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  1. I ordered some leaf lettuce, spinach (likely saving for fall) and dwarf kale seeds from burpee. We eat so many greens, having them right outside will be good. Will contemplate plant life for the next couple weeks... I will definitely do tomatoes on the patio, will look for the sungolds! I am trying to make a list of things I want the most. What things do you notice you taste the most difference with? For me tomatoes and hot peppers are on that list?
  2. Agree with everything Eric said. Last night's dinner was delicious. I am not sure what things were called on the menu, but am going to talk about what I liked- I really enjoyed the Shaanxi cold noodle in chili oil, this dish got eaten faster than any other. The noodles are thicker than the chengdu cold noodles my friends make, but were very tasty, not off the board spicy, but enough of a kick to be good, the small bits in the sauce were good. The beef tendon and tripe in spicy sauce was delightful, I think this is something even most non-tendon/tripe people would like, I thought it was very good. The lamb with pita soup was really a nice balance to a lot of the spicy food we had, and I really liked the flavors, I thought the lamb was good. The Enoki mushrooms were very good, but I don't know I would order them just on my own. I really liked the vegetables (Shaanxi flavored vegetables?) They reminded me of this spicy dipping pot dish we had in China. The vegetables had nice crunch and a good heat to them, this is a veggie dish I would order again, even with more limited people. The spicy pig trotters might not be for everyone, but I really enjoyed them, they have a good amount of bone and cartilage, so you have to be ok gnawing a bit, but well worth it. The chicken dish we had with the noodles was very good for being a little more pederstrian, I thought it had good flavors and was something with good flavor to eat in between spicy bites. The bean jelly, OH, the bean jelly- this might be a must order for me anytime I go here. It was everything you don't think a bean jelly would be, kind of like a cold spicy noodle dish in a good way, but with bean jelly slabs instead of noodle. The "burger" was fine, I mainly used mine to get more spicy sauce off my plate from the bean jelly. I liked the fish, the lamb above was very good- the yams with it were good and the lamb was very tender, I thought it was a very good dish. I am not sure what else we ordered, it was a full table, but this really is one of the best Chinese meals I have had in this area.
  3. Yes, we get a good bit of sun as there are no trees of substance around us yet. Great, thanks!
  4. So, I now have a good size balcony and patio that is ripe for some container planting (Only plants not for consumption can go in the superfund soil here). I just bought pot a large shallow pot today for leaf lettuce, I have a large probably 10 gallon planter, that I am not sure what awaits it yet, and two 3 gallon planters and some herb pots. I also think I am going to buy some small scale raised beds (like 12 gallon) or those planter sacks. T How big of a pot would cherry tomatoes need? I loved some of the yellow varieties we had last year at the picnic, not sure if I could find such a plant locally, as I don't have the space to start them from seed (well I do, but Hubby would not be happy with me).
  5. Ummm this sounds great, I might make this for Hubby and I, hahahhahaha.
  6. If you go to Dino, you could also go to Buttercream Bakeshop. I like the idea of bakery combo. But I can vouch for both Sfoglina- their handmade pasta is delicious- and Breadfurst too.
  7. Friday night I hadn't made reservations, so we headed over to Wynwood, and boy that was fun. We loved the scene there with all the street art, clubs and bars and interesting scene. We had really good cocktails at Bakan, margarita, mojito with sparkling soda and another with passionfruit juice, and a couple different things for Hubby, which would have probably made a good dinner spot too, the food that came out all looked good, and I liked the interior of the restaurant. The bartenders though- they made this joint. We talked to them and they were just crazy fun, high energy and it just really made us feel a lot better than we had. We ordered queso fundido with chorizo and it came with homemade blue tortillas. I am not sure how they kept the tortillas so moist and pliable, but kept together, that is something I have trouble with making them at home. After tasting these, I decided I need to work on my technique at home. Suffice it to say good tortillas, and you really can't screw up cheese melted in a small cast iron skillet with chorizo and some herbs, and they did not. We then went to 1-800-Lucky and this was fun too. (It made me wish the block had a cool open air area (if only they would take over the K-mart and bust