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  1. Selection Dates Announced for 2020 Michelin Guides 

    Greenville, S.C., Aug. 20, 2019 — Michelin has announced the release dates for the newest editions of its annual restaurant selections in the United States. Full listings for the new restaurant selections will be published on www.michelinmedia.com according to the schedule included below. The 2020 U.S. editions of the MICHELIN® Guide will go on sale at local retailers following the announcements, as well as Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble.

    On-Sale Date
    Chicago Bib Gourmands
    Thursday, Sept. 19
    Monday, Sept. 30
    Chicago Star selections
    Thursday, Sept. 26
    Monday, Sept. 30
    Washington, D.C., Bib Gourmands
    Tuesday, Sept. 24
    Thursday, Oct. 3
    Washington, D.C., Star selections
    Tuesday, Oct. 1
    Thursday, Oct. 3
    New York City Bib Gourmands
    Monday, Oct.14
    Thursday, Oct. 24
    New York City Star selections
    Monday, Oct. 21
    Thursday, Oct. 2

  2. 2 hours ago, astrid said:

    The Farewell has pretty standard Mandarin (unlike big productions with lots of non-Mainlander stars).  It's a good movie too.  Flavorful Origins on Netflix is pretty good, though the narrator definitely speaks a southern inflected Mandarin.

    The news and variety show presenters will speak the most standard Beijing Mandarin.  I  Ithink my parents have iTalkBB for TV.  I don't enjoy the current programming.  I would recommend just buying DVDs of well rated shows and movies (though region can be a problem if you don't have a multiregion DVD player), but be aware that Hong Kong or Taiwan programs won't have quite standard Mandarin. 

    I did take an opportunity to see The Farewell, and enjoyed it very much. The dialogue was not very difficult to follow , but I am certainly not at a level where I could have understood it without reading the subtitles. I may check into the Library to see if they might have Chinese original programming on DVD. This challenge may span over into next year, and frankly however long it takes, I am up to the challenge. I have always had a love for linguistics, and there are aspects of Mandarin I find fascinating. I hope to reward myself with a trip Zhengzhou once I have reached a comfortable level of both speech and understanding. 

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  3. 42 minutes ago, TrelayneNYC said:

    I learned Latin in HS, then Spanish and now in my mid-40s, have started to teach myself Italian. Learning a new language isn't difficult. Watching soap operas on TV helps tremendously, since you learn how people speak in real life which is even better than absorbing the lessons from a book.

    I have been watching the news often. The dialects are the most difficult to discern from. Im wondering if perhaps there is an Chinese “Hulu” I could subscribe to that streams soap operas or episodic shows. I haven’t given up.

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  4. On 9/7/2018 at 8:00 AM, curiouskitkatt said:

    don't even get me started on the inedible 'punkin "flavored" crap. I think at this point, companies are in a race to create the most ridiculous concoction.

    I present to you Pumpkin Spice Spam. Ridiculous indeed, and Food and Wine has taken the leap and has already tried it.  

  5. On 7/11/2019 at 2:18 PM, curiouskitkatt said:

    Cooking Class & Lunch at BLT Steak, it's quite a bit ahead on the calendar, but I thought I would plant the seed.

    Take a seat at our chef's table on Saturday, September 7, for a special demonstration you don't want to miss, followed by a behind-the-scenes tour of the BLT Steak kitchen and a three-course lunch paired with selections from our cellar.

    Three course lunch includes:

    BLT Steak Popovers / whipped butter

    Stracciatella Cheese / preserved tomato / garlic crisps / bread crumb / Ligurian olive oil

    Australian Lamb Rack / sweet potato / shallots

    Carrot Cake / ginger ice cream

    Petite Fours

    Tickets for the Chef's Table Cooking Class at BLT Steak are $128 (inclusive of tax and gratuity) per person.

    Link to tickets

    I thought I added a link to this event, but I guess I did not.

  6. On 7/29/2019 at 2:45 PM, curiouskitkatt said:

    For those of you who may have missed this last year, I highly recommend attending this year. It was an extraordinary event, and brought out so many of all ages to celebrate culture. As I learn of more details of both the talent who may be performing, along with all the food stalls that will be serving, I will update as the date grows closer. 

    Saturday, September 21, 2019
    3 – 11 PM
    200 Park Ave & 100 N Charles St
    Baltimore, MD

    Charmcity Nightmarket ticket sales are now live. 

    Come celebrate the heritage of Baltimore's historic Chinatown with 100+ local AAPI & POC restaurants, makers, and performing artists!

    About this Event

    Charm City Night Market is back for it's second year!

    On Saturday, September 21, make your way back down to historic Chinatown to experience it all over again. Just look for the familiar lanterns that will stretch all the way to Center Plaza making the night market almost twice as big.

    This year will also feature The Joy Luck Club experience which you will be able to find at One Charles Center, on the balcony overlooking Center Plaza. The Joy Luck Club is an intimate setting featuring food and activities from a diverse set of chefs and artists. You will be able to try food from Watersong (Chinese), Sarap Sarap (Filipino), Skiz's Original (Sri Lankan), Chef Kiet Philavanh of Bookmaker's Cocktail Club (Laotian), The Loving Spoon Collective (Baltimore) and Rooted & Bloomed (Local Hawaiian). Chef Seng Luangrath of Thip Khao, Hanumanh & Sen Khao will be giving a cooking demonstration of a classic Laotian dish. fadensonnen will be offering a complimentary cocktail and a cash bar featuring some unique cocktails.

