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  1. I have the pro model from back when their name was uuni. The thing I like most about it is it gets really really hot, well into the 900+°F range. The downside is that it is not really built to retain heat. You have to keep the firebox full of good hardwood to sustain high temperatures. There is a firebrick surface for baking, but otherwise, no real thermal mass. That being said, when it is hot it cooks quickly with a nice char. Here is an example: I've tried multiple fuel options and only hardwood really delivers the way I want for pizza. The pellet option really stump
  2. Quite a while. I'm glad to see you have kept this site up and running. I'm back from the west coast and look forward to contributing again. I promise the TWA Hotel is better than Rosa Mexicano in DC*, which I regrettably recommended in a thread long ago that just may have been where you first brought up the subject of ventworms. * I still think the original location in NYC before ownership changed and it chainified was really excellent.
  3. This probably would have been a more useful reply a year or more ago, but with hope that in another year or two it's still there and fully open, here goes: I have stayed at the TWA Hotel at JFK twice before catching early morning flights out. Before that, I had not been in the building since I was a child. It's hard to beat the convenience of the location. It is a quick walk through a tunnel to T5 and, after a slightly longer walk, you can take the Airtrain to any other terminal. The retro 60's vibe is fun. Might get old after too many visits, but so far two has not been too man
  4. Ruhlman was in Seattle the other day. Rather than beat the Simon/Cleveland connection to death I asked him about Morou. In the show it came across as if he was eliminated because the judges didn't like his plating. Ruhlman said it was more than that, but he was not specific.
  5. I picked up a ham hock to supplement the giblets for the gravy. Seems to me that when in doubt, adding additional pork products never hurts.
  6. Smart man. It's a castrated rooster grown to somewhere in the 5-10 lb range. Both last time I checked, but that was a couple years ago. I remember going to Eastern market to pick one up the day before Thanksgiving 2003. There was a sign for turkeys and a huge line snaking through the market and then outside. I walked over to the other side of the counter and asked if I needed to get in the turkey line to pick up the capon I had ordered. The man behind the counter smiled, shook his head no, and went back and retrieved my bird.
  7. One word: capon Try it and you'll never go back to turkey.
  8. I don't think I've ever had champagne paired with cheese before, so I did a little googling to see what kind of pairings were recommended. I found this page listing several. <off-topic> I started looking at some of the other pairings on the page and came across the one matching cream cheese and white zinfandel. I think that has got to be among the most brilliant pairings of food and wine I have ever seen. If those two don't go with one another I don't know what does. </off-topic>
  9. I wish, but alas there is no photographic evidence.
  10. Saturday Night - Washington Wine Dinner for 20 2004 Amavi Columbia Valley Semillon Market Salad Adapted from Blue Ribbon Bakery 2003 Three Rivers Pepperbridge Vineyard Sangiovese Tuscan Roast Cauliflower Penne with Red Onion, Red Pepper and Basil Adapted from M. Batali's Babbo Cookbook 1995 Apex Cabernet Braised Short Rib of Beef T. Keller's Bouchon Recipe More of Both Reds (Port was aborted based on the first mangy whiff to emerge from the bottle) Cheese tray: delice de bourgogne, humbolt fog, boucherondin, basque blue 2003 L'ecole 41 Late Harvest Semillon Key lime, lemon, and mi
  11. Hard to imagine, I know, but also sitting on a shelf at the store I got it from were two magnums of '88 Margaux they just acquired from a private cellar. Only 30x the price of the Vixen.
  12. I scored a bottle of Vixen. I'm hoping it's the Jones to the Red Chook's grape crush.
  13. Not a course exactly, but How to Taste by Jancis Robinson and a mixed case of $10 bottles is a good start.
  14. I had a Black Chook sparkling shiraz the other day. It's like grape soda, but less sickeningly sweet and with alcohol. Seems like something worth having around on a blazing hot day when you want to throw a butterflied leg of lamb on the grill. But clearly not appropriate at this time of year in Seattle.
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