open the middle to be a glass courtyard)) We liked the DJ, and we got drinks and steamed bao and char sui buns. I dream of steam tables filled with little bamboo baskets like this, so I was happy. Hubby did not get the blow up unicorn of ice cream, but we saw some millenials digging in. We were excited to get out of South Beach and over here for a night as it was Spring Break and just a little younger than we felt, but in Wynwood we didn't feel old and we didn't feel young, so I guess it was about right. Saturday we rented Citi Bikes (darn the seat is hard in those things, I didn't learn this until after two days having a very sore rear) and rode the ocean front for a while. We checked out some North Beach places that we might check out in the future. I wish I had made brunch reservations at 27 Restaurant, but we just didn't think about it. We ended up at Abuela's getting ginormous sandwiches filled with meat and cheese. I had the roasted pork with mojo sauce, and it could have used at least double the mojo, or mojo to dip it down into, so instead I doused it in hot sauce. The meat was good, bread was good, it was just dry. Hubby got some monster of meat, he liked it. But I felt like this place was trying to be a cool Cuban place, but lacked real depth in the menu and etc. We should have gone to 27 or Byblos. Live and learn. That evening after some horrible pool service at the hotel, we should have triple ordered drink orders if they wouldn't have all gotten too warm, we went to Mare Mio. This is the chef from Alta Mare's new restaurant and Hubby loved Alta Mare so we went to check it out. Service was just lovely with one of the longtime servers from Alta Mare, who was super professional and just everything you want a server to be. I ordered a bottle of Sauvignon Bastianich, I had never had this type of wine before, but really enjoyed it. I might actually find what it was on their wine list and seek it out. It was a light, but interesting, acidic but not overpowering white that went really well with seafood. We started with shrimp cocktail, and the shrimp were really good. We then split the arugula salad which was just perfectly balanced between greens and light sauce and a few beets some goat cheese. Hubby got the seafood pasta which was good, but if we did it over again, I would have asked for it with a white wine sauce, instead of red sauce (the clam pasta was white, but Hubby isn't a huge clam person and wanted the mixed seafood). I had the mixed grill. I think the octopus there is tremendous, one of the most tender octopus I have eaten. If I didn't have the comparison of Fiola Mare's grilled calamari, I would say theirs was very good, but I will say it was good, it was not Fiola Mare good. The fish was super fresh. And it was all good, the grill platter at Fiola Mare was just better, and that kind of sat in my mind. I wish I could have re-ordered and gotten one of his handmade pastas, or the squid ink risotto. I like this restaurant, it just had small areas it could improve. And if I had never been to Fiola Mare, I think I would have thought it was better. I also just think I could have ordered better. We then got drinks at the Delano (where we got engaged) it was a bit sad to walk in and have no Blue Door restaurant. But we had drinks at the pool, and it was fun, service was good, I may have gotten close to my line of being drunk, so we walked the couple doors back to our hotel. Sunday I needed to put something nice in my body and eat some breakfast. We went to El Palais de Jugos for some liquid replenishment. While there we couldn't resist getting a sampler of empanadas- pollo, carne, jamon y queso and spinach. All the food in there smelled delicious, I wish I had room for more food at this time. We then biked up to The Bass. We saw a very weird exhibit, and then the coolest exhibit of little hairy creatures, and beaded objets, which I just adored. We also really enjoyed some of the exhibits upstairs. We were going to do a later lunner at 27 Restaurant, but we just weren't hungry. So we ended back at the hotel in the sun for a few hours. I finished my book and we really wanted to dinner before Hubby had to take off at Byblos. Unfortunately they didn't open until 6:00 and he needed to leave for his flight at 6:30 (he had to bump his flight up to get home for the garage restorations) and I didn't want to say screw you Hubby for going and taking care of the house, you can eat and I will eat here later. So instead we ended up at the Mexican restaurant on Espanola Way. I can't even remember the name, it was fine for a Chevy's or Uncle Julio's type experience, but don't waste your time there, it just was not far from our hotel and open when we needed it to be. Next time I would like to try a few of the places we missed. I am hoping my next trip doesn't involve hearing a close loved one has died, or that my house is flooding...
