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  1. Was up very quickly for a retirement party but went to the new BAR IN OAKLAND, MD!!!! Sipside. Craziness, it was very neat on the inside with warm woods, music posters and cool decor. They have a few spirits, cocktails, wine and beer. No bargains, and the wine list is well- they have wine and it's a bar that is open- what more do you want. They had music playing while we were there and the music was good. No real food served, but they provide bar snacks. It was a happening place when I was up on Friday, and it was nice to see some people out in Oakland in the evening. I also had lunch at the Casselman Cafe in Deep Creek. I just got the salad bar, which is very fresh and soup. I went for the ham and bean as I thought the crab was bland last time. Mom got the crab, this time the crab was great, the ham and bean was bland. They had homemade rolls on the salad bar, which was nice. This isn't like a Wegman's variety salad bar, but I think it is a pretty decent selection, and it's one of the few places in GC to just get a salad that isn't just iceberg with tomato and cheese. I was going to get a sandwich- why we went here- but then I changed my mind.
  2. Last night was kale and leaf lettuce salad, with homemade tahini dressing, cherry tomatoes, roasted red peppers, and leftover ribs and chicken from dinner. Oh and a few pickled okra.
  3. Whenever we go to HHI in two days, Fayetteville is normally my leave in the evening after normal rush hour, and it is as far as I can get before I am too tired to keep driving stop. If you are leaving in the evening you could stop in Richmond for ZZQ and then keep driving until you hit a good place to stop. I've also stopped in Rocky Mount. I think the Rocky Mount hotels are a little nicer. But where I stay totally depends on if we have the pup with us and the fact that on day two I just get tired of being in the car.
  4. I need to post pictures... so in the back patio the leaf lettuce I planted as seedlings is ready for us to eat salad for days at this point. The kale get a little less sunlight and is just taking a little longer, but is getting there. The spinach came up from seed, but I think the warm weather doomed it from being very robust (and I didn't plant a ton) so I will retry in the fall. My herbs have been loving the weather, I could supply the whole neighborhood with parsley, I am using a ton of fresh herbs just to keep them pruned back. I finally found lemongrass plant this past weekend that wasn't one small sad stem of grass. I am not sure why that was such a challenge, but someone else told me they were having trouble with that too. On the top balcony, my bell peppers already have small and medium peppers on them, it's nice to not have to worry about pests as much up there. Both tomatillo plants have flowers and are pretty large, I am now pulling off suckers. I have four tomato plants (sungolds, black cherry, and two other heritage varieties from Mount Vernon that I need to look at the tags) that are all growing fairly well. I have caged everything but this week I likely need to find a pair of ripped nylons in the back of my drawer to tie them up a bit. I don't really get pollinators up there, it is really windy, so that is my main concern at this point, I will do some self-pollination this week with a little paintbrush, I just don't trust the wind to completely take care of it. Oh and I have a zucchini that is doing it's thing. I just planted some bush beans from seed, and I need to do the okra, but I need one last bag of soil for that planter... I also am annoyed with myself for not spray painting all my cages to go with my balcony decor, but they are in and I am not doing it now. Oh well, next year. Oh and Hubby installed a great little irrigation system for me on both levels that is controlled by the iphone and doesn't water when it is scheduled to rain, that has been a huge help so I can go away and not worry. It was from Amazon and very cheap. I should get the details, I highly recommend it for people doing container gardens that are not too far from a hose connection. The only downside is it came apart on top of my Hungarian wax pepper pot and flooded it for a few days before I saw it- so that plant needs a little love and a lot less water for a few days. I am still investigating getting a dwarf lemon tree, I just haven't wanted to order one off the internet, and I really wanted a jalapeno, but I don't have a lot more space in the "gardening section" of the balcony. I couldn't make the Greenspring Garden show last weekend, I had to go to Garrett County. It's one of my favorites, so a little sad I missed it. I am getting ready to start volunteering at the Mount Vernon horticulture dept, so that should be fun, and I should learn a lot. BTW: For anyone interested, tonight is the information session for the fall Master Gardener classes for Alexandria/Arlington. https://mgnv.org/ I don't think I can do it this year, but it has been on my list of things I would like to do.
  5. Pat- I made your pasta. I really liked it warm, and then cold as a pasta salad. We had leftover bbq chicken and veggies, so it was easy to throw some fixins on top if you like.
