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  1. That was a huge peeve of mine when I was GM at Union Street...for that short time, the owner, wanted to close if there was a hint of snow in the forecast. That is why the Fish Market is always open on snowy days and xmas, because very few of the few old town restaurants are. You need to be open for your guests. I liken the experience to Tommy Boy the movie...and I actually had this conversation with the owner, who by trade is a lawyer and married into the family that owns the restaurant, not the building, which btw is near the end of the 30 year lease, and I know the Virtue peeps, who have there shit together, are eyeing it and willing to put the $2 million in renovations that space desperately needs....anyway..I made reference to the fact of the butcher comment in tommy Boy.." Of course, I can get a hell of a good look at a T-Bone steak by sticking my head up a bull's ass, but I'd rather take the butcher's word for it. Sometimes you should be an owner and follow the guidance of your managers (31 different managers in 5 years there fyi). Cause I don't dispense law advise lol
  2. They used to set up at gilberts corner and before the bridge on RT 15...I did notice the bbq there as well last time i rode by....something could have changed..I haveent seen CPC at gilberts in a year though..some other guy set up methinks and yes Don..Ron's Smoked chicken salad is awesome at the Pit stop
  3. I can tell you from my experience 2 weeks ago that I am in no hurrry to go back to that crap hole. I find the staff to be young and unprofessional and management is slacker than Union member on break. I went on a monday at 4 pm to check out the place and the new springfield town center...theres a reason Springfield has always sucked and it will never change. The staff was huddled around the service bar complaining about pretty much everything possible. I ordered the queso dip and the tortilla soup. the soup was the highlight and actually good..the salsa was acidic crap and bland. the queso was just plain greasy. They have a happy hour food bar that gives you free salsa, queso, some kind of beef and refried bean sludge and a sauce of the day...I asked the server what the sauce was and he replie "it was the Spicy one...so I dont have to refill it all the time" .....meanwhile the manager was repeatedly tasting the frozen mixtures of the machines...for like 15 minutes...thats called drinking on the job in my book. Stay away from this shithole...cause you will be using the very clean bathrooms with eco friendly lights that turn off in the mall bathrooms if there is no movement in the room for 2 minutes........I wouldnt wish this place on anyone
  4. Don't wait too long too return.....The building has been put up for lease since July....this I learned from a guest in August asking why the business was for sale..as she was looking for retail space..and me replying..that's news to me until I asked for myself and got the answer...the owners wish to jettison the remaining 10 years on the lease and get out of that location..hence ceasing operations there. Before I left a few weeks ago, there was more and more interest in the spot. It is a great spot..but Clarendon needs a place that caters to the 30-60 crowds..not the bottom line Happy Hours kids for $3 french fries. So much potential for that spot, but that area is all about volume volume volume and drinking
  5. I've been to Attmans a few times in the last few months...they are having problems with customer flow, but I do think they have good sandwiches and they do a decent breakfast. I def love the mutli pickle barrels they have.
  6. I love this place..everytime i go and get THE BEST CAKES IN THE WORLD..AT VICTORIAS CAKERY..2 doors up, I like to get something to go from Havabite. I looked in the back of the tiny kitchen one day and got a tour from the owner.the meat for the gyro is REAL ...havent had a bad item yet and i really like the tamirasoulata and mousakka
  7. The Cuban sandwich and the bloodys are quite good...im there every sunday watching the world go by
  8. wanted to share a new favorite of mine when i visit NYC....Piccolo Angolo is on 621 Hudson street..cross street is Jane in the West Village...LOVE LOVE LOVE this place..only seat about 50 ppl max...now run by the brother and sister of the father..inceidently ,,the father works the room and tries to sell you on the specials and such...anyway...havent had a bad meal here and love the whole experience..worth a visit..or 5
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