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  1. On a flight back from Copenhagen right now - business trip with little free time. We ate dinner at Restaurant Palægade which was excellent. We sat outside on a lovely evening and the server was funny and engaging and provided excellent service. My dining companion ordered a quail dish that was just slightly too salty - and we reported it to the waiter. We were not at all critical - "the quail was delicious but just a tad too much salt was used" and they totally unnecessarily took it off the bill. Wonderful people, great meal.
  2. Just saw this thread, and have to add... the Fishmarket in Georgetown? What a stinkhole, but never questioned my ID, an expired Pennsylvania drivers license that didn't look anything like me. Served Long Island Iced Teas in what appeared to me to be fishbowls. Nirvanah to a freshman at GW from PA who was really pumped about the 18 yo drinking age. Also, what was that New Orleans- themed clubby place on M Street, in the Marriott? Adjacent to Blackie's? Many good nights dancing there. Never met anyone though, bunch of eurotrash. And Poseurs? Nobody mentioned POSEURS?
  3. I have a friend who makes a 7-layer type dip (nowhere near 7 layers) with a can of chili (turkey with beans, in this case), a layer of sour cream and a layer of guac, all smothered in pre-shredded cheddar. Bake until the shredded cheese is melted, not a minute longer. Add sliced jalopenos to one of the layers previously described, if you are so inclined. Serve with chips. HUGE crowd pleaser.
  4. So, after yesterday's WaPo Food Section, my 11 year old daughter and I are craving mussels. All other family members are out of town, and I was thinking of taking her to Granville Moore's tonight...but....it's a bar. Do you think it would be OK to bring an 11year old to Granville Moore's? Has anyone taken kids there? I am open to other suggestions, but would like to stay local to the Hill. I know Belga is an option as well, but more upscale than I'd like to have to explain to the out of town spouse
  5. We tried Ted's last night, and I have to admit despite it being my choice of restaurant, it disappointed. Four of us went, ordered cocktails (slow in coming on a Thursday night when there were few others in the room) and set to work on the menu. We wanted apps, no apps on the menu, waitron suggested that we order sides, fine. We ordered the Bacon and Blue Cheese Brussels Sprouts and Onion Rings, and they were the highlight of the meal. The waiter was...inexperienced...nice, but not polished. Fine, we did not hold that against him. I ordered the angus meatloaf and it came with a plop (the
  6. Well, I'm not sure of the status of this place, but my hope is to hit here before the Dave Matthews Band concert at Nationals Park on Friday. If it's closed, then Good Stuff it will be. Either way, I'll need the walk to the park after dinner.
  7. Report from the field: Pines of Florence. Never. Again.
  8. What a great meal I had last night there. My first time; my companion's second. She had previously experienced very poor service there, so was hesitant to go back. We were seated immediately, and attended to in fine fashion. Problem solved, so we could concentrate on the food. The Octopus Salad (with feta and cucumber, cured lemon, spinach and a really interesting yogurt aioli kind of thing, $12) was one of the best salads I think I've ever had. The tangy lemon dressing is something I must try to replicate in my own kitchen; the octopus was tender and just perfectly touched by the grill,
  9. Hey, Rocks renamed my thread! Thanks,everyone for your suggestions. I've already resigned myself to not making her happy, in a big-picture fashion, and her complaining can be either entertaining or annoying depending on everyone's mood. Oy is right. Might as well get a meal that I will enjoy! And lubricate appropriately at the bar beforehand.
  10. We need a place to take my mother in law to dinner on Thursday - she's a NY Italian, quite picky (last year we brought her to Dino, and she was completely perplexed by the menu "do you have while zinfandel? Where's the chicken parm ?). So, we're thinking something like the late Anna Maria's, but welcome any suggestions. She's staying at the Omni Shoreham, we would like to be close, but really, will drive for decent food.
  11. I went last night to Chesapeake Room with two girlfriends, and loved the vibe. It was busy, but not slammed (we arrived at 6pm), and they seated us right away (despite that we were down one of the three of us due to Nats fan-related Metro delays) at the communal table. I don't mind the communal table concept, but here it is so close to the wall that the people on the end have to get up to let you in if you are seated in the middle, and they don't seat logically from left to right to prevent that from happening. I'm just glad I didn't have to check my lipstick in the ladies room The Bel
  12. My husband - non-steaker - had the scallops and loved them, my friend who shall eat no mammals had the crabcake, which was basically a scoop of lump crab. I almost stole it from her it looked so good, and she made it disappear quick.
  13. Thanks - but it was nowhere near empty. I just didn't eat what it contained. I ended up sticking it into a crock pot for...two days...on low. With a carrot, some garlic and half an onion. It made me some pretty tasty stock!
  14. Seared scallops on a salad of arugula, red lettuce, and roasted red pepper. With really cheap wine. 14 yo daughter even volunteered that she would take the leftovers into school as lunch. Success!!
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