  6. We went to the downtown location of Succotash with some friends and their family from China. I wanted a place that was really nice looking on the inside and this did the trick. We were a party of 7, so we "had" to do the family meal. To be honest, with our large group and some being from out of the country it was a good way for us all to try things, and similar to the banquet style dinners they treated us to in China. We asked to have a leisurely pacing and they did a great job with that. The guys got a couple bourbon flights, and us ladies had bottles of Barboursville wine. The appetizers were: cornbread with sorghum butter and seasonal jam. The seasonal jam was great. I thought the sorghum was hard to taste. Deviled eggs- these were good, just done in the traditional style- no thrills, but good. Our guests were very amused with these. Smoked wings- these were huge and exceptionally good, I would go back and sit at the bar and get a Belle's punch and eat chicken wings. Fried green tomato salad was good. For the mains, everyone loved the ribs- these were a big hit. Dirty rice was also a huge hit, there version is very risotto like, but I think everyone was just interested in how it was made. The chicken and waffles were fine, by we all could have done with a little more spice and sweet combo. The fried catfish was also very good- I don't really love catfish and this was light, crispy and a good way to eat catfish and not have it be too gamy in flavor. To me the best dish of the night was likely the kimchi collards (I think he makes this on an episode of Mind of a Chef, I will copy this). Then there was a plate of cookies and pecan pie bits for dessert, which was fine, as we weren't really dessert focused. To me none of these dishes were the best representation of that food that I have ever had (not the best cornbread, chicken and waffles, etc), but it was a really fun meal, great to take guests, and it met all our requirements- good bar, nice interior, good food, good service. None of it was bad, and if you didn't grow up eating tons of Southern food, I think you would likely find more of these dishes very good.
  7. We went to Corduroy for our ten year anniversary and had a really nice meal. We had a booth which was nice for a nice conversation. The service could have been a tiny bit more polished- I feel like there was maybe a lot of somewhat young staff, maybe that was just me. We were seated and just waited a long time for anyone to give us menus or greet us. No explanation of the tasting menu (so we decided just to order off menu/specials). I heard the specials at another table and things were presented with a little bit more option than at ours (I didn't know you could get one soft-shell as an app or two as a dinner). We were given the wine list, but never any offer to help us select something (we ended up being fine, just for a nice occasion it can be nice to get some suggestions). The table around us had some papers with them and they left and one was left on the floor all evening, and maybe no one else noticed it? I just thought there were some small attention to detail items that if I were the FOH manager, I would work on. The food was great. I had the kale caesar which was very good, and then the soft shell crabs for dinner. I have been craving some really good soft shells and this hit the spot. I got the chocolate flourless cake for dessert and hubby got the strawberry tart. He had the lobster carpaccio- which I think he was neither here nor there about, and the seared tuna dish and just loved it, he thought the flavors in the sauce just really made the dish spectacular. All in all it was a really nice meal and a nice evening, my small quibbles about some initial service issues aside.
  8. https://www.catchdelray.com/ I swear I made a previous thread for Catch on the Ave, but I can't find it. We have gone twice now- once with BIL and SIL, and once with my Mom. I can't remember what we all had the first time we went, but we liked it enough to go back! I remember they had good cocktails. On the last visit, Hubby had fish tacos. They had soft shells, and I asked if I could have them on a sandwich. They had run a special earlier that week with a pimento cheese/ softshell sandwich, so I go that. This would have been better with less pimento cheese, to be honest, I love soft shells and should have protested more and seen if I could have just gotten a more plain sandwich. I expect this sandwich was because a lot of people find soft shells a little more creepy than I do. It was fine, it was just perhaps a little over-decadent and you lost the crab flavor. Mom had the lobster salad which she said was really good. This is a nice little neighborhood spot with above average food for Del Ray. We like the ability to get something a little fancier or a little more causal for dinner, and they have a nice beverage list, and you can generally get in.
  9. That is good, hopefully that means I can use the Amex Plat concierge to get into more places. I guess that means the Cap One tables will likely go away...
  10. We had District Taco on the way home from a fundraising event that we just didn't have time to eat at. Luckily DT serves in Alexandria until 10 pm on Saturday night. I got fish tacos on corn tortillas and was quite happy- I added some hot salsa, and they had a good amount of spice. Their fish tacos are really one of my favorites, although there are a lot of menu items that I have never had. A lot of people seemed to have the burrito bowl, so I might need to try that sometime.
  11. Last night we had leftover grilled chicken breasts on brioche buns with leaf lettuce from the garden. I sauteed onion and squash and tossed in the last of the potato wedges and green beans from the other night. I also roasted the last of the costco broccoli with some balsamic. No idea what the plan for tonight is going to be... I have a lot of little leftover tidbits, but nothing really comprehensive, and not really enough individual items that go together to combine things into a new dish per se...
  12. This is interesting. I think Hubby might like this dish, I never get to make more creamy pasta type sauces (except for like carbonara) due to the cream, so I will try this.
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