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  1. Maryland college students are eating better than their parents. "Its specialties are Pho style brisket, cornbread-stuffed pork medallions, fire grilled salmon, Pacific Rim noodles and deconstructed cannolis. There are plans for a lobster tank." Sounds slightly better than my college dining center. (Today's, and every day's, special: salted startch!)
  2. Not quite a dirty little secret; this was on the front-page of The Post last August. Plus, there was ample coverage in print, Web and broadcast outlets of the guilty plea in the Arlington County meals tax case. Etc. Plus, in December, there was this. Also: This. the Kliman and Sietsema reviews didn't exactly gloss over the issues.
  3. Roberto Donna in a deposition: I'll be a salaried employee at G3, earning $50,000/year. G3 paperwork on file with the DC Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration: The restaurant's owner is RCR, which is owned by Mabel LLC, whose managing members are Corrado Bonino and ... Roberto Donna's wife.
  4. I think you can do exceptionally well with the three-course here -- and if you're feeling extra-hungry, just ask if they can add another course for an upcharge. If there's a savory foie gras course on the menu, be sure to get it, though now I can't remember if it was on the tasting menu side or the other side. (We supplemented the tasting menu because we're true gluttons.) Enjoy your meal....
  5. "Fabio Trabocchi, the highly regarded chef who took over the kitchen at the fabled Four Seasons restaurant in October, is already gone, insiders said. Trabocchi prepared his last meals yesterday. There was no immediate word on whether he quit or was fired — or a combination of the two." New York Post piece
  6. Bruni didn't "resign." His term as restaurant critic simply ended. He's still going to be on staff at the Times, writing for the Sunday magazine.
  7. Congratulations Joe, Jane, et al! 2009 James Beard Foundation Journalism Awards Newspaper Food Section The Washington Post Disclosure: I am an employee of TWP. (But I don't write for the Food section. [Except for the two times that I did.])
  8. The site, which Rockwell says gets 10,000 visitors a month, generates zero income for him, yet he often feels tethered to it like a parent with a pack of unruly children. Here you go, you crazy kids: Click.
  9. Mmmmmmmmmm, Donnhoff. I just had another one of them 98 Niederhauser Hermannshohle Spats. Three words: Oth. Er. Worldly.
  10. One of the two bottles of '76 Bosconia Gran Reserva that I had last year was among my favorites of 2008. Those wines are great!
  11. Jeez, for a guy who gets slagged with regularity around these parts, that Tom Sietsema guy sure did pretty well by himself in this year's nominations.
  12. Don't worry about not ordering the pea shoots - unless they restocked this morning, they didn't have any for you. That Taiwanese crispy chicken is ridiculously good.
  13. What about Corduroy? Lovely room, delicious food, warm service and very well-priced wine list.
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