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  1. Guess I stirred things up. Sorry for any embarrassment but my words are very objective as you know. Pop
  2. You might want to check out his blog at www.logancoxatnewheights.blogspot.com
  3. I've been somewhat frustrated in the lack of recognition lately for the Executive Chef at New Heights, Logan Cox. Tom Seitsma's Fall Dining Guide makes no mention of this talented chef although New Heights received 2 1/2 stars from Tom. Other restaurants listed received lower reviews??? This 30 year old chef is spot on with his offerings and has continually upgraded the menu at New Heights. He is good friends with Tarver King at the Ashby Inn and received the same score from Tom. Many chefs in the area are confused by this ommision. We eat in all of the fine dining restaurants including Trumm
  4. On several occasions my son and wife, my daughter and husband and my wife and I have eaten in Orvieto at Chef Lorenzo's restorante. It was a wonderful experience and Chef Lorenzo is a very charismatic person. We have already reserved 14 seats for the event. Greg Cox
  5. My wife and I eat at many wonderful local eateries including any that my son, Logan, happens to be the chef. (New Heights).

  6. Chef Lorenzo Polgeri, owner of Zeppelin Restorante in Orvieto, Italy will be joining Executive Chef Logan Cox at New Heights Restaurant in Woodley Park to prepare a meal on January 28th. Chef Cox studied under Chef Lorenzo in Italy and gave Cox a new passion for his profession and a greater appreciation for fresh, local products. It is expected that each chef will prepare two courses. P.S I'm Logan's Dad
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