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  1. Thank you, MarkS, SRJ, and Don. All great ideas. Armed now with all the excellent choices, I will do some further research, run it by DD, and let you know what we decide and how the food was. Thank you again!
  2. Thanks, Mark, that always help to know it's a good choice. I showed my daughter photos of Convivial and she loved it. The bar area looks amazing.
  3. Dear daughter is graduating from high school on June 5, 2019 (Wednesday). The graduation is in the morning in Northern VA, so we are looking to go out for a weekday lunch. Ideally we would stay in NOVA, but for the best experience we would be willing to drive to DC or MD. Budget: about $40-50/person before gratuity, but flexible on this. Party of 6. Beautiful contemporary decor is a high priority. DD loves the feel of Founding Farmers in Tysons, and she also likes the decor of Mama Chang in Fairfax. So I am looking for a good weekday lunch place that has such beautiful contemporary
  4. Any tips on a lunch during Winter Restaurant Week (1/30/17 to 2/5/17)? I was wondering if any particular deal caught your eye. A friend and I are planning to have a weekday lunch in Northern Virginia. Thanks in advance.
  5. I just wanted to thank everyone for their suggestions in helping me to find a great experience for my daughter's Sweet 16 birthday outing. It was this past Saturday, and we wound up going to the 9:30 Club to see Lotus. Before the concert we took the girls to Pentagon City Matchbox for dinner. The meal at Matchbox was forgettable but the 9:30 Club was incredible. A BIG BIG thank you to Genevieve for suggesting it. I would have never thought of it. For future reference (and searches), it should be noted that the 9:30 Club is an all-age venue, so anyone can get in. But they are seri
  6. That video is ridiculous. So controlled. OK, I'm in, I've been looking for a place to play and looked into George Mason's club, but this is better. Thanks, Don. And you are right, $45/hour for a lesson from a world-class coach is incredibly inexpensive. Can't wait for my college table tennis buddy from California to come and visit me -- we always battle it out and he's usually a tad better, but this is going to change things!
  7. Don, I had no idea you were injured. I wish I could give you that stellar recommendation you are looking for. I do have a friend who is a PT. He's not a big guy but he's very strong. A good tennis player to boot. He is not in private practice -- he works for Heatherwood Retirement Facility in Burke, VA. But I'll ask him whether he knows someone who fits your need. I love table tennis as well as regular tennis. My dad was a national level player but he never taught me how to play (he worked too much). I played too much of it in college, especially during finals week; got to be OK
  8. Off topic, but Don, you play tennis? What level? 4.0 steady baseliner if you ever want to hit.
  9. Tell you what, this help forum is blowing me away with the creative ideas I'm getting. Each time I think I have a favorite option another one comes in and it's just as good! Thank you so much. (To recap, I am looking for a musical, food or some other type of exceptional experience for a group of 15-17 year old girls from this area; budget, not Don's bankroll but open minded) SAX -- holy $#^, had no idea such a place even existed here! Definitely on my to-do list with the wife, but not the kiddies. Thanks, DaRiv18. :-) Love the story about Co Co. Sala, Don. Now I have a better
  10. In case this has not been covered already -- Washington Post's take on the area's best BBQ: "The $20 Diner's 2016 Guide to the Best Barbecue in the DC Area" by Tim Carman on washingtonpost.com
  11. Thanks, Don, I think for this age group of 15-17 chocolate trumps tea, but I will keep Ching Ching Cha for my in-laws next time they're here. Lovely place. And yes, you have the finger on the pulse of my search in the H Street Country Club, similar to earlier suggestion of Pinstripes; too bad it's not going to work for this age group. Regarding your son's 16th B-party, I like your style, Don. Taking notes. So the current top contender is Story District's Top Shelf at the Lincoln Theater on 1/14 at 6:30 pm, followed by dessert at Co Co. Sala (what a change from my original search and
  12. Wanted to get the spelling right for such a beautiful place, Co Co. Sala. Bears repeating, Love the decor.
  13. I so appreciate all the help I am getting here; it's tremendous. The various suggestions are expanding our thoughts on what we want and what we might do (Sweet 16 birthday outing for music or some other type of special experience/dinner). weezy, I looked at Jammin' Java again after your post -- I had passed it by during an earlier search. I think I, the dad, would enjoy the band that will be performing on our party date 1/14 (Wrinkle Neck Mules), but their newgrass, alt-country sound is proving to be a tough sell to my daughter and her group of teenage girls from the DMV area. Great sugges
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