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  1. I drive by Noodle King all the time and have never ventured in. I'm glad to see a post about it as it serves as a reminder to get some food here! Thanks for posting about it,
  2. I love seeing the positive posts about Albi. I ate here pre-pandemic and did carryout a few weeks ago, and concur with the comments. Seriously good food. Can't wait to go back- although I'm not ready for patio dining just yet. I'm sticking to carryout. And the only problem with that is the bread is at its best right out of the oven. But still worthwhile.Those are some appetizing photos Ericandblueboy!
  3. I’m not going to eat anywhere on premises while restaurants are still figuring out how this works. I’m happy to pick up and carryout for the foreseeable future. If I was going to eat at any of the restaurants that allow it now, Clarity seems the safest bet.
  4. I'm going for a second visit on Saturday night. My meal on the first visit was excellent, although one of our pasta dishes - the cavatelli- was also over-salted. I had a friend tell me that a couple of the dishes he ordered here were inedible due to too much salt. So I'm hoping they get a handle on this, because otherwise I think they're off to a very strong start.
  5. Unconventional Diner will be perfect for you. Also All Purpose. Haikan. And check out Seylou Bakery.
  6. Hi all-I'm sharing my blog post about Julii. I did like the lamb very much- and the stuffed cabbage was a very pleasant surprise. I was not a fan of the duck. The chef says they have changed the preparation and are now serving crispy duck confit. "Julli: Stepping It Up on Route 355 in North Bethesda" by Lori Gardner on beenthereeatenthat.net
  7. I had a good meal at I'm Eddie Cano. I loved the fried zucchini- thin crispy, salty, strips. Couldn't stop eating them. The burrata was good too- I've had better- but this was decent. I had a pasta special with squid ink pasta and seafood. The seafood was a tiny bit mushy but the pasta- made in-house- was good. One of my favorite parts of the meal was dessert- salted caramel gelato. Stellar. It's the kind of place that I will go back to if the opportunity arises and I'm in the neighborhood. I'm not compelled to rush back, but I enjoyed the food and the retro Italian-American ambia
  8. No one has ever paid me to eat anywhere although I occasionally attend media previews or events where meals are comped. When I write about those on my blog I acknowledge that fact. I paid for my meal at Julii. Because I know the chef- as I interviewed him for Jewish Food Experience- I provided him with some feedback on what I liked and didn't like. I plan to go back next weekend and will try the lamb. Again, I will be paying for that meal. I agree that prices are high here- but I think are comparable to City Perch. For a less expensive meal at Pike and Rose, I just ate at Nada and f
  9. I ate there a couple of weeks ago and think it has potential. The salmon crudo was excellent. I've heard good things about the lamb but we were there early and it wasn't ready. I was not a fan of the roasted duck. But Sasha Felikson is a talented chef and I think it's a very nice addition to Pike and Rose.
  10. So glad to hear this. I really enjoyed SER but haven't been for quite awhile. I know there was a chef change at some point, so maybe why there's some inconsistency?
  11. Sorry to read about the experience funkyfood had at Gravitas. I ate here recently and wrote about it on my blog. My food was just as good looking as what was photographed for Eater, and nearly everything I ate was exceptional. My only quibble had to do with the fact that I ordered two similar dishes. My bad, but maybe the server could have mentioned it. But overall, I love what Matt Baker and his team is doing at Gravitas. I'm sharing my blog post here for anyone who is interested.
  12. We ate here last week- got the cold noodles, green beans, and Shannxi fish. I was so delighted to learn about this place, thanks to Tim Carman and his $20 Diner. It lived up to my expectations and cannot wait to return.
  13. Al Ha'Esh is one of the few kosher meat restaurants in the area. I have family members who keep kosher, and so we've been here numerous times. I think the food is good- my favorite dish is shishlik pargiyot (grilled dark meat). Lamb chops for $34 and ribeye at $31 are by far the most expensive items on the menu. The other dishes are far more reasonable (most around $14.99) and include an array of refillable salads. For kosher food, this place is a bargain.
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