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  1. Vermillion's new chef is quite good if you can tolerate the ambiance of the restaurant which desperately needs a serious makeover. The food he has prepared for my guests and me on. two different occasions was really excellent, I just don't frequent there because the dining rooms are so frumpy, old and worn out appearing. La Fromagerie is also quite good. Landini Bros has a nice dining room and a few good things on their menu, service is usually exceptional for Old Town but it is pricey for what you get I think. It can be a nice dining experience. Oak Steakhouse is a steakhouse
  2. Balo kitchen in Annandale at The Block has what I believe to be the best pho around. They also have a food truck called PhoWheels you can follow on instagram to know where they'll be for lunch or dinner. Their broth is delicious, not the typical salt bomb.
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