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  1. Don, We'd love to know more. Chow did a lot of work and applied for their liquor license a year or two ago - and then nothing. Paper on the windows. No signs of life. Lots of questions. No answers. This is a very handsome space and H Street would be delighted to welcome a new dumpling place. We really like Karaoke on H Street. The more the merrier. I hope this is "coming soon" to a neighborhood near me. Thanks for the tip. Margaret @HStreetDC
  2. Call the Dubliner 202-737-3773 to see if they can get you drinks when they open for breakfast at 7:30 AM. Their website says that the bar opens at 11, but I've seen folks enjoying Bloodies and such before then. It should be OK since they're part of the Phoenix Park. DC law allows 8 AM anyway. It's right by Union Station, a quick shot out Mass Ave to RFK.
  3. La Chaumiere on M Street in Georgetown has them on their classic old style French auberge menu. This could be a good choice for a birthday in the middle of winter if they still have the fireplace in the middle of the restaurant - a rarity in DC. Sort of romantic. Quiet and charming, and you'll feel like you're a million miles away from downtown DC. The place has a steady clientele of older regulars who have sworn by it for years, but it's one of the few places left in the city to get the old French standbys. Here's the menu.
  4. Mangialardo's on PA Ave, SE - 1953, moved to their current location in 1958. The old Italian neighborhood is gone, the Feds still come for the G-man subs... Deli City on Bladensburg Road - at least 30 years since they settled in this once Jewish neighborhood... Jimmy T's on East Capitol on Capitol Hill dates back about 50 years. Who cares how old it is? It hasn't changed....
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