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  1. Tom and Ray’s, originally opened in 1960, has re-opened in Damascus after a 3 year hiatus. New location, same folks: "Tom & Ray's Family Restaurant Reopens in Damascus" by Sam Merrill on mymcmedia.org
  2. And more about Batik: they are mostly dumplings with some bibimbop (sp?) and other Asian-fusion dishes. There's a nice mix of adventure and safety on the menu. Some favorites: - the sweet green iced tea- not sure why but I drink about a gallon each time I go - if it's nice out, ask to sit on the second level balcony. You can watch the traffic go thru the circle and the people walk by from above. - We usually order different kinds of dumplings then share tapas style. - I've always liked their bulgogi. Enjoy!
  3. Welp, I moved out of Gaithersburg about 3 years ago. I do get back occasionally and make a point to go to Batik. Still love it. It won't overwhelm you; it's simple and low key (wear shorts or whatever). As for the rest: Roys Place: closed in a trajedy eclipsed only by the Capital's recent loss of Nate Schmidt. Growlers: closed permanently late last week. Then came back on Saturday, talked of new ownership and plans and mentioned being open that night. Then Sunday morning announced they were closed. Go figure?!? Vasilis: moved a block away to a bigger locale. Presumed successful. Pasha: I thought I heard it was closing, but looks like it's going strong. Get the bastillas 100/100 times. Le Palais: don't know. the chains I mention are pretty well known. Safe travels and good eats!
  4. There's a bit of weird eroticism in the performance between the eager young clammier and the stuffy critic. You can listen easily here: https://www.prairiehome.org/shows/54603 Just beneath the whole-show audio link it says "view all audio clips" - click that, the skit is the third from the bottom of the dropdown list, entitled the "Bertrand Falstaff Heine script." Someone smarter than me might be able to embed it here. And yes, they said "view all audio clips".
  5. From the radio show "A Prairie Home Companion" a funny parody of pompous and wordy restaurant reviewers.... This was performed live Saturday night in Seattle, WA. Both characters pronounced Puget Sound as pue-JAYE. I could use a clammelier. https://www.prairiehome.org/story/2017/01/07/bertrand-falstaff-heine-january-7-2017
  6. Good stuff - yeah, I know his "Show Me" and "Skinny Legs and All" and both are arguably suggestive or more novelty than average. But...then again...R&B was kind of like that then. From Joe Turner to James Brown - at least some of this was kept in the basement away from mom and dad.
  7. Were you around during his hits or following his career? I ask only because I was not. I knew of him only by the late 70s, when he was kind of a footnote. The hits he had seemed to pigeonhole the guy into a kind of R rated, adult party record mode - which probably paid the bills but (maybe?) kept him from greater things (somewhat like Clarence Carter). At least, that's the sense I got from afar. Am I right? Too bad - he seemed, talent-wise, like a one-man Sam and Dave.
  8. Sorry, was away on business travel and didn't see this. I can't say definitively yeah or nay on Cheshire Crab. I don't recall it being a standout out good or bad; though I may have reviewed it here. I only recall my 12' mini cooper parked under a hulking 24' boat. Pretty odd feeling!
  9. Yeah, that was always the case too. You got $400 in points value for using (say) the American Express travel service. But that $400 in points might have only cost $250 on Expedia, which was the cash value anyway. In effect, the programs create a new currency and "value" is relative within the currency and those participating. But they know the arbitrage game and know that not everyone will bother to do an actual apples-to-apples comparison. BUT - through all this, if we pay off our cards in a way that doesn't cost any interest, and have no annual fee, then in fact it is merchants that are funding our points. Right? So it's all funny money anyway. So... I play my skee-ball, get my tickets and go get my army men and crazy pencil erasers.
  10. $250 worth of travel might be, on a good day, worth more than $250 in the market. But even then, avoiding cash is still only a convenience. For instance, let's say there's an offer for a $250 round trip ticket to Indonesia. a ) that offer might only be for points holders. In which case it would make sense. b ) but even if was an offer for cash or points, you could just cash your points directly to the travel instead of the interim step through cash - during which time (the cash out to the purchase) the offer might expire. Yes, the automatic "baked in" advantage of points ($400 vs $250) is gone. They have the right to pull the plug on you, and they did. There seems to be a trend toward the squeezing of points programs. The strategy seems to (continue to) be to change programs every now and again, gaining the advantage of being the new customer and getting the come-on offers. That, or avoid them altogether and just be sure you've got the card with the best rates and terms.
  11. Hoffman's Ice Cream and Deli, Westminster, since 1947 Baugher's Restaurant, Westminster, since 1948 (there's also a thread on this somewhere here) Maggie's, Westminster, sign says "established 1903" yet they tout offering excellent service for over 40 years. So maybe they closed for a while or just changed owners, not sure.
  12. What better way for DonRockwell.com to gain additional notoriety than to determine and crown DC's signature dish(es)? The members here have the industry gravitas and independence that would likely make such a determination sticky. And there are lots of examples where sponsorship of some 'flag' is sustaining for the business or organization (think Oscars, Hot Dog eating contests, Winston cup, etc) Just an off-topic thought...
  13. Sour Beef specialist near me: http://www.harvestinneldersburg.com/ I'm not a big fan - meat swimming in sweet/sour sauce? Meh... but maybe there's a refined version I haven't tried yet. From DaveO's linked list, I've been to Kibby's a few times and they have an excellent shrimp salad sandwich, it is their specialty. It looks like the kind of place that would serve sour beef, if sour beef places can be said to have a look. So it makes sense to have it on the menu.
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