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  1. Just got back from a great dinner here and would highly recommend both of these dishes. 54's Spicy Roasted Duck $15 Crispy Pork Belly with Chili-Basil $13 Great atmosphere, nice decor, I'll def. be coming back!
  2. Regarding the comments on the parking situation--- I live in the Zoso building, and there's ALWAYS free parking available in the garage, first floor. I'm not into wine, but I'll be coming down to try this sandwich, sounds delicious-- Sophia’s Serenade....11 Prosciutto, Buffalo Mozzarella, Sun Dried Tomato Pesto, greens on Ciabatta.
  3. I used to love Kabob Palace until I went to East West Grill in Clarendon. Then I realized who REALLY had the best chick peas, bread, and mint sauce in town! Also, unless you live in Crystal City, no one ever really wants to go there...
  4. He best place to enjoy dales pale ale is on Eventide's rooftop, after 10pm when you aren't stuck in the narrow bar area
  5. I recommend the pizza, excellent crust. My girlfriend had squash ravioli which was just OK. Their bread to start the meal was perfect with some of the best olive oil I've had. Tiramasu for dessert which was worth getting as well.
  6. I agree, it's by far the best cupcake in DC, you won't have to wait in a long line like Georgetown Cupcake, and they have a bunch of places to sit inside. The employees are also really cool. The last time I visited it was late in the day, and they had baked too many doughnuts (DELICIOUS!) so they gave me 3 free doughnuts with my cupcake. I recommend Texas Sheet Cake and Carrot Cake cupcakes. They're both very moist and the largest cupcakes in dc! I also recently had a whoopie pie there which was tasty.
  7. I enjoyed my Sei meal (went when they first opened), but much prefer OYA's sushi + wonderful decor (owned by the same people, and in the same area, why would you go to Sei when there's OYA?.) Wasabi Guacamoule with fried wonton chips - The wonton chips aren't really that tasty, wouldn't recommend getting. Fish & Chips roll - This is the stand out item, it was delicious. Shrimp Tempura roll Kobe beef roll Kobe sliders - Definitely not worth getting, just tasted like a hamburger. Here's a picture I took (shrimp tempura roll + kobe beef roll in the back)
  8. Truthfully, Thai is my least favorite asian cuisine, but the best thai I've had is probably Thaiphoon in Pentagon City, loved their green beans. The best decor of a thai restaurant is hands down Rice in Logan Circle, even though the food (contemporary Thai) is only average. The restaurant is very dark inside with exposed brick walls and high ceilings, I loved the look, very New York City. Much better for appetizers and drinks compared to a full meal. I also really enjoy the Thai food they have at Spices in Cleveland Park. Although not 'authentic', and not exclusively Thai, I've never had a bad meal here. Thai Square is in Arlington (Columbia Pike... booooo for no metro access). Are you talking about the Costco in Fairfax? That Thai restaurant is Sakoontra. Some people swear by that place, but it seemed like just another strip mall Thai to me.
  9. Hate to get off topic, but I haven't found a good NY style bagel in DC yet. Any suggestions?
  10. Jason, it actually tastes similar to Church St Pizza, but a little better in my opinion (Flippin's sausage was real good). The time I tried Flippin, they didn't cook the crust enough. It needed to be more crispy and a little burnt. Look at Pizza Man's photo. The crust looks pasty white. What is this, the midwest? Give me Potenza pizza instead!
  11. I ate here in 2005 after Tom Sietsema reviewed it (2 stars). I had the pad thai and a rice dish that I forget, but I was not impressed. It just tasted like average thai food to me. I also noticed something that Tom mentioned in his review. The staff used really strong smelling windex to clean the tables while you're eating, and it was pretty offensive. Did anyone else notice that? Maybe they stopped it. I'm interested to try Thai Square to see if it's any better than Thai Basil.
  12. The Vienna location is right down the street from me. I've gotten a few bad dishes there that were too bland, but the General Tsos "chicken" (actually wheat gluten I believe) is amazingly good. And I'm not vegetarian.
  13. Hi everyone- I'm a 23 year old native of the DC area and have never been apart of an online restaurant community, and don't have a blog. I joined Don Rockwell because the people here seem to have a similar passion for restaurants that I do. I go out to eat atleast twice a week. The best restaurant experiences I've had were at 2941 (when Chef Krinn was there) and most recently Volt in Frederick MD. After a dozen calls to Minibar, I finally got a reservation for this Saturday. I'm excited because the Cafe Atlantico meal I had there was amazing. Oh and I'm also a pizza addict that doesn't think anything in DC compares to NYC pizza, but Potenza is the best I've had here.
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