  8. Hubby and I went to Miami for a long weekend. We landed Thursday morning. We stayed at the Royal Palm, which was fine- the beach and pool service was pretty awful, except for one guy, although for me it is cursed (I found out in that same hotel tower my Dad died, but I thought we had booked the Palms, and Hubby had forgotten about that and booked Royal Palms, I always get the mixed up). We wanted to go to Jerry's Deli, but alas it is now Senor Frogs (so sad) so we went to Sushi Samba as it wasn't far and we knew it was decent and by that time we were a little depressed over the whole Jerry's thing. We then checked out the Perez, and that was fun. That night we had reservations at Stubborn Seed. That was a spectacular meal, thank all for the recommendation. The cocktails were incredibly fresh tasting and well balanced, they put herbs on top so they just smelled so earthy in a good way, but it didn't make them taste weird. The oysters were fun and had all sorts of different flavors that commented one another. We had two crudos, both were really phenomenal. We accidentally got more oysters, for which we didn't mind. We then had the big bowl of greens, which proves anything is awesome when covered in Parmesan cheese and lemon. Lastly we had the whole snapper, which had a strange sauce you mixed with a puree that was delicious and made me want to mop it up with bread. I really can't describe the flavors in the dishes that made them so good. They had a lot of acid, but balanced it well with little flavors that you could taste individually, but also rounded out well together. The next morning is when our garage at home flooded and we got an emergency call from our renter in our MIL suite. After that we needed pure comfort, and to get out of our reality, so we walked down to Puerto Sagua. Hubby got a large Cuban sandwich and I got Ropa Veija, with a side of fried yuca and we shared while deciding what to do. The Ropa Veija was really good, but the table behind us had fish in a really amazing smelling sauce that made me a little jealous. Hubby's sandwich was good. It was a nice stress free zone for a moment. After lots of calls, a visit from my SIL to the house to let service people in we decided to stay, so we went to the beach and drank some frozen drinks. Will post more later, but everything is ok, it could have been worse, things are being solved...
  9. So today was an odd day. We flew home from Miami, and picked up the pieces from our garage having a pipe burst in the ceiling and flood the place. So in good news, Hubby was home for me to cook a corned beef, in bad news, our whole ceiling and insulation got ripped out. I meant to pick up rye bread and etc at the store, but forgot. So I made baked Japanese yams, sliced thinly with miso, broth, butter and soy. And then I steamed broccoli. It was an odd selection of sides, but that is what Hubby wanted, since I didn't have normal potatoes.
  10. Me with a +1 for now, if we have room, I may have someone else who may want to tag along, or my Mom could be with us at that time and then it would be me +2, will let you know if that happens, ASAP.
  11. Tonight was fridge salad- kale and lettuce, leftover cucumber tomato salad, leftover roast asparagus, a few cherry tomatoes we hadn't used, leftover roasted potato wedges chopped, bacon, some of the turkey that needed to be used, blue cheese, homemade ranch dressing.
  12. 17th works for me! The 24th would, as well. I am trying to move my Brother's birthday to the 31st, so I can take the sfolgina private pasta class (don't tell him that).
  13. Oh no, I just offered to host a birthday party for my brother on this date, but he hasn't confirmed availability yet, I will secretly hope he is busy this day!
  14. Last night was lobster ravioli with cherry tomatoes and asparagus cooked in butter and some pasta water with Parmesan.
  15. I can't do this weekend, but if you decide on another Sunday evening, I would likely be in, potentially with Hubby.
  16. He actually has a class coming up making one of my favorite dishes at his restaurant with mussels, that might be a winner.
  17. I would like to try one of those classes! My old buddy Liam is there, I really miss his restaurant. What class did you take?
  18. So I did the colored pasta class. We didn't make the pasta using the well method because of the color, but I kind of liked using a bowl, as I am not great at the well method anyway. The class ran a little late getting started (had an extra person join) and ran over too, about 30 mins, just FYI for parking. It was a very hands on class and I learned good technique. They kind of explained how they made the colored paste, but it would have been better to have this as part of the demo, as I don't think it would be very easy to make spinach in quite that consistency. But the pasta took a long time in itself with her checking and watching our progress, so I can see why they did the shortcut, but it could have been better. I think having the class in not a dedicated cooking space/class space made it a little hard as whenever the instructor needed something they had to run and get it, but I am sure they will become a more well oiled machine. Also the table space was not so large, so you couldn't really have drinking glasses on the tables. Having said all that, it was a very good class and well worth the price. I learned a lot that I will use going forward, and I am really looking forward to the semolina class. I also would be interested in the stuffed pasta class for the future (although learning to make dumplings and empanadas, I could probably tackle this on my own just fine). We got a taste of pasta at the end, but it isn't a meal (I didn't expect that, again just wanted to note it as so many cooking classes are different in how they do things). The instructor was a sfoglina from Italy and really nice.
  19. Tonight Hubby smoked ribs, I made a tomato, cucumber salad and cole slaw and potato wedges to go with his triumphant first smoker experiment.
  20. Friday night was fish tacos with tilapia that I fried in a tempura batter, with a sriracha honey lime coleslaw, avocado and hot sauce. We used the leftover fried fish for fish sandwiches on white bread with mayo, lettuce and tomato.
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