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  1. Cashion's Bison Burger? (But if you go, you have to let us all know what Comeback Sauce is.) At In-n-Out you can get it animal style; at Cashion's, doggie style. Oh God. I didn't just type that. Oh God. Mod, please delete.
  2. Tap & Vine looks pretty innocuous on that list, until you do a little research on Arlington Catering Company.
  3. Yeah, it was after we went to the food court at White Flint Mall ... can't remember the name of the place ... Cash Root, I think. "Soda may contain a flavor enhancer called castorium which is extracted from beavers." -- Rabbi Yaakov Yuban "gehenna--while certainly a terribly unpleasant place--is not hell. The majority of rabbinic thought maintains that people are not tortured in hell forever; the longest that one can be there is said to be 12 months." -- Phew! Nefeshly, Dr. Pincock. P.S. Falafel at Max's is GREAT!
  4. P.P.S. Neither is Rockwell. Yet.
  5. Dark Wing speaketh. Perk up, legant: As you sleep off your drunken melancholy, I've ordered a three-day moratorium on Jimmy Castor Bunch's "Bertha Butt Boogie" within a 75-mile radius of the city. Okay, that might not be your song, but it's a song, and surely this will spare someone else, somewhere, having to endure a similar evening - you should feel pretty good about that.
  6. Competing with "Josie, Maid In Pain" which debuts at the same time on the pay-per-view Sad-No-Mas Network.
  7. Because they're barely recovering from lunch, and then they start getting slammed again at 6 PM. By the time nine o'clock rolls around, when they're usually winding down from their one big dinner crush, they're gearing up for yet another onslaught. Try masturbating twice in the afternoon, then having sex three times later that night, and you'll see what the problem is.
  8. A brawl erupted over who got the mirugai.
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