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    Lunch - The Mid-Day, Polyphonic Food Blog

    So no gym this week- ugh gotta do better next week. Today I ate soba noodles with asparagus, tomatoes and avocado and a California roll, dark chocolate mini peanut butter cup. Yesterday was a turkey sandwich with spinach eaten in frenzied moments and a bag of chips (oops), dark chocolate mini peanut butter cup, and a diet coke (mother .......). Wednesday was salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, avocado, chicken. Between dinners and lunches I have been reducing my meat intake by a fair amount, and making it more a element and not a main part of a meal, which is one of my many somewhat small goals for the year. Babysteps...
  2. ktmoomau

    Dinner - The Polyphonic Food Blog

    The past couple nights have been hectic, frenzied what is in the fridge that can be cobbled together nights. Last night I ate mashed potatoes, steamed broccoli and leftover Tom Yum soup. And some homemade flan from my co-worker! I plan to get it together and pick up a grocery order today.
  3. ktmoomau

    ISO Whole nutmegs

    I think I saw them at Harris Teeter in Old Town in the McCormick Organic racks. I also think they might have them at Shoppers (mine has 4 different spice sections, so I can normally find stuff in one of them), but I would call before you go.
  4. Yes, also on the flip side, we REALLY need more small farmers and people to get back into farming. We won't do that if we don't provide farmers decent profit margins to survive, which means selling more of their produce for profit. So monetizing produce otherwise not being sold does help it just doesn't sound as sexy- we are providing a better living and profit margin for farmers so they can continue to farm is a less sexy headline than- food bank donations going down. So I do think it is likely a complicated area.
  5. ktmoomau

    Dinner - The Polyphonic Food Blog

    Last night was just reheating leftovers as Hubby thought we had a HOA meeting and I was in relaxed mode from spa daying. Tonight is probably also reheating leftovers before our different meetings.
  6. I didn't see another topic for the Salamander, and I didn't stay there, so I wasn't sure this post qualified for the hotels thread, but... The Spa at the Salamander is a really nice spa, especially for groups. If you are local to the area and ask for the local discount you get 20% off your tab, and they validate your valet parking. It is akin to Nemacolin in that most spa services come with a day pass to use the heated outdoor pool, outdoor hot tub, indoor whirlpool, steam, fancy shower thing and those nice heated chairs and relaxation room. I got a massage and the price was in line with other places, and the local discount essentially paid for my gratuity, I didn't have Brian or Tony, but was told next time to ask for them. We hung out in the hot tub amongst the snow, without anyone else out there. Steam room, etc. It was a fun thing to do today while my office was closed to celebrate a friend's birthday. I hadn't found a spa in this area comparable to Nemacolin in terms of being able to go and have all the extra amenities. The beautiful snow made it a little more special. I am sure they get busy on weekends and it might not be quite as relaxing. If you are a spa guest you get 10% off meals in the wine room. We had a late lunch there with the crispy cauliflower (kind of like orange chicken, but with fried cauliflower) good, but not close to Evening Star's. Burrata on toast which was quite good. And I got the farro salad, as it fit my effort to try to eat less meat, especially at lunch. The farro salad was fairly boring, but not bad, just boring. I am sure most people top it with a protein. Cashews would be a nice addition. Others got sandwiches which looked good, especially the crabcake. I was happy they had soy or almond milk as an option with coffee before the drive home. Anyway, one of our friends is going back out Friday, but eating in town, so I think it is at least helping some of the local restaurants.
  7. Matt and I went to Kohinoor Dhaba on Saturday night because I had watched the Final Table episode on India and was seriously craving butter chicken. I also got Bangian Bharta. Hubby got chicken korma (I thought he said rogan josh, but it was definitely korma). He had never had bangian bharta before and we both really enjoyed it. Chicken tikka masala hit the essential craving I had been having. We got parathas, which Matt still craves from our trip to Punjab and two types of naan. Hubby really liked his korma, but it was very rich, I just had a small bite. Not that mine wasn't rich, just in a different way. On a cold snowy night, getting warm Indian food within a few minutes of our house was perfect. This was his first trip and he was pretty excited to have this place nearby, Ballston you needed to drive a little to decent Indian, and there were ok delivery options, but most of those really weren't Indian per se. We ordered pretty standard things, but they were good, service was nice even with the snow coming down.
  8. ktmoomau

    What Are You Eating Right Now?

    Now added to my Amazon wishlist!
  9. ktmoomau

    Dinner - The Polyphonic Food Blog

    Last night was veggie linguine (don't tell Hubby he had no idea) with meat sauce. Friday night was heated frozen Phillips crabcakes from Costco (for a frozen, quickie crabcake, these really are not terrible), leftover mashed potatoes and steamed broccoli. I am waiting for Hubby to get home to decide what tonight is...
  10. I couldn't find a general thread on party planning, so I decided to start one. I saw some specific types of parties, but none fit the bill for this one, and I thought a general topic might get posts as many people here do a lot of general hosting. My specific quest right now: I am hosting a wine and cheese tasting by the Cheese Monster. I wanted to have some snacks to go with said tasting after the seated tasting/learning session that would go well with cheese and enhance the experience. But I didn't want things with more cheese, which rules out a lot of my go-to party snacks. I would prefer the items to be make ahead (although I can also pick up some things). Things I already have crackers, salami, spinach and artichoke dip. But I would like to make a few more substantial snacks.
  11. I nominate this for best post of the month. Sometimes I am the jackass at the office that cuts the doughnut in half.
  12. ktmoomau

