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  1. The pizza here never disappoints, really reliably spot on. The service is always pleasant, despite often long lines of hangry customers, and I have never had a problem getting a seat by the time a delicious pizza with wonderful fresh ingredients is ready to be savored. To top it off, I left my cell phone on the seat once, and a server tracked me down outside to return it.
  2. You guys are killing me. I live too far from Two Amy’s, but used to go all the time. If there was a list of “most underrated all time best restaurants “it would include Twoa Amy’s, and Ray’s the Steaks”.
  3. Will send prayers and sweet thoughts. Always adore and admire the man, he is an inspiration in many facets of his life.
  4. Not sure if it is too late to post a question, and an answer might be readily available elsewhere. But just in case you are still responding: Is there a consensus as to whether beer led to bread, or bread led to beer?
  5. I have no idea if this will post correctly, ot if I am posting the right spot. For what it is worth, we ate at the Tabard Inn for Mother's Day brunch. The wait was horrible despite reservations. That said, for my money this is the best brunch I've ever had in D.C. (with the exception of when Palladin was still at the Watergate...ahh, good memories). No one at my table ordered the benedict, but we all had various egg dishes that arrived perfectly executed. given teh crowd and wait, I may have h.ad low expectations by that point, but I was really happily satisfied. I would definitely recommend it, and definitely go back (just not on Mother's Day).
  6. Personally I'd head straight to Hard Times (unless you are vegetarian -then don't go there. The veg chili there is not worth the trip). That said, Ben's Chili Bowl also has fantastic chili (especially on top of a half-smoke). Hard Times has a good variety of types, and great beers to accompany them.
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