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  1. We went to Dabney, and then the Dabney Celler for a nightcap. Both were good but not the amazing I had though. Now I admit some of this is likely due to the heat, eating at an open kitchen with a roaring fire when it is over 95% is probably not a great option. I started with the Sorghum and sage cocktail since I'm a huge fan of the barr Hill Tom-cat gin - it was quite nice. I later had a Peach & Bay to keep on my gin trend - good but preferred the Sorghum and Sage. For Food we started with the Seven Sisters Cheese - so good, Charred eggplant dip - nice to have an eggplant dip that is not baba ganoush . Sunny side up farm egg with pigs ears was wonderful - can I get pigs ears strips next time someone wants to serve me fries? The Bloody Butcher cornbread was good but not at all cornbread. Foie Gras parfait was wonderful and one of the few dishes we fought over. Chesapeak sugar toads were to mild to hold up to the batter - nothing exciting there. There was a special sliders that was quite good. and we finished up with the Tartine. Was nice to order a few small plates at a time. Dessert was Woodruff custard - quite good and the Chocolate basil & benne sundae - amazing. Over all I was pleased and if it was more convenient and easier to get reservations I might go back but many other places to try before we do. I suggest going on a cool/cold night. The Cellar - around the corner basement entrance is much more a wine and cheese / charcuterie bar then a cocktail bar (which is what we were expecting). Go expecting wine and cheese and you will be pleased.
  2. at least one a year, sometimes two - you angling for an invite?
  3. StarStraf

    Taiwan/Republic of China

    Going in September - thanks for the info above
  4. StarStraf

    Gourmet Magazine

    Cook's Illustrated is one of the standing Christmas gifts that I give Hubby - and now Mom after she read a few, and now Aunt J after she read Mom's
  5. we ate at the old town location July 23rd menu same as before - manager/owner came over to talk which had not happened before. I was not aware of any ownership change.
  6. We went last night - quite good. Service was very nice - friendly but not trying to be your best buddy - very polite with 'have you had filipino food before' and offer to answer questions, make suggestions. Hubby had had before (Folks lived there when he was born), and I've had a few things he's made from mom's recipe or frozen Lumpia from international mkt. Started with the Lumpian Shanghai - quite good 6 thin halves served in a mini fryer basket. Hubby had the Anghang Pansit which was spicy enough that he would not let me taste it - he quite enjoyed it. I had the Palabok (Cellophane noodles, ground pork, smoked fish & pork flakes, shrimp, boiled egg, annatto sauce, scallions) The flakes added a very nice crunch to the dish and the combination of mouth feels and taste made this a very different dish which I enjoyed very much. We picked up a catering menu for our next Tiki Party.
  7. StarStraf

    To Whom Are You Drinking Right Now?

    Our dear friend Caitlyn Antrim whom passed away on her way home from Jamaica for the International Seabed Authority meeting.
  8. we like Sunday in Saigon - and especially enjoy with some friends that are sight or sound impaired - it is a fairly quiet restaurant and the menus are back lite so very easy to read!
  9. StarStraf

    Butchery Classes

    I looked it up - nothing scheduled currently https://thewholeox.com/events/
  10. StarStraf

    DR Summer picnic -7/29/18 Noon to 5ish

    we took home most of the pre-cut leftover tomatoes and later that night had a wonderful tomato salad! Mom had a good time!
  11. After having been to the Mescal bar a few times we tried dinner for Mom's birthday- what a wonderful treat. Started with Guacamole (Very smooth) , Tacos al Pastor (YUM), Tacos de Romanesco (To spicy for me), and Ceviche A round or two of wonderful cocktails (Currently inspired by movies, we have fun narrowing in on what Mom wanted to drink - but taking it upon ourselves if it wasn't right for her - she ended up with the 'Bergamot Honey Highball' (I though the 'Wendy Peffercorn' would be her choice - I enjoyed the fact that it wasn't, I also had an 'Oaxacan Zombie' while Pooch enjoyed a 'Dry Land Is A Myth' and a flight of mezcals) Dinner was Tamal de Pollo for me (YUM!!!) , Tlayuda De Arrachera for Mom, and Mole Verde for Pooch Dessert was Mousse de Chabacano and Churros Staff was great (Robin from the bar came over to say hi) water was kept full, very helpful in ordering and spice levels. Restrooms are single stall any gender.
  12. This has re-opened (Been reborn) as La Trattoria and they have done a great job - (Story I heard is that one of the regulars bought it when Franco retired) They have redecorated and the former main room/bar is now just bar with some high top tables The old private dining room (to the left as you go in ) is a dining room. and the upstairs has been opened - dining room twice as big as downstairs, and a fun lounge (with lots of posters/art by Shag who we are fans of ) They are moving to a seasonal menu starting with the Summer menu. https://www.latrattoriaoldtown.com/ The bar ranks as a 'and' bar in our book but they try to do specials that they just don't have the chops for but the Food is wonderful We went Friday night for part of Mom-Picucci's birthday weekend started with the Buratta and fried artichokes. Pooch had the Eggplant Parmigana, Mom had the Gnocchi (Still the best gnocchi we have found in town) and I had the Saltimbucca alla romano. For dessert we split the Lemon Mascarpone cake and Spumoni. Overall Mains were WONDERFUL, starters and desserts were good, bar still needs work - I would stick with wine.
  13. StarStraf

    Don Ciccio & Figli

    Heard about them on Modern Barcart Podcast - been meaning to take a look
  14. StarStraf

    Monterey/Carmel/Big Sur, CA

    So a few to recommend from our trip to Monterey, Bistro Moulin - French, very small (Make reservations) a block off cannery row (867 Wave): Pork Cheek, Lamb, Spinach Gnocchi , all with great service - best meal of our trip Lalla Oceanside Grill - GREAT VIEW, great seafood options, comfortable booths, watched the sunset Austino's Patisserie - this is the fast option - great breakfast sandwiches, quick lunch since just across from aquarium
  15. LoveCraft Cocktails (Our home bar ) a G&T is either "Star's" Uncle Val's Botanical Gin or "Pooch's" The Botanist either with Fever Tree Tonic and a small wedge of lime.