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  1. So our daughter is getting married, and we’re trying to choose the caterer. We must use one on the venue’s list (unless we want to pay an extra $1k). Have received all the proposals, and have it narrowed down to: Main Event — our favorite menu; most reviews are good, but some of the negative ones have us worried Purple Onion — again, an interesting menu, but have heard a lot of mixed reviews about quality of food and service A La Carte — was actually leaning toward them until I got Main Events proposal; major downside is that they require 50% deposit (which makes me question their financials a little bit), and they require final count 45 days prior Serendipity — until recently used to be Savory Fare (in Warrenton; not to be confused with Savoir Fare in Loudoun), which I had heard great things about. But not sure how much has changed with new ownership, so I’m ignoring all past reviews and remaining a bit hesitant about going with a new company Ones we’ve ruled out for one reason or other are Chefs Table, Catering by Uptown, and Pampas Fox. But if I hear glowing reports about any of those, I may be persuaded to reconsider. All are close in price to each other. Thanks for sharing any experiences— good and bad!
  2. Thanks all for your responses and advice. We ended up going with BBQ from Red Hot & Blue. The price was right for feeding all those people on a budget, and more importantly they were an "approved caterer" for the building!
  3. I need help! My husband is retiring from the military and is having a retirement ceremony...with approx 150 people attending. I need a way to feed all these people on a budget (hey, he'll be retiring, so we need to save our pennies!). Ceremony will be in Arlington, at the National Guard Readiness Center (ie, indoors, so no place to roast a pig or anything). I'm thinking BBQ or Italian may be the way to go, but certainly open to any and all ideas and suggestions. Am even considering going to Costco at this point and piling up on deli and veggie trays... Thanks for any and all ideas!
  4. This FD we'll be crossing the border and taking Dad out to eat in Maryland, to appease my brother who always ends up being the one to travel.... Haven't lived in MD for about 15 years now, so not really sure what's up that way. Would prefer northern MoCo (Olney/Ashton area) or Howard County, but really would go anywhere in the suburban MD area that offers a good brunch buffet (per Dad's wishes). Looking for traditional foods, not too ethnic (Again, per Dad's wishes). Thanks in advance for any and all suggestions!
  5. Newbie here...certainly wouldn't consider myself a foodie (there are some organ meats that I just can't get past, no matter how hard I try!) but I love and appreciate good food, hate the multitude of chain restaurants in the NoVa area (particularly the western suburbs), and am always looking for good suggestions on where to eat. Oh, and I went to middle and high school with Don, so I know this has to be a good site
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