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  1. We need a prep cook for Tues.-Sat. hours, maybe late shift-9ish am to 5ish pm with excellent work ethic, professional, timely, no drama, no BS, happy to be alive, roll with the punches & cook with a smile, hungry to learn, able to follow recipes, cook for 5pp and/or 500pp, handle stress and ever changing catering situations calmly & with aplomb, work & learn all kitchen stations, on call full week-end work rarely but it happens. We offer daily family meals, benefits package, great pay & great group of restaurants & a still growing company. Know anyone? Send them my way ASAP. - annette@trysttradingcompany.com
  2. We are a small corporate catering business looking for a dishwasher with good hands, good attitude & willing to work/lend a hand wherever needed! Small wares, minimal pots, utensils & pans, lots of bakery sheet trays, delicious “in house” family meal daily, with freshly made pastries, cookies, sweets, 30+ hours/week, 8 hour Saturdays. reply here with your info & we’ll chat.
  3. We are looking for an experienced, recipe follower, great management skilled, week-end warrior pastry chef that can handle daily commissary & catering orders with a small but dedicated group of pastry cooks. We are open 7 days a week with commissary orders but most days the shop closes between 5-6pm. Great company, great managers & great kitchen team! Send your info to: annette@trysttradingcompany.com
  4. heritage india, teaism, malaysia kopitiam. all within walking distance from hotel. good luck!
  5. EB was a ray of sunshine in the burger arena when it opened a few years ago in falls church. the owners were always jumping in to help the gynormous lines on w/es, the fries were fresh, the burgers were good and the shakes addictive. my father in law gave it a try at the new harrison street location and was underwhelmed... that makes me sad. i wanted EB to succeed and be the next FG with better products ("local"ish beef, olive oil fired fries, etc) but the shiny-ness is gone and the product has suffered according to my papa-law. maybe hans and april can get in the kitchen and get the olde EB spirit back. good luck to both in the expansion business, they are REALLY nice people and deserve the best! cheers! p.s. also, why are they closed on Sundays? that's the day we get the burger urge in my household...
  6. good sunday to all, i've lurked long enough that i decided to be one with the DR blog! my name is annette and i've worked here and there in the WDC area kitchens and still love to eat out, cook for friends/family and read about the business of kitchens. i know, it's my only vice. wait. that AND pork bellies in korean BBQ joints. will read more than opine but will definitely check in! cheers and go out and eat, schefao
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