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  1. StarStraf

    Shop Small- Small Business Saturday, 11-24-18

    some places in Alexandria always on my holiday shopping list Silver Parrot (Jewelry) 113 King St Fiber Space (For the knitters in my life) 1319 Prince St Catch a performance by Philomela (Women's Vocal Group) and pick up CD Torpedo Factory 105 N Union St
  2. This thread needs some updating closed zpizza, mango mikes, fudruckers new: Fat City Kitchen - 330 S Pickett St (I like but Pooch doesn't) Taste of Asia - 362 s Pickett London Curry House - 4906 Brenman Park Dr (Friends love it but I'm not a curry fan) Cava (chain) - 4513 Duke Samurai Hibachi & Sushi bar - 4603 Duke - can be hit or miss Pho Huy - 4527 Duke St - average Pho Smoking Kow - 3250 Duke (I prefer Rocklands but BBQ is a religious discussion) Glory Days Grill -3141 Duke St (we tried it - VERY long wait for mediocre food)
  3. StarStraf

    Dining near Landmark

    we tried Makeda - food was good but we prefer Enat - but they do a great job of lowering the intimidation factor of Ethiopian food which can be high for some folks. Thai lemongrass is good but I wasn't sure they had booze Pho Factory is also quite good but again not sure have booze. Yamazato is quite good though not consistently sushi taro level but consistently quite good. and the new Van Dorn diner is well a diner
  4. StarStraf

    Dining near Landmark

    Sorry I didn't see this in time - but will answer anyway. Los Tios van dorn - good tex-mex good margaritas and tequila selection Yamazato sushi (Duke and Beauregard) Scooter McGees -neighborhood sports pub City Kitchen (Pickett) good food, decent bar
  5. StarStraf

    Tiki flowers

    Turns out Captain Gregory's where we sometimes go on Tiki Thursday is going to get me some from their supplier
  6. StarStraf

    Tiki flowers

    So where does one buy the edible orchids that you use to garnish tiki flowers (if you don’t have access to restaurant depot)?
  7. Yes I think they will carry out well, and you can call order in ahead (I asked since between where I work and where I pick up hubby). They had about 8 types of dumplings and 3 types of shumai. Ah menu is online. I miss the food but I’m glad to be back to even sidewalks and air conditioning/cooler weather
  8. We ate at the Arlington location last night - they were out of soup dumplings - POUT but the dumplings and shumai were very good - the chicken basil dumpling were my favorite. Need to go back for soup dumplings sometime. Free jasmine tea and water available
  9. StarStraf

    Taiwan/Republic of China

    We had a wonderful time. We only made it out for a drink once and our host (Hubby's friend) wanted to show us a place he goes to watch American Football. very American kitch bar (Think surf board and football helmet and washboard as decorations) Great vegetarian buffet across from Fuzhong station in new Taipei city called Yuan Yuan Vegetarian Restaurant About a block and a half from Fuzhong station that is Zoo Cafe a small coffee shop with fun art on the coffee and animal decorated pancakes (Slow service but nice break ) Also a good dumplings meal at the cafe near gift shop at Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall Nice set menu at Tokiya a small chain of 'Japanese-style' restaurants Two different night markets Many versions of 'noodles meat and broth' For phone we used Klook - rented a wifi and kept our phones on airplane mode.
  10. We went to Dabney, and then the Dabney Celler for a nightcap. Both were good but not the amazing I had though. Now I admit some of this is likely due to the heat, eating at an open kitchen with a roaring fire when it is over 95% is probably not a great option. I started with the Sorghum and sage cocktail since I'm a huge fan of the barr Hill Tom-cat gin - it was quite nice. I later had a Peach & Bay to keep on my gin trend - good but preferred the Sorghum and Sage. For Food we started with the Seven Sisters Cheese - so good, Charred eggplant dip - nice to have an eggplant dip that is not baba ganoush . Sunny side up farm egg with pigs ears was wonderful - can I get pigs ears strips next time someone wants to serve me fries? The Bloody Butcher cornbread was good but not at all cornbread. Foie Gras parfait was wonderful and one of the few dishes we fought over. Chesapeak sugar toads were to mild to hold up to the batter - nothing exciting there. There was a special sliders that was quite good. and we finished up with the Tartine. Was nice to order a few small plates at a time. Dessert was Woodruff custard - quite good and the Chocolate basil & benne sundae - amazing. Over all I was pleased and if it was more convenient and easier to get reservations I might go back but many other places to try before we do. I suggest going on a cool/cold night. The Cellar - around the corner basement entrance is much more a wine and cheese / charcuterie bar then a cocktail bar (which is what we were expecting). Go expecting wine and cheese and you will be pleased.
  11. at least one a year, sometimes two - you angling for an invite?
  12. StarStraf

    Taiwan/Republic of China

    Going in September - thanks for the info above
  13. StarStraf

    Gourmet Magazine

    Cook's Illustrated is one of the standing Christmas gifts that I give Hubby - and now Mom after she read a few, and now Aunt J after she read Mom's
  14. we ate at the old town location July 23rd menu same as before - manager/owner came over to talk which had not happened before. I was not aware of any ownership change.