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  1. I was struggling to remember the name until I saw your post. My parents and a classmate celebrated my 16th birthday with dinner at Normandie Farm. It surely qualifies as my first fine dining experience.
  2. You nailed it with that phrase. I'm glad to have dined there, but would not do so on a return visit. And I did not sufficiently praise the Blue Horizon hotel. I was surprised at how nice and large our room was. The workout facility was decent. And the location was ideal for us. I think bang for the buck was spot on.
  3. We stayed at the Blue Horizon Hotel https://bluehorizonhotel.com/, dining at places that were within walking distance: Joe Forte's is on Eater's list of essential Vancouver restaurants. We went there to enjoy northwest seafood (king salmon, halibut, etc) prepared in a manner that let the fresh ingredients shine. Oh, and oysters too. I ate so many oysters on this trip and enjoyed sampling the west coast offerings. The atmosphere reminds me of a traditional DC steak and seafood house, with lots of wood paneling, waiters in white jackets, and a pianist playing schlocky music. There were even a few parties wearing suits and ties. Miko Sushi is a casual spot at 1335 Robson where we had a very good lunch. My nigiri were beautifully prepared and of higher quality than I would expect relative to price. Service was very warm. Apparently a lot of hockey players, both local and visiting, have dined there as evidenced by their signatures and compliments to the staff adorning the walls. Kingyo Izakaya http://www.kingyo-izakaya.ca/ on Denman was lively and a lot of fun. Service was excellent. Our waitress even accompanied us to the front door and held it for us when we were leaving. When was the last time that happened? We had a variety of items from the specials menu. I don't recall everything (must have been the sake) but the tuna sashimi and the smoked sockeye salmon collar were standouts. In general, this neighborhood, stretching along Robson from Bute to Denman and along some of the side streets has a number of Japanese and Korean restaurants worth exploring. CinCin Italian is also recommended https://cincin.net/. They have a wood-fired grill and someone knows how to use it to good effect. Grilled octopus served over greens was tender, nicely dressed and a very generous portion of octopus (not just little tentacles). My grilled whole branzino was perfect: the skin was crisp and the flesh moist (something I never manage to accomplish at home).
  4. Mark: Thanks for giving this thread a bump. I need to get back to La Chaumiere -- it's been too long. Dover Sole, mmmm. And the quenelles de brochet are calling to me.
  5. Had brunch here for the first time and everyone (party of 4) was very pleased. We ordered doughnuts, oysters on the half shell, hang town fry, hangar steak, an omelette special, and redfish. Everything was very good. I'm not a brunch person but thoroughly enjoyed the lively atmosphere and food. Service was excellent -- a remarkable team effort with at least 5 different staff members visiting our table.
  6. http://www.bethesdamagazine.com/Bethesda-Beat/2018/Owner-of-Popular-DC-Restaurant-To-Open-Tacos-Tortas-and-Tequila-in-Downtown-Silver-Spring/
  7. The owner dumbed it down a few years ago in a cost-cutting move. He got rid of or forced out the excellent GM, Nancy, and the last chef who made the restaurant chef-driven. Others on the staff headed for the door. The menu then became nearly set in stone, with little variation. We had only dined there maybe 2 or 3 times since the massacre and, though I'm sad for folks who work there now, we won't miss it.
  8. Excerpted from their web site: "Chef Andrew LaPorta has helmed the kitchen for the last two years" [...] "As of January 1, 2017, Mr. LaPorta has purchased Pesce from Ms. Palladin. The core ethos that has brought Pesce success will not be changing. Mr. LaPorta is honored to be assuming the mantle that Ms. Palladin has worked so hard to maintain." I'm a little sad that I probably won't see Regine again. Always enjoyed chatting with her.
  9. Closed? Opentable states that the restaurant is "permanently closed." Their web site is gone. Called the number and the phone rings but was not answered. I never had a bad meal there and enjoyed some that were terrific so I will miss them if they are gone.
  10. Yes, your mention of the recipe up thread reminded me of the NYT article and video. The one time I tried it, I thought the crust had really good flavor. I had a little trouble getting the moisture content right. I need to find the time to try again.
  11. With 12 pages and growing in this forum I hope I'm not duplicating information that's already been provided. I like the dough from this recipe and the associated video was helpful to a newbie pizza maker. http://cooking.nytimes.com/recipes/1016230-robertas-pizza-dough
  12. Wow! Seems kinda harsh, Don. I don't have a clue who MS is, though the name seems vaguely familiar. Is there a story you'd like to share? So true. Remember a certain hotel restaurant back in the day that folks on this forum swooned over? Actually, it may have been back in the pre-DonRockwell/eGullet DC forum days. Firefly, with John Wabeck at the helm. Sigh.
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