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  1. Went yesterday for early lunch, second visit. first was back in February. Ate in and line was mostly to the door for most of the time, however staffing was better and service was fast. prob waited only 5 minutes for our order. first visit i had a level 3 sando, this time i tried the code red. flavor still great despite the burn being beyond my comfort level. got classic-level tenders for my 2yr old, which were crunchy tasty. i'm pretty sure for my first visit in february everything was made to order. this time noticed they were using the warming oven, however didn't notice any drop in quality. sign on menu says chicken & waffles are monday and tuesday only now
  2. I live in Reston but avoid the town center now except for an occasional weekend visit. Barcelona and Bar Taco are pretty good. Herndon has a number of under-appreciated places: Balaji Cafe and Amma's Kitchen serve reliably good vegetarian Indian food. Charcoal Kabob is very good, one of my fav kabob places in the region. Good selection of meat/kabob types, very good chickpeas, and reliably good naan. Try the veggie kabob, unique and tasty. There's of course Aslin Beer Company in the same complex as Balaji, putting out some of the best beer in the region - especially if you like New England IPA juice bombs. They also do great sours and stouts.
  3. A day after Christmas, business was brisk. Had the oatmeal lace with chocolate chip cone. Both very good, but together too sweet. Wife enjoyed the cookies & cream in a cup, but reported it was a bit too sweet as well.
  4. I've seen their sign up for months, but didn't realize they hadn't opened. Sweet Heat has some competition now.......
  5. Monday morning I made a 615pm reservation via their website and was able to snag a table on the patio. The sun is brutal for those facing the lake and sitting closer to the front entrance, but regardless it's a great spot as Joe mentions above. Until later in the fall, recommend sitting on the far end of the patio furthest from the front entrance prior to 730pm. For best ambiance/view in NOVA, perhaps its best compares to 2941, except your outside and closer to the water. We even got to see two flocks of geese reenact West Side Story. Wife and I both enjoyed the Potters Farmhouse Dry cider, a great up and coming cidery near Charlottesville. Their cider has been available in NOVA/DC since late 2014 I believe, so maybe they're better known now. For apps, I had the peach & watermelon salad and wife had the clam chowder. The chowder was good, but the watermelon salad was great - really hit the spot with the muggy weather. The fruit laid atop a creamy goat cheese and sprinkled with mint and bee pollen. Very refreshing and flavor combos were spot on. However, it should be noted the watermelon in the dish was the flesh, not pickled rind as stated on the menu. I try to avoid ordering duplicate entrees, but we both got the burger. I was able to swap fries for the Side of blistered green beans, which was a great option to have. No herbed yogurt though and wife had to ask for a side of ketchup post-arrival. The burger was good, quality meat was evident. They both came out a little closer to medium well versus the requested medium. Also thought it was a little dry. Just american cheese and grilled onions and side of tasty housemade pickles. I like something saucy on my burger, ketchup, onion jam, whatever. My most recent burger (Brine's) and one of the best burgers I've had in awhile had a red onion jam spread, so my mind kept drifting to that. Overall, great meal and look forward to returning, especially the bar for drinks or simple meal. The beer list is pretty solid, but would like to see some VA wine by the glass since they're touting local bevs. Prices currently are very reasonable and worth every cent - our tab was ~$64 before tip. Yes, its expensive for a Reston restaurant outside the Town Center, but really that's not saying much....at all. Notably, the service was great - hard to tell it was the official opening night. Our server, Monique, was spot-on with the pace and knew the menu very well.
  6. their website still isn't taking reservations...hopefully they flip the switch soon a phone call answers that question...phone and web reservations start tomorrow morning...
  7. had a simple weekday dinner here last week with a friend. I don't eat much seafood, so I had the beef burger ($16) which, though unspecified, thankfully does come with fries..otherwise I was thinking the price a little high...regardless the burger was excellent. I didn't ask for a 'done-ness' but it came out a little below medium. The red onion jam proved a tasty condiment and along with the quality, juicy meat there was no need for further additions on my part. Shoestring fries were good and served their purpose. I could have eaten a jar of the pickles. Very good, surely made in house. Much appreciate the quality turf option at a place like this. My friend had the baked oysters, which he enjoyed. There was only a smattering of people in the restaurant and service was good and very pleasant. Evidently the tables against the far right wall are bar service, so the bartender had to walk around and out to us to take our orders. Probably should have just made our orders at the bar and then sat down but the bartender came out promptly, without any sense of annoyance or inconvenience..so we remained comfortably seated.
  8. tried to go Saturday evening, but it was a 30 min wait. they don't take reservations but turns out you can call ahead within 30 min of arrival and get placed before walk-ins. don't think thats on their website or fb
  9. It was fine. I haven't had enough German/Austrian cuisine to judge too critically. Schnitzel has never excited me too much. The bread basket was pretty good as was the potato salad. We passed by last month and noticed it was pretty full, but when we went last week it was nearly empty.
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