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  1. Rémy does not understand #ootd LLR Cassie/ limited / express / Langford market boots https://t.co/WPtiBjKUwD https://t.co/lOsnmhu45T

  2. When you're trying to take a picture of the shirt you made for @taroandmiso but Rémy's fee… https://t.co/UKz4el7ja3 https://t.co/dZ2dVyHeki

  3. Night ended with a delicious pumpkin spice cupcake #pumpkin #autumn https://t.co/ssfR94Rl7I https://t.co/EamuA8db0u

  4. Finally got to try @bouchon_bakery // was disappointed in the food and the service #nyc https://t.co/kylMNuU5q5 https://t.co/GbJkomKywi

  5. ?? Everyone make sure you're registered to vote! This will be my 3rd election to vote! ?⚪️? https://t.co/mYMCCyhNk0 https://t.co/oxkWrJzSfS

  6. #sethindc @latenightseth https://t.co/GJDp5MJ5cg

  7. @aladdin #broadway #musical ?? https://t.co/kipIrhiPzV

  8. ALADDIN https://t.co/NCMCZ85KCo https://t.co/s2I0R1GRKt

  9. @kungfuteausa & @xianfoods for a pre @missionescapeus snack https://t.co/TZhkFO0hbC https://t.co/yke78zUQmx

  10. #dimsum shrimp ?wonton w/ duck Beef chow fun Sesame chicken, ha cheung, shu mai, chive du… https://t.co/Qr6NIo5vnW https://t.co/BBJMQnjQSM

  11. Snuck these cute @kulukulucake #hellokitty waffles onto the plane from #hawaii #alamoana https://t.co/f3ctaiyBAz https://t.co/AKBDcGCmPU

  12. Diamond head custard puff from @kulukulucake #alamoana #hawaii https://t.co/yiJ8pQPYSC https://t.co/96AAzfgwbF

  13. So... I met @gudetama at the @sanrio store https://t.co/T11jDaPBdk https://t.co/9A4fPvTBau

  14. Tasting of rubbah slippah, cruiser, porter ? #lanikai #hawaii https://t.co/si8b3dOIvH https://t.co/jLSBRcT2pC

  15. #northshore tried Giovanni's shrimp truck ? @homiegcheesefry was right -- Camaron was so m… https://t.co/mx3bvR17vm https://t.co/u05PFhD78Q

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