    The Joy Luck Club will also feature traditional activities such as Mah Jong, Henna, and traditional brush painting. Guests will also receive a parting gift unique to Charm City Night Market. You can purchase tickets through the ticket link here on Eventbrite and if you get your tickets by September 7, you'll be able to buy them at a discounted price.

    Charm City Night Market has also expanded it's food offerings from last year. Stalwarts such as Ekiben, Thai Street & Kuya Ja's Lechon Belly will be back and we are welcoming new experiences from Maketto, Hot Lola's, Chuck's Trading Post, Mofflebar, The Boondocks BBQ & Mayuree Thai Tavern.

    Our artists & makers row is also back and bigger than ever and for the first time this year, Charm City Night Market will have a special Children's area featuring over-sized games, singing, dancing, drawing, and readings from some special guest authors.

    This year, Charm City Night Market will also be featuring two big stages headlined by spoken word, hip-hop artist Ruby Ibarra. For a full line up of our performances, check out our Facebook page!

    This event is family friendly and ADA accessible. Please notify us if you walk with assistance or have a wheelchair. The main The Joy Luck Club entrances are in stairwells, but there is an alternate accessible entrance that we can make available.

  7. On 8/7/2019 at 8:11 AM, curiouskitkatt said:

    A pop -up in the Parts & Labor space to take place this Saturday from 12-5. I took a peak at BarkBBQ instagram and it looks downright delicious. Will report back.


    Pop-up ran from 12-5. Brisket sold out at around 2:30. I was informed a line formed around 11:15, and well I guess everyone was on the same page as me.  I arrived 20 minutes too late for what I was looking forward to since I heard the announcement of said pop-up. 

    I ordered the ribs & rice. Kinda unremarkable, and the rice was meh. I have been on a BBQ kick lately, and I wonder why there are not more places that  serve up good BBQ. Oh well., onto the next pop-up. 




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  8. I have been following the progression of closures at the Bourse Food Hall in Philly, and a few stalls have closed on account they simply  weren't meeting the dining needs of the guests visiting the location. Perhaps this is the case for Jubilee, but why not be upfront about the details. On the few occasions I have been to Urbanspace's  location of Jubilee, I found their flavor offerings a bit adventurous, or maybe they just had spread themselves too thin among all of their locations. 

  9. Taste America Tour stops In Philadelphia

    There are two opportunities to take part in James Beard Foundation's Taste America tour for  their stop in Philadelphia.  One is clearly a bit more accessible  then the other one. I hope to be able to attend the cocktail party on Oct 30, but the gala is way out of my price range. I think I recall attending something similar to this over a decade ago in Washington, DC, where Marc Vetri cooked up the best pasta I have had to date. 

  10. 50 minutes ago, deangold said:

    Why didn't I break my 30 year gap since I had McDonald's instead of lose my pit beef cherry on this guy fieri endorsed monstrosity only slightly resembling food. 

    I am not sure why Chap's Pit Beef is the go to for pit beef. I have tried to like it, but I just find it void of flavor. I still stand by my recommendation of Pioneer, again not sure if its solely worth the drive from DC, but if you live in the nearby area, 100%. And if you don't like it, you would have only spent less than $10. You can grab a pitbeef and a 45 next door at the liquor store and make it a lively picnic. 

  11. 5 hours ago, ktmoomau said:

    Reviving a thread from 2009- I need potato salad for my trashy birthday party this weekend.  But I want it to taste decently.  Anyone like a pre-made store potato salad?  Wegman's/Giant/Shoppers/HT- anyone have one you think is halfway decent, or with a good tszuj of hot sauce or something you can make it pretty darned good?

    If I still lived in Arlington I would buy it in bulk from Heidelberg, but that seems like too long of a drive from me, and a bit too classy for this party. I want it to be tasty but trashy.

    Dutch potato salad from Wegmans should fit the bill. 

  12. 1 hour ago, ktmoomau said:

    Turkey and the Wolf makes your trashy, but good meal dreams come true. 

    This here is all I need to know to hop on aeroplane and dive in and visit Turkey and the Wolf.

  13. 22 minutes ago, ElGuapo said:

    Grammy-award winning trumpeter Arturo Sandoval will headline the 16th annual Silver Spring Jazz Festival, according to an announcement from the Silver Spring Arts & Entertainment District. The free festival will be held Saturday, Aug. 24 from 3-10 p.m. on two stages, with performances by festival cofounder Marcus Johnson, The Eric Byrd Trio, Paul Carr and The Real Jazz Ambassadors, and others:


    Thank you for posting this event. I have added it to the calendar. 

  14. Its actually still open. Norma doesn’t produce weekly, on account of her health. But she  is still running the stand. i just had a few slices a few weeks ago. For the little oven she has, she produces one hell of pie. She experiments with different fermentation's, and produces different styles of pies. From Neapolitan to Detroit square, she is another gem tucked away in Lancaster County. 

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