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  1. We used to take the kids all the time to Dino's in Cleveland Park. Was a great deal when our then 2 and 4 year olds could eat for $6 total. Have only been to the Grotto once since they moved. If we're going to fight for parking down in the U St./Shaw area, we usually end up at Izakaya Seki.
  2. Went to the Philly location last summer. They have an all you can eat for $35. Meat was decent and as you note, it is a large menu. If they add an AYCE to the VA location similar in price to Philly, would be there in a heartbeat.
  3. Honestly, I can't speak for the decsionmakers. I'm sure stereotypes play a role whether it be the perceived lack of interest, not wanting to serve because they think tips won't be good, or the market just hasn't reached critical mass of white gentrification yet to make the "business model" work. The thing with at least some of the delivery services, is that they charge delivery fees based on distance, so I would think that it shouldn't matter how far the delivery is.
  4. As a former resident of Ward 7, and ANC commissioner, I'm probably the most qualified to speak to this thread. First, there is a definite problem with a lack of restaurants east of the river. There was actual excitement when Denny's opened near the corner of Benning and East Capitol. The only restaurant we ever went to in our own neighborhood was Rosebud's BBQ just across Eastern Ave in Cap Heights. Things are worse now that I heard the Seat Pleasant Safeway closed. It truly is a food desert. That said, even though we lived at the easternmost corner of DC, where Central Ave crosses over into MD, we could be on H St or Capitol Hill in 15 minutes, or less. Neighborhood dining for us was Granville Moore's and Argonaut on H St. The bridges do not pose any barrier to traffic and crossing the Anacostia is not the same as crossing the Potomac into Virginia, plus there is no change in jurisdiction. Does Rock Creek Park pose a similar barrier to deliveries within the District? I think that would be the better comparison. True there may be less demand for delivery EOTR, but for delivery service, it doesn't matter if there is less demand for whether the service is offered. There is no additional investment required to provide delivery service EOTR. Same vehicles and drivers are used, it's just adding another area they have to go to. It's just that right now the delivery services choose NOT to serve these areas.
  5. That's why we used to carry one of these around in the car, though we only used it in a restaurant two times. More often it was used for visiting friends/family or at home when the number of kids exceeded the number of high chairs.
  6. I think the reason we didn't really go back was, as Soapy notes, it's kind of hipster with lots of cocktails and we're not big drinkers. Something like this would have done much better closer to DTSS. We were waiting for our movie showtime the other night and did actually want to get drinks but realized there really isn't anything there except Dave and Busters and McGinty's. We ended up at Lincoln BBQ. Maybe this would have survived in a couple years once the large apartment buildings closer to that area are completed.
  7. Bouncers have to be getting their direction from someone. I doubt the bouncer is unilaterally making policy on who gets in. After posting on my FB page earlier, had one person chime in that he can verify that he had experienced it as well.
  8. One actual reason not to go back: "How D.C.'s El Centro D.F. Restaurant's 'No Sneaker' Policy Seems To Only Apply if You're a Person of Color" by Yesha Callahan on theroot.com
  9. So our son turned 6 yesterday and for his birthday dinner he wanted to go to Urban Butcher. For him the highlight was the charcuterie plate to start, so much so that we ordered an extra slice of pâté. He prefers that to birthday cake. The main thing I wanted to report on here is the existence of an amazing early dinner menu from 5-7 daily and all day Sunday. There is a good option for a $35 steak frites which includes charcuterie plate and either a drink or dessert. We opted for the new Meat Mountain for two for $90, $5 less than regular price and including two drinks or dessert and the charcuterie plate, but an amazing deal either way. It includes the 60 day dry aged ribeye, two pieces of chicken, lamb, pork, one sausage, broccolini, and potatoes. We also got the grilled fish. All pictured below. Amongst the five of us, 3 adults and 2 kids, we ate all except 3 pieces of sausage, one drumstick, and one slice of pork and everyone was stuffed.
  10. Definitely not worth those kinds of waits. We got a to-go order this past Sunday and my wife picked it up and said it was a crazy mob scene. Didn't quite understand what she meant until seeing the picture above.
  11. Everything I'm seeing now says sunny to partly cloudy.
  12. News about former Jackie's chef Diana Davila's (no longer Boldin?) restaurant in Chicago. "Chicago Is the Restaurant City of the Year" by Julia Kramer on bonappetit.com "Mi Tocaya Antojeria" on boneppetit.com
  13. Decided on Gatlinburg so they're both an hour away. :-(
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