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  1. We've had R&O carry out twice -- once the $75 multi-course, and once the weekday a la carte option. The food is quite good (save a sadly undercooked pasta we got -- well under al dente, but with a great filling). It's a little harder to say whether the carry out is "worth it." The portions are not large, and it's not necessarily better than Bresca's or Albi's less expensive multi-course meals, or many of our other regular go-tos (Happy Gyro, Etto, Bad Saint, etc.). But they're putting out good food. And especially in these times, I can't begrudge their pricing if that's what it takes
  2. Different style and location, but we had good carryout from Mama Chang's. I've heard Peter Chang's in Arlington is doing carryout too.
  3. The celeriac ruben gives these a run for their money. I'm thankful to have the Komi/Happy Gyro takeout option right now.
  4. For anyone in need of change of pace, Komi is going Happy Gyro to go: https://komirestaurant.com/happygyrotogo.html
  5. Erik Bruner-Yang's new Italian/Asian mashup. With an exciting menu and some good initial review-ettes, I decided to try it one week into service. While our meal was perfectly fine, I'll give it some time and keep an eye on further reviews before I go back. So far, not as good as his other places. But it may get there. -Service was solid. The hostess was efficient and, in contrast to many places this day, willing to seat our reservation before the party was complete. The waitress was nice, albeit not able to describe some of the complex cocktails in much detail. -I'll start with
  6. Anju opened in the old Mandau space, and we went to try it. Cool space with exposed brick, rough surfaces, and multiple levels. Food ranged from ok to very good. Our favorites were charred kimchi pancake, korean sweet potato with honey butter, and many "panchan" -- little side dishes with various kimchis, marinated veg, etc. A salad was so-so. Seafood noodle stew was solid. Korean rice cakes were tasty, but one of us thought the setup was a bit bland. Bibim bap with tofu was disappointing; no crunchy bits in the rice and not much flavor other than chili sauce we added ourselves. The big
  7. New Laotian restaurant in NoMa. After several visits, I'd rate this place as "ok." First the good parts: Big outdoor space; beautiful dining room; Laotian food is interesting and -- other than Thip Khao and related restaurants -- uncommon around DC; and the crispy rice salad is delicious (even if not as good as the one at Thip Khao). Unfortunately there are many downsides. Service is spotty at best. I've had several meals where we desperately tried to flag down servers, dishes were forgotten, water was never refilled, etc. The cocktails are so-so and often taste quite watered down -- may
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