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  1. Can you recommend a Farragut West/Farragut North/McPherson Square/Dupont Circle area restaurant that could accommodate 80 to 100 people for a large group lunch? My guess is that a buyout would be needed for a group of this size. Thoughts? Date: April 2019 Budget: Flexible
  2. Rasika West End is a great choice. I highly recommend the palak chaat. Even if you think you don't like spinach, try it. You'll be a huge fan.
  3. All, Thank you for the recommendations and feedback. I will look into both Al Tiramisu and Tosca.
  4. Thank you for your reply. We had some flexibility with the cost per person with a range of $75 to $100 per person before beverages, tax and gratuity. The dinner required a location in or near the West End. By old-guard, I meant a quiet restaurant where guests could speak to each other across the table comfortably and yes, have polite, genteel service. Some noise would have been fine. However, the idea is to avoid the sound level similar to a bar before a sports game. Fiola y Mare would have been wonderful, but was not available. Cafe Milano would have been too noisy. Paolo's would have been too far for a group to walk, especially in the event of inclement weather. What are your thoughts about I Ricchi for a group dinner?
  5. Recently, I had a very bad experience with a professional group dinner at Ristorante La Perla of Washington. Despite repeated attempts to address the issues during dinner, there was poor to simply inadequate service. We had pre-set menus. In theory, everything should have been seamless. However, it was miserable! Some people received salads; some people didn't. A bread basket was placed on only one side of a very large table when there should have been one bread basket on each side of a round table. Servers were surly at best and seemed as though our party was an after thought despite the fact that our dinner had been planned months in advance. Oh, and the worst of all, a guest at one of our tables was a mindful eater. Rather than ask if the guest was finished with their plate, the server picked up the guest's plate - still half full of food - and promptly placed another plate on top mashing the food down. This act prevented the guest from asking for a 'doggie bag'. The first time my organization had a group dinner at Ristorante La Perla of Washington, all aspects of the dinner from service to food were outstanding. Therefore, we made plans to return a few months later. Needless to say, we will not be booking a group dinner at Ristorante La Perla again and will definitely advise others not to think of dining there. Does anyone know if there is a problem between the FOH and the Chef/Owner? It seems as though there are signs of a major calamity in progress. The decline in service, in less than 6 months time, is stunning. There are many other options, but we like to develop a rapport with restaurants and become regular customers. The location of La Perla is very convenient, but we will travel to experience good service and food. Washington has plenty of Italian restaurants to choose from and we are giving up on this old guard restaurant. Does anyone have recommendations for Italian restaurants in DC where group dining is a wonderful experience? Thanks for all recommendations.
  6. Thank you, everyone! I will check the local stores, Yes Gourmet, Hana and H-Mart first. If they don't have it, then on to Amazon.
  7. I found a new recipe for an oil-free salad dressing. One of the ingredients in the dressing is yellow miso. After checking with Trader Joe's and Whole Foods, I have not been able to find it in Washington, DC. Can anyone recommend a store that sells yellow miso? Thanks!
  8. I vote for Restaurant Eve. When you make your reservation, tell them it is your anniversary. You'll have a wonderful evening!
  9. I finally went to Cork Wine Bar to try out Chef Ron Tanaka's food. The chickpeas and roasted roma tomatoes with goat cheese were outstanding! I cannot wait to find out where he is going so I can add the new place to my list of places to try immediately. Who knew that chickpeas could taste so amazing? The wine at Cork is amazing, too. I hope that the new chef knows that there will be big shoes to fill...
  10. I am in search of a farmer's market with great fresh blueberries. Relatives are coming to visit and one is a great fan of blueberry pancakes. Thanks.
  11. City Lights is rather bland these days. Go to Meiwah instead for great food and service. It is above Dupont Circle at 1200 New Hampshire Avenue, NW., located at street level. Bon Appetit!
  12. I have a vegetarian friend coming to visit DC for the weekend. We are planning to meet for dinner and, I am in search of vegetarian-friendly restaurants. My first thought is Teaism in Penn Quarter since it is relatively quiet. Are there other options that I should consider?
  13. Does anyone have recommendations on where to find delicious dill pickles? I'd love to find some at a farmer's market. Any ideas on markets where they are available? If you have a favorite, let me know. Thank you.
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