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  1. That would have been the Ha'Penny Lion I think...just next door to Benjamin Franklin University "back in the day". The Ha'Penny had a gratis taco bar during happy hour and fed a lot of broke nerdy accounting students, myself included.
  2. Yes, it's definitely Rus-Uz coming: https://www.bizjournals.com/washington/news/2018/03/27/russian-restaurant-concept-to-replace-alexandria.html Hoping this is location #2 and not a re-location because I selfishly love having them in MY neighborhood.
  3. Well, this should be interesting... https://www.popville.com/2017/09/owner-of-queen-vic-taking-over-granville-moores-on-h-street/ Making plans to visit when the weather finally gets cooler to check out post-transition.
  4. Just seeing your post and reminded of a fantastic place in Kensington, MD; sadly, one of the last vintage furniture showrooms there, vs. just tchotchkes. Pay Modern Mobler a visit there and you won't be disappointed: https://www.modernmobler.com/about-us
  5. SER in Ballston has an interesting three course brunch. I've also had a lovely Sunday brunch at BlackSalt in DC. Palisades is much more relaxed in terms of finding street parking and there's an actual tiny parking deck that patrons of that strip can use on the weekends (enter on V Street behind the storefronts). In fact, one of the bartenders from Willow (in an increasingly common moment of brainfreeze I've forgotten his name) now works the bar there many evenings.
  6. Always a sad day when the reason a restaurant gets bumped up the timeline is because it's closing. I'm a little sad, Grevey's was always a friendly lunch spot or happy hour joint in the days when I toiled in the office canyons of Fairview Park.
  7. Let's just say the ownership isn't exactly worried about endearing themselves to DC diners: "Why NYC's Most Acclaimed Sushi Bar Is Opening in Donald Trump's DC Hotel" by Richard Morgan on grubstreet.com Yet another NYC view of "DC is a fine dining desert". The Olive Garden comment and the "can you name any amazing sushi in DC?"...well, he might have jumped the line ahead of Shaw Bijou for most potential flames.
  8. Kellari Taverna used to have fresh whole fish grilled on their a la carte dinner menu. Haven't been in a couple of years but it was very well prepared/grilled with lemon on the side. Expect to pay handsomely for the privilege, as the fish are sizeable and meant for sharing.
  9. Stopped by Mala Tang on my way home from the office last night to pick up some "street food" take away and was pleasantly surprised to find they've expanded their menu beyond the hot-pots and little dishes. Based on my quick review it looks like the menu now includes some favorite main dishes that I've seen at Hong Kong Palace, including the Cumin Lamb, Chengdu Kung-Bao Chicken and a large variety of vegetable dishes. I subsequently ended up over-ordering and now have some fantastic lunches packed for the remainder of the week. The spice is appropriately subtle at the onset but ultimately p
  10. Far be it from me to make an "I can't wait to eat here!" post, but....well, I took one look at those photos and thanked the stars that I had the foresight to make my birthday dinner reservations over a month ago. This is the kind of culinary artistry that DC deserves. I'm betting that those dishes taste as spectacular as they look.
  11. Sounds fantastic, and I can't wait for the opening day.....although it will be hard to match the charm of buying one's meat and pork products from the back of a Mitsubishi Montero.
  12. If I'm not mistaken, Best Cellars has been in Chapter 11 since early this year, plus they are part of the A&P/Superfresh conglomerate which is also struggling. I was hoping they could pull it off and save the stores, but it seems like they've pulled the plug. A shame really, as I thought the recession had been having an inverse effect on alcohol sales. It was always a nice place to stop in and find a fun affordable bottle for that night's dinner.
  13. I swear I had a pint of DC Brau American Pale at The Chesapeake Room yesterday for lunch. I don't have my bill anymore but I'm almost certain it was $6.00. They have a small tap selection (maybe five?) but a great atmosphere at the long clubby bar, so if that price point is more to your liking, head on down to Barracks Row before the keg kicks!
  14. We were just there last Saturday. I had the Sausage and Eggs, the sausage being their wonderful Hungarian Lamb Sausage. You really can't go wrong with any of the house-made sausages. The +1 wanted a lighter breakfast so he went for the muesli, followed by the smoked salmon, which turned out to be a quite substantial plate - enough to share. One unexpected standout was the bread basket, particularly their darker bread. I can't remember exactly what it was, but I recall it being a pumpernickle-style with coffee. The atmosphere was laid back and the staff incredibly pleasant; we're definit
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