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    Contemporary cuisine, light cuisine, Indian, vegetarian, other Asian food and Jazz-- bebop and after--Monk, Miles Davis, Bill Charlap, Kenny Barron and lots of scat singers especially Ella and Anita. 20th century classical music--Bartok, Stravinsky, Prokoviev.

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  1. We had Christmas dinner at Corduroy. I had two of Tom Power's signature dishes: Shiso salad and seared tuna. My wife opted for the snapper bisque and six plump scallops. All were predictably fabulous. And although the restaurant was full, its tranquillity allowed us to have a quiet conversation. Professionalism par excellence.
  2. We had Thanksgiving dinner here yesterday. The food was outstanding, but what made the experience memorable was the manner in which we were treated by the staff. When we arrived we were seated at a table close to the front door, and every time it opened a surge of cold air swept over us. Although we had already been brought bread and butter, we decided that it would be impossible to enjoy dinner in this environment. We asked the manager for a less exposed table, and after less than a ten minute wait in a restaurant that was almost full, we were given a booth by the window and far from the front door. The hostess remarked that it was the best seat in the house. My wife has a nut allergy and the menu featured a soup that contained nuts. When we asked our served if the nuts could safely be removed, he replied that they could, but that the base of the soup was made with a nut oil and advised against ordering it. And so she ordered the scallops appetizer instead. In sum, the care and professionalism of the staff on a holiday when most would probably have preferred to be elsewhere was extraordinarily impressive.
  3. Nourish will close both stores as of December 5. This is a real shame inasmuch as NV loses a much needed healthy eating outpost.
  4. This is a terrific restaurant that receives almost no coverage. It's been running a Specialious deal for months--a sign of desperation. Is its somewhat off the beaten path location the problem? On the other hand, it's only 1/2 a block from the Carlyle Café which is always packed and consistently mediocre.
  5. In 2006 Zachary Schrag, an urban history professor at George Mason, published The Great Society Subway (Johns Hopkins University Press) which is a fairly detailed history of Metro. In it he explains how decisions made by the Fairfax County BOS in the early 1970s directly led to the deformation of Tyson's Corner into the car-centric concrete jungle we've all come to love. Arlington planners were much savvier and envisioned a Rosslyn to Ballston corridor built around Metro stations.
  6. Both branches of Nourish--Falls Church and McLean--make a variety of excellent sandwiches. Some are vegan and some are not.
  7. As I was logging my five miles inside the Galleria earlier this morning, I noticed that the Sweetgreen there is very close to opening. Black Friday, perhaps?
  8. We're going to the Janis Joplin show at Arena Stage. I know this place got panned when it opened, but I haven't read anything about it for quite a while. Has anyone been recently? Should I spend my money there? Thanks.
  9. When I was in Philly last month, I had some delicious poached skate at a.kitchen, but I can't seem to find skate around here. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  10. There are a few semi-circular booths at PassionFish that could work.
  11. The booths at Bamian are nicely suited for a private conversation.
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