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  1. Like an idiot, I waited an hour and ten minutes on line today to see what the fuss was about. The line didn't look so long when I joined it at about 4:15 but it moved at a glacial pace. They really need to add another register. That was only part of the problem. Everyone seemed to have a lot of questions when they got to the front of the line and the cashier was very friendly and chatty. I was about 10 minutes from the counter when a couple spent, no lie, 8 minutes placing their order. It was ridiculous. They bought a bunch of things, but they sampled the soft-serve - slowly- and seemed to ask
  2. I would like to love Swing's, but their hours prevent me from doing so. I love the coffee, the vibe and pretty much everything about the place, but...I wish they were open on Sundays and a little later on Saturdays.
  3. The slow service at Lunchbox has become a punchline in the building. As we were evacuating last evening because of a bomb threat in the building (!), I heard someone say that it must have been called in by someone mad about how long they had to wait for their sandwich at Lunchbox. A co-worker waited 30 minutes for a sandwich the other day. To add insult to injury, when she opened it up when she finally got into the office, they had messed up the order.
  4. I work in the building and after hearing complaints from my coworkers about various things at Lunchbox, I figured I'd give them two weeks to work out the kinks. Well, they're not worked out yet. I arrived at 12:55 and there were four people on the line in front of me. It took over five minutes to even place my order - for soup - and another 12 minutes to get it. I ordered the supreme pizza soup, billed as "wood fired tomato and red bell pepper,focaccia croutons, pepperoni." All I tasted was salt and at least two of the croutons were just stale bread - nothing crouton-y about them. I am s
  5. I'll miss the banh mi for sure, but I really liked that Song Que had a seating area. Any other Eden Center banh mi places have tables?
  6. That sign has been up for about a year (I work nearby). I keep meaning to ask the building concierge when if there's any kind of target opening date. I'll try to remember and report back.
  7. I was there last night, too (I'm a very infrequent poster, but an avid DR reader). Loved it. Got there just before 7 and was quoted 45 minutes to an hour and we were seated after about 40 minutes. We sat at the chef's counter - we were offered a table, if we preferred it. I loved every bite of my food - the popcorn soup, grilled romaine, the fried chicken, cacio e pepe and the pear dessert. The weak link of the night was our main server. He disappeared for long stretches, especially at the beginning of service (we sat a long time waiting to order) and he was, at best, indifferent. The
  8. I had lunch there as well and agree with plunk about the pho, especially about the broth's sweetness and the skimpiness of the meat. I enjoyed overall. Lots of service issues, though. They seemed short-staffed. It was unclear if it was seat yourself or if you had to wait to be seated. Consequently, several of us waiting for tables were standing in the back near the kitchen waiting for someone to direct us. Service, once seated, was very slow bt friendly. The people at the table next to me almost left. When it came time to order (we had to ask to order), the server was having a lot of
  9. I've been to the Philadelphia location many, many times since it first opened. It used to be great and went downhill to merely good on my most recent visits. The mojitos have gotten to be very sweet -- too sweet for my taste. I've always been a fan of the pressed bread they serve, as well as the black bean hummus, served with plantain chips and the Ropa Vieja. It was always a fun place to go, though, with a crowded bar scene. I'm definitely going to check it out after it opens. I hope its food is as good as the Philly location's was when it opened.
  10. I (finally) went to Ray's last night for my birthday dinner with some friends. I was hesitant to try it for an occasion based on what I'd read here, but I figured if I could get a reservation, I'd go for it and if they rushed us out, we'd go have a drink elsewhere. Instead, we enjoyed a leisurely dinner with no looks from anyone or hints or signals from our (pretty non-chalant) server. We were seated about 6:40 and didn't leave until 8:30. All the food we ordered was delicious and my friends, who had been there many times before, said they'd never had anything less than a great meal at Ray
  11. I must have been to the bar/lounge on an off night. A few weeks back, when we were one of only two or three groups there, our waitress had to check with us three times to confirm a simple drink order (two glasses of the same wine and a gin gimlet), took our food order, only to return a few minutes later to confirm what we ordered (she had it wrong, so I'm glad she did), never refilled our water, even after several requests and charged us for food we never ordered or received and an extra glass of wine. I'd go back, because I've heard such good things, but I wasn't impressed on my visit.
  12. I had lunch at 2 Amys last week. The restaurant was less than half full. It took the waitress a good 20 minutes to acknowledge us and take our order. Our pizzas arrived less than 5 minutes later. The waitress stopped by when we were just about finished eating to make sure it all came out the way we wanted it to and then disappeared again. Oddly, she offered us drink refills at the same time she brought the check. On the positive side, our pizzas were excellent. The last few times I've been there, they've been gloppy.
  13. I've been to Potenza three times. Each time our group has requested tap water with no problems and no attempt to upsell us. I've been pleased with the food, although the service has been uneven. The last two times I was there, children were part of the group and to their credit, the waitstaff was great with the kids. The last two times we've also had to ask for bread.
  14. I am a longtime lurker, who unfortunately always draws a blank when I have people in town and need restaurant suggestions! DR.com has been my salvation and I decided I should finally register and maybe participate!
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