    Looking for VA Kitchen remodel gen contractor

    I am biased, but this is my Brother In Laws Company. He has never done work for me, but he has done work for Hubby's good friend and they were very happy and told us as much. He is a native and has done this most of his life, so very, very familiar with permitting. http://www.iisystemsinc.com/index.htm
  13. So we will have a seated tasting class with cheese and wine pairings first. And then we will have a board too for mingling after- so yes, I think I will have some of those things, but I always have gherkins, fresh and dried fruit and more nuts on hand just in case. I just wanted some snacks as even though this is more a cocktail party, I am sure most the ladies won't have eaten and likely won't eat after. The social chair is unfortunately furloughed and has some extra time, so she said she would make a vegetable tray and ham rolls. I think chicken satay is a great idea, and vegetarian mini-quiche. I might see if someone on the hospitality committee has one of those mini fondue pots for dark chocolate and fruit for dessert. If not I will have some dark chocolates too.
  14. It's a social event/fundraiser for the Junior Friends, and if I didn't think it might already be filled (as it is sit down and I only have so much space in my first floor), I would totally invite you!! But I will definitely let you know how it goes!
  15. Ok, I will admit, I am not a big doughnut person. I will eat a VERY fresh Krispy Kreme from time to time. I do love a freshly made, glazed or chocolate covered yeast, homemade amish doughnut too. I like the whole wheat blueberry cake doughnut at Dunkin. That's about it, except, I really like the seasonal fruit cake doughnuts at Sugar Shack. But I admit not a doughnut connoisseur by any means.
  16. ktmoomau

    Lunch - The Mid-Day, Polyphonic Food Blog

    So yesterday, to get back on track of eating a little less meat, I had Campbells corn and poblano soup, with egg strata cups made of egg, spinach, apple, brie and orange cranberry bread. Today I had costco yakitori noodles (veggies and noodles) to which I added some slow roasted tomatoes and brussel sprouts just to beef up the veggies a bit. Those slow roasted cherry tomatoes are great on an assortment of things, I will make more of those. I also had about half the container of soup left from yesterday. (Tuesday evening I ate vegetarian, so I am doing ok so far this week at my goal.) I also went to the gym in my office yesterday and ran for 30 minutes and lifted a few weights. Oy, that was humiliating, I am so out of shape compared to where I was 6 months ago, oh well the process continues.
  17. ktmoomau

    Any Cool Events This Weekend?

    And they wonder why ridership is down.
  18. My in-laws are coming into town this weekend- and I was trying to plan something fun. It is colonial market weekend down at Mount Vernon, but we might Mount Vernon them out. Any other ideas? I saw the Czech Christmas Market- anyone ever been to that? Is it crazy busy, claustrophobic? Trying to search event-brite, but there is just so much stuff.
  19. ktmoomau

    Dinner - The Polyphonic Food Blog

    Those waffles do sound good and I have a lot of cornmeal! Last night we used the leftover shredded shortribs and made tacos with slow roasted tomatoes, tomatillo salsa, mozzarella (the only cheese we have left in the fridge) and spinach. The tortillas were really thick they were homestyle from Shoppers, I was worried that they would be too thick and griddles them to make sure they would be good. They actually were perfect as the shortribs were very saucy and they needed this type of tortilla to hold up under the amount of liquid.
  20. ktmoomau

    Richmond, VA

    Agree, as well.
  21. ktmoomau

    Christmas Meal - What Are You Doing?

    Our new Christmas tradition as I think I said in another thread has been... fajitas! We have a lot of family that comes in and out, not a ton of time to prepare, and everyone likes tex-mex. So we have done fajitas the past two years with great success. The little boys do quesadillas. Maybe I will be able to bring them over to the tamales eventually, as those are really make ahead. We used to do steamed shrimp and ham and assorted other things, but this was just easy and good. I did though mention to my Aunt that she could bring back pastitsio (sp?) for Christmas Eve and I would really enjoy that. I really miss the VERY good lasagna my Dad's first wife made at Christmas, to me that was a great dinner.
  22. Perhaps when it first opened, we all just weren't used to eating so much Indian food and it seemed new, some of the best dishes we have now had, they aren't a surprise and we eat more Indian than we did before and are more open to a few more items on an Indian menu than we were before? The dining room was shiny new and pretty, it seemed exotic. But now it just isn't a surprise, the jewel box it first was? A thought. I haven't been in years, just reading the above, I kind of thought this.
  23. ktmoomau

    Miami, FL

    Going in March so also interested in details too!
  24. ktmoomau

    Lunch - The Mid-Day, Polyphonic Food Blog

    I have been eating the leftover of a large tub of costco waldorf chicken salad the last two/three days for lunch??? I will do something different tomorrow, as I am a little sick of it. But it is pretty good. Waldorf isn't my favorite style chicken salad, but it isn't bad. Today I added apple to add a little more fruit. Yesterday I had it on some ok sourdough bread with spinach (not quite basic store, but not really good sourdough either).
  25. ktmoomau

    Dinner - The Polyphonic Food Blog

    Dinner last night was short ribs I had done sous vide for 72 hours, seared off in a pan with a little red wine, balsamic, Worcestershire. I made mashed potatoes via the instant pot, and roasted Brussels sprouts in balsamic, maple syrup, salt, pepper and a little lemon juice towards the end. All made in about an hour because I thought I had a meeting that is actually tonight- hahahhahahha, so not funny, really. This dish could have really been more perfect had I dedicated a little more time, oh well.