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  1. Has anyone been? Tried to pop in on Friday and it was packed, so they are drawing a crowd. My one hang up is the kids menu items are $13!! Anyone know if the Happy Hour is available on weekends and is it only at bar?
  2. Very happy to see this post today. We're headed out for little pre-baby pampering at the Salamander Resort in Middleburg this weekend and are eating Saturday night at Ashby while we are out there. So looking forward to it! Will post thoughts next week.
  3. We also stopped by last night and had a great experience. I concur the space it really lovely and unique and the service was spot on. We had the fried eggplant and the strawberry ricotta pasta from the "small plates" section and shared the fried chicken with fixins' from the "Family Style" section. All were very very good with just a bit of a surprise/twist on what you would traditionally expect. This was actually our second visit. We stopped by opening weekend and had a snack at the bar (popcorn soup and lychee salad - also unique and very tasty). Overall, we've loved our experiences and were delighted to see it pretty busy on a Monday night. They indicated the menu would be changing up soon and we noticed at least one new item added this go round, which is a smart thing with such a small menu. Great addition to the otherwise largely uninspiring fare on 8th.
  4. They won't be able to seat you together but have heard them offer to split you up into, say 2 groups of 3 or group of 4 and 2. I think there is little guarantee that you will be seated at the exact same time but they seem to try to do their best.
  5. Should also mention we book ended dinner with a drink before at Passenger and one after at Rogue 24. Makes for a fun Convention Center progressive dinner night.
  6. We ate at the bar on Saturday on a bit of a whim and service was stellar. I think the bartender's name was Dee and not only was service NOT slow, it was warm and engaging and all around great. Food was also a treat (each had one of Tom Power's wonderful soups, husband had duck, I had perfectly cooked Branzino, finished with sorbet and ice cream). We arrived around 7 and it was never more than 1/2 full in the 2 hours we were there. Great under the radar special (but not crazy) date night.
  7. Great dinner here last night. Charming and warm space, refreshing mix of ages (hipsterville has not taken over.. At least not before 9), great service, moderate prices and delicious food. We started with a pair of crostinis - smoked trout (our favorite) and ricotta, two pastas (perfectly cooked), two glasses of wine each and were out under $100. Despite living on the Hill and working in DuPont we will make a point to venture back and in fact so wish the Hill had a truly neighborhood spot like this. Well done Red Hen team.
  8. What is the table wait process? Do you put your name in and they text you like Toki? Or do you have to hover? We are hoping to go tonight and don't really know what to expect for getting a table for two on a Friday night.
  9. So is Nooshi actually open on 8th or was Saturday just a pre-opening? While Nooshi isn't exactly Taro, it will fill a much needed niche for decent sushi on the Hill...
  10. As a young Hill staffer, I had a couple of colleagues who waited tables at Park Cafe to make ends meet, so I'm a bit familiar with the owners less than traditional restaurant management style! The wine list at Ninella was pretty standard, but also fairly affordable (at least by the glass) compared to what I'm seeing around town these days.
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