attend! Thanks, Rissa 2010 Les Dames Symposium Registration Brochure.pdf
  12. On a recent visit at the bar, we enjoyed an “unofficial” tasting of some fun and fresh items in their inspired Izakaya menu. All delicious and flavorful, you can’t go wrong with any of these items! Tempura Green Beans with pickled ginger sauce Sichuan Chicken Dumplings in a hearty sauce of chili, black beans and ground pork--spicy and delish! King Crab California Rolls Homemade noodles—love! Lo Mein salad – skewered melt-in-your-mouth marinated Black Cod, crushed peanuts, flat parsley, cilantro and chili “Dan Dan” Udon with braised oxtail Their take on Peking duck – lacquered duckling, spring onions and homemade steamed bun for pancake 15 Layer Carrot Cake Thank you to the staff for the hospitality and attentive service, and to Chef Scott Drewno, I teased, who must already be half Asian!
  13. Visit this cool, cozy neighborhood lounge. If you want ultra different cocktails, just ask Tom or Derek--when they’re not slammed. They'll whip up some alluring cocktails just for you! Congratulations Tom and Derek!
  14. Sad to hear Ferhat; you were a fixture at Corduroy. But I have been on that exact same road before and it is truly very hard to say goodbye. We’ll see you later and best wishes! Yesterday on New Year’s Eve, I finally found an appropriate time to open the Philipponnat Brut Réserve Rosée Champagne you lovingly gave me awhile back that I saved for a special occasion. We toasted to a bright New Year and to you! Cheers!
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