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  1. Very nice article and full of truth. Alba truffles are a unique product and I keep telling people that tartufi di Alba are very very pungent and strong aroma. If one truffle does not totally fill a room of a beautiful aroma you should be very skeptical of it. Believe me in order to understand fully, you need to go to Alba during truffle season ( october to december) and walk the beautiful little street of Alba and you will smell truffle the all way. Then go in a reputable restaurant and have truffle just on a butter dressed tajarin pasta and you will learn the real power of a white truffle. At
  2. Maitre'd/ Pastry Chef / Baker - for French Bistro <<L'Hommage>> on 5th and K Streets NW New French Bistro located near Convention Center opening in September, 2015 is looking to hire a Maitre D' and a Pastry Chef and talented Baker The Maitre D' (aka Head Waiter) will be in charge of the front of the house, including: supervising the dining room staff; welcoming guests upon arrival to the property; during cocktail hours; prior, during and after service; creating and maintaining the atmosphere of the dining room environment; working closely with the culinary team in executing o
  3. I just realize that I never did anything special for the DR board on Roberto s 4 or better now 8 , so why don t we do a group of 8 from DR and I will get Mr Hakan ( the owner ) to put the wines for the dinner. Let me know when you get 8 together. That will be fun. Ciao Roberto
  4. Sorry all. Black inck Fettuccine with lobster are going out of the menu until the end of this month ! The price went up 35% today so I will have to charge $ 36 a portion and I prefer to wait for the price to go down again. Freshwater head on shrimp U-10 will take the place of the lobster at $24.95 per portion. Buon appetito.
  5. Here is my reason why I put La Tur risotto in that menu. Yes is very rich but is almost at the end of the savory meal , squab with duck liver follow it ( even richer then risotto ) but the venison start the acid part that is suppost to clean the fat from your palate.And the next course of cheese is not softh and rich but hard and acid ( pecorino di fossa ) with a hint of sweet ( fig marmellate and saba ) get you ready for dessert. that is my reason. And I realy appreciate the comment from the ones that had the meal ,very interesting for me to understand how peoples read my food . I would love
  6. EricaandBlueboy and Sthitch I had fun cooking for you last night.Thank you for sharing your points very much appriciate . Too bad that me and Alberto did not have the chance to thank you and say good night when you left. Ciao Roberto
  7. Thank you very much for the report,very helpful . Sorry for the salt in the sauce ,I must have it reduce too much. The squab was squab no duck ,but I think is a good thing that you like it. The ice crystal in the ice cream are the spices in orange juice .Like I said before is very helpful because from now on I will people know about before they eat,thank you very much and it was fun to cook for the 4 of you last night,come back again for all new dishes next time. Ciao Roberto
  8. Thank you all. Just one word about Fiola and Al Dente and Roberto's 4. Fiola is a great restaurant at a different price point, and a totally diferent style of cooking from Al Dente (and I think this is a great thing for all the restaurant customers that love italian food). I think is not fair to compare the three. Three different ways to dine and spend your money. Roberto's 4 is again a different experience from the other two. Roberto's 4 is a place where the chef (me) when it is possible cooks a dinner for 4 people serving them a meal he would like to eat himself that day. There is not any pr
  9. You are talking about the work of one of the best chef in this area!!!! Chef that cooks serius good food !
  10. Hello, I am very sorry you did not have a good experience during a your meal , I was there and I remember the request from my waiter for a dish of grilled vegetable ( that I do not have on the menu) I wish I new you wanted a vegeterian dish ( I have a 5 courses vegetarin menu on the regular menu ) . The long wait was due not to your order but to the 6 course choosen by another guest . So I realy would love to invite you back and cook for you . I think Bibiana is a super restaurant so I would love to learn more about when you will come to have an italian vegetarian dinner cook by me . Ciao and
  11. Do not worry we will make a great dinner for the vegetarian . We do have a lot of vegetarian dishes on the menu.
  12. YES! And I made a mistake on writing the menu , we are using pecorino on that dish. I really made a big mess on this dish , first one T on spaghetti and then Parmigiano , well the only good thing is that this is the simplest dish on Italian cooking but the most difficult to cook well , and thank god I cook better then how I write! Thank you .
  13. yes lunch and dinner ! no I did not see it those dam double TT Thank you !
  14. Hello everyone, I just want to thank you all , for your great support and for the time you took on write all your reports ! It was very helpful for us in order to understand our weak points and try to improve them. Opening a restaurant is always a big challenge . I really enjoy to meet some of you and I am sorry I did not make it to everyone but some nights we were super busy and it was impossible for me to come out of my ring. I will offer the same deal during the week of Thanksgiving and on the first week of January 2011 , but I will post it just before then . We just started the bar menu
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