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  1. Al Ha'Esh is one of the few kosher meat restaurants in the area. I have family members who keep kosher, and so we've been here numerous times. I think the food is good- my favorite dish is shishlik pargiyot (grilled dark meat). Lamb chops for $34 and ribeye at $31 are by far the most expensive items on the menu. The other dishes are far more reasonable (most around $14.99) and include an array of refillable salads. For kosher food, this place is a bargain.
  2. Lori Gardner

    Dining at The Wharf

    I agree that with the addition of the restaurants at The Line Hotel, Adams Morgan is now a contender for best dining neighborhood. I think it will be interesting to keep an eye on how The Wharf evolves as new restaurants open.
  3. Lori Gardner

    Dining at The Wharf

    Don, I was one of the people who named The Wharf as best dining neighborhood when asked by Warren Rojas. I'm sorry that I didn't say Shaw as well, because I do believe it has incredible restaurants. That said, I completely disagree with you about The Wharf. I've been to Kith and Kin, Del Mar (twice), and ate at Requin last night. All three restaurants were excellent. I am still thinking about the fantastic duck dish I had at Requin last night. These are not chain restaurants like the Inner Harbor- they are fine dining spots featuring accomplished chefs. The parking is a pain- the lot is expensive - but it is Metro accessible. But last night with frigid temps, it was such a pleasure to park in the lot and brave the elements for just a few seconds to get to Requin. There are many more restaurants yet to open at The Wharf- most from chefs with established restaurants in other parts of town. So I don't see this heading anywhere in the same direction as the Inner Harbor- which I agree does not have a single worthwhile restaurant. Here's my post about Del Mar (hope you don't mind me sharing it here) http://beenthereeatenthat.net/2017/12/del-mar/ Lori
  4. I'm a big fan of Al Ha'Esh. I've been here several times, partly because i have family members who are strictly kosher. The kebabs are quite good, but my favorite part of dining here is the array of fresh Israeli salads brought to the table, which are refillable. Israeli cuisine is gaining in popularity, and it's great to have a local spot that not only features Israeli food, but is kosher. Max's has become dingy and dirty over time, and so this is a lovely alternative.
  5. I haven't posted here in awhile, but I thought I would share my recent blog with my thoughts on Arroz. I enjoyed it immensely- lots of unique dishes and bright flavors. I do agree that it feels like a hotel restaurant and I think that one of the reasons is the bright lighting. I would like to see it turned down a bit. Anyway, here's my post, which I titled "Mem'ries."
  6. I had three great meals recently all in the Flatiron District. The area isn't that far from Times Square area, and seems to be gaining ground as a dining destination in the city. The restaurants are Cosme (modern Mexican), Atoboy (Korean small plates) and Pondicheri (casual Indian). Details are on my blog here: http://beenthereeatenthat.net/2017/03/new-york/
  7. very sad, indeed. I was fortunate to meet Chef McCloud a few times during his tenure at Cedar. He was a talented chef, but also an extremely nice person.
  8. I agree with you. My point is that the new concept was a great meal and the price was fair. Unfortunately what came before it was too damaging all around.
  9. I can't pretend to grasp the economics, but it doesn't make sense to me for the restaurant to close without giving the new concept a chance. I was there this past week (was going to start writing it up tomorrow) and the food was quite good. At $95 I thought the meal was well worth it. I will say, however, that the restaurant was fairly empty, which clearly was a problem. However, Kwame and the staff seemed optimistic about future growth. I thought they needed some serious PR to get people in post-revamp. Clearly they couldn't overcome the negativity the original concept and some early reviews brought them. It's just sad, but Kwame is young and talented and he will recover from this.
  10. Lori Gardner

    Criticizing the Critics

    What do you mean? He is still writing $20 Diner. There was a great piece just the other day with his favorite cheap eats of 2016.
  11. My plan all along was to give Shaw Bijou some time to settle in before dining there. Once I saw early reviews that were less than complimentary, I wasn't in a rush to spend the money. This week's announcement of a price cut has me very enthused and I have plans to dine at Shaw Bijou very soon. I know there are others like me who find $95 much more palatable compared to $185. Assuming Kwame delivers on the food- and I am very hopeful that he will- my guess is that there is potential for Shaw Bijou to do well. The initial price point wasn't sustainable based on the chef not having enough of a reputation to warrant it. That combined with some early reviews that were less than glowing, and you have a need for the switcheroo. I sincerely hope it works. I want Shaw Bijou to succeed.
  12. I ate here a week or so ago. The food is mostly standard diner fare with a few items that are more creative i.e. lobster pop tarts. I was excited about a chicken sandwich on a donut roll, but it really was a slightly sweet bun that fell apart quickly with over-cooked chicken. The burger here however, is very, very good- as Daniel K. surmises. The "Trading Places" theme is very subtle. The Winthorpe and Valentine names appear on the plates and on the website- I don't remember if they are on the menu. There is a large mural on the back wall that features Dan Ackroyd and Eddie Murphy and various film quotes. In general, I like the concept and the decor, and will try it again. More details are in my blog post: http://beenthereeatenthat.net/2016/12/community/
  13. It's a puzzling list and I feel like some of the odd choices (i.e. Bidwell) results in a loss of credibility for the whole thing. I am happy to see Maketto and Kyrisan on the list (although I'm not sure that it's really a Cheap Eats kind of place). Red Hen and Thip Khao are great choices IMO.There are three restaurants on the list that I've never heard of (Chercher, Das and Lapis- but maybe that's just me. Will be interesting to see how those stars play out.