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  1. Does anyone have any recommendations for the food court at the Fairfax location? Northern Virginia Magazine had a short write up about it. Thanks!
  2. Hanumanh is more of a bar than their other restaurants. As the linked review says, "The majority of the seating involves stools and high tables." There is a patio out back with regular tables but I'm not sure if they're using it at this time of year. I only went once, last summer before they had to close/relocate for several months. Edit: I originally pasted text from their website that said they have a waitlist when full. This page was found through google and is not accessible when you actually visit their website.
  3. Is the Capitol Hill location still worth going to? And if so, do I need to look out for anything? That is, should I only go on nights a particular chef is there, or do omikase only?
  4. So I arrived on a cold and slightly rainy Friday afternoon in December at 4:15 and I was third in line. On this particular evening, one could have arrived at 5 p.m. and still gotten in to the first seating. Unfortunately my companion arrived late, so I had to put us down for a second seating. (The Iron Gate is a great nearby place for a cocktail to pass the time.) At 6:47, I got the text that they were ready to seat us. This was my third visit, but I hadn't been in at least five years. The overall experience is still great, but the food this time had probably the highest average level of spiciness. The pacing of the meal doesn't leave you much time to recover from the last spicy dish before proceeding to the next.
  5. Me too! Is there a corner at the bar? Just wondering how it worked with your group of four, if you were all seated next to one another or something else.
  6. To my dear friend Greg O’Neill, a kind-hearted, even-tempered optimist who passed away September 5. He was possibly known to some in this community as the founder of Greg’s List DC. The site serves as a curated social events calendar, through which he brought many people together, often for charitable causes. He also was quite accomplished in the field of gerontology, working to improve the lives of people as they age. (Don, you met him at least once, when we did that sandwich tasting at BONMi a number of years ago.)
  7. So the website is now pretty bare-bones, even for Ray's. But the top text says: Ray's The Steaks And... The New More Casual Just The Steaks Anyone know what "Just The Steaks" is all about?
  8. Here's a PoPville article related to this. It makes a reference to their Facebook page, which is offline now. At one point it said they'd be reopening in November, and then I checked a few months ago and they updated it to February. (I had only been once, but I really could have used a place for a Barracks Row oyster happy hour in February.)
  9. Yet that negative aspect is almost offset by this nugget at the bottom of the whiskey menu: "free pickle juice with every shot!"
  10. Do they serve alcohol in the front area as well? I would hope so, otherwise they should change the name to Chicken or Whiskey.
  11. Regarding #9 in that list, Founding Farmers has had poke on the menu since they opened, in 2008 I think.
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