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  1. Yeap that one used you be grand mart now new international market. Year or two ago. I love their citrus and thin sliced meats
  2. Last night I was making Cranberry Bread and hubby was making Biscotti
  3. we are doing the NYE party at Captain Gregory's again this year - I like the small venue (under 25 people) at a place I feel comfortable with good booze and an easy uber ride home
  4. We ate here Tuesday night at the back bar (dining was full) I started with the white sangria which I enjoyed hubby had a cocktail that he rated as okay. We tried the sausage stuffed calamari which was fair - the calamari was much to chewy and overpowered by the spicy sausage. Hubby had a pizza (flatbread) which e enjoyed and I had the Veal Parm which was quite yummy. Cannoli dessert was good but Hubby still searching for a good Cannoli without "the abomination of chocolate chips" Overall good but there are better places in old town that are less crowded (both for wait for table and space between tables)
  5. Hit this place last night for some nourishment - the half dark was a wonderful dish and the sweet plantains are addictive. The interesting thing is we went under guidance of our friend who is a vegetarian but really likes the sides and can make a meal of them. After food we wandered thru the freezer for a quite nice Vieux Carre.
  6. FYI Two birds one Stone has been closed and a new bar has opened in its location - Destination Wedding (no web site yet) The theme is individual sitting areas made up like various destination wedding sites and a 'feel' of a wedding reception, dancing and drinking. We met a friend there last night because in the past we have enjoyed mezcal from their bar manger Robin Miller (Formerly of Espita Mezcaleria) . The drink service is very fast, many drinks are nitroginated and served on draft. All drinks are a play on something common but a step up - sort of a way to get people only familiar with basic drinks to take a step up. I had a 'Pretty in Pina' play on a frozen pina colada, a 'J Rickey' described as Mojito Lite and a 'Coco Margo' their house margarita with Lime Salt foam. Hubby had a Negroni Nitroni. We had a good time - definitely a place to hang out with friends and have a good cocktail vs a interact with craft bartender mixing your drink type of bar. We will be back. Happy hour is usually pretty packed but being a Wednesday with federal workers off it was fairly quiet until about 8 Washington Post article
  7. we are planning a Mediterranean cruise with the godlings and their parents for the summer.
  8. some places in Alexandria always on my holiday shopping list Silver Parrot (Jewelry) 113 King St Fiber Space (For the knitters in my life) 1319 Prince St Catch a performance by Philomela (Women's Vocal Group) and pick up CD Torpedo Factory 105 N Union St
  9. This thread needs some updating closed zpizza, mango mikes, fudruckers new: Fat City Kitchen - 330 S Pickett St (I like but Pooch doesn't) Taste of Asia - 362 s Pickett London Curry House - 4906 Brenman Park Dr (Friends love it but I'm not a curry fan) Cava (chain) - 4513 Duke Samurai Hibachi & Sushi bar - 4603 Duke - can be hit or miss Pho Huy - 4527 Duke St - average Pho Smoking Kow - 3250 Duke (I prefer Rocklands but BBQ is a religious discussion) Glory Days Grill -3141 Duke St (we tried it - VERY long wait for mediocre food)
  10. we tried Makeda - food was good but we prefer Enat - but they do a great job of lowering the intimidation factor of Ethiopian food which can be high for some folks. Thai lemongrass is good but I wasn't sure they had booze Pho Factory is also quite good but again not sure have booze. Yamazato is quite good though not consistently sushi taro level but consistently quite good. and the new Van Dorn diner is well a diner
  11. Sorry I didn't see this in time - but will answer anyway. Los Tios van dorn - good tex-mex good margaritas and tequila selection Yamazato sushi (Duke and Beauregard) Scooter McGees -neighborhood sports pub City Kitchen (Pickett) good food, decent bar
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