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  1. I'll have one free meal in Denver tomorrow - am I right in thinking it should be at Acorn? Any other top tips? I'll be solo, and have a bit of a jet-lagged tummy (flew from Indonesia on Thursday, my stomach is still somewhere over the Pacific) so nothing too crazy... Thanks!
  2. Just a quick note - the Science Museum is cool (I visited with my niece in February and we had a blast), and I very much enjoyed Ottolenghi. (The location in Islington.) But then again, I'm a bit of an acolyte. If you find yourself in need of a hot chocolate, Said in Soho was yummy.
  3. As I do more research, I see that I don't really mean Cancun. I really mean Isla Mujeres, Tulum, and other parts of the Mexican Riviera. I assume the "ask your cab driver" recommendation still stands...
  4. Any updates on Cancun (and nearby) dining? Help!
  5. I have come down with a horrible late summer cold, and all I want is some Vietnamese soup. Preferably hu tieu or bun bo hue, rather than pho, but beggars can't be choosers... I don't have the energy to leave my house - any recommendations for Vietnamese that will deliver to the Dupont area? I've already checked seamless.com - no dice...
  6. Thanks, lovehockey. My Facebook feed blew up with the Surdyk's recommendation after I'd already eaten at Shoyu in the G terminal - which was totally passable for airport food. But next time I'm in MSP - and there will likely be a next time because I found it to be the best domestic airport at which to ride out a delay - I'll hit up Surdyk's and (apparently) Dunn Bros. for coffee. MSP
  7. Thanks, DanielK. Looks like I might have some half-decent options. In a twist of air travel insanity, I was rerouted from a connection in Atlanta to a connection in Minneapolis, and my sister, brother-in-law and niece are stuck in Atlanta waiting to get on a connection. First time I can say that I really wish I had a layover in ATL!
  8. Any recs on dining in the Minneapolis airport? I'll be there for a few hours later today... MSP
  9. I'm spending a few days in Granville, Ohio in a few weeks. Anyone have tips on (a) places to stay, either in Granville or Columbus or somewhere else within an easy (up to 45 minute) drive of Granville, ( places to eat (same geographic restrictions), and © things to do? I'll have a decent amount of downtime and would love to explore. Thanks!
  10. Careful w/ Harvest Moon Grill. I had a horribly mediocre meal there in September, despite really looking forward to it. I have heard great things about it from people I trust - but my meal didn't strike me as an anomaly (that is, they seemed completely happy with what they had put forth, and it was just mediocre in every way - from concept to execution to service). I would love to hear more positive reports, but my experience won't lead to my return, despite the fact that I visit Charlotte two or three times a year.
  11. I checked out Halcyon, in the Mint Museum building in Uptown, when I was in Charlotte in September - I liked it quite a bit. (The museum is also great, if you have the time and inclination.) The only thing still on the menu that I had was the country calamari, which was tasty...
  12. I am going to take a full read through this topic later, but for now - I am planning to renovate my condo this year and, at this point, have two specific questions. (But anyone's tips and suggestions are welcome!) First - does anyone have a general contractor they recommend? I've got a couple of names, but want to get a few estimates. Second - I am considering replacing my wood-burning fireplace (never use it, and it's in the middle of my condo, precluding an open floorplan) with either a bioethanol fireplace or an electric fireplace (more practical, more likely to use, and can move it to a different location in my condo, allowing an open floorplan). Any opinions on bioethanol or electric fireplaces (or other options)? Any suggestions? Thanks!
  13. Bumping this one once again - any recent updates on Monterey? A cousin recommends Akaoni in Carmel for sushi ... any other thoughts? Also, I'll have a car and will be driving to San Francisco a few days into my trip, so any tips for spots to stop on that drive, and/or can't-miss spots in San Francisco, would be much appreciated. Thanks!!
  14. My friends who aren't on dr.com often turn to me as a walking restaurant guide - and each time they would ask me for my favorite restaurant in my neighborhood, I would answer "well, I don't really go out to dinner in Dupont..." Not so subtle code for "Dupont's restaurants are crummy." But not any more. I've probably been to DGS four or five times now, and I've eaten my way through much of the menu - and DGS is absolutely my new neighborhood spot. It's nice to have a spot on the way home to stop into for amazing chopped liver, North African-inspired knishes, tangy pickled vegetables and fishes, flavorful pastrami, comforting matzo ball soup, perfectly fried latkes served with both creme fraiche and housemade apple compote so you can compose the ideal bite with equal parts of both, olive and harissa-laced kasha varnishkes, and craveable smoked chicken (served with schmaltzy greens - southern-style collards gone Jewish). Plus, I've always found service to be nice, the whiskey selection to be enticing, and the babka dessert (if I can save room for it) to be a sweet ending to a lovely meal. If you're looking for your grandmother's Jewish food, you may not find it. But you'll surely find something so